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Rodrigo Gonzales De Lara Count Of Liebana: Death: UNKNOWN
Jean III De Luxembourg Count Of Ligny: Death: 1440
Conrad I Count Of Luxembourg: Birth: 1040. Death: 8 AUG 1086
Wensceslas Of Bohemia Count Of Luxembourg: Birth: 1337. Death: 1383
Henri Count Of Luxembourg\Namur: Birth: 1111. Death: 14 AUG 1196
Guillaume III (IV) Count Of Macon: Birth: 1095. Death: 1155
Person Not Viewable
Friedrich I Count Of Montbeliard: Death: 1160
William VII Count Of Montferrat: Birth: ABT 1240. Death: 1292
Jean IV De Dreux Count Of Montfort: Birth: 1295. Death: 26 SEP 1345 in Hennebont
Godfrey I Count Of Namur: Birth: 1067 in Of Namur. Death: 19 AUG 1139
Jean I De Dampierre Count Of Namur: Birth: ABT 1266. Death: 1330
Louis I De Nevers Count Of Nevers: Birth: ABT 1304. Death: 1346
Philipe Valois Count Of Nevers\Rethel: Birth: 1389 in Of Burgundy. Death: 25 OCT 1415 in Agincourt
Jean Count Of Nevers\Rethel\Auxerre\Eu: Birth: 1415 in Clamecy. Death: 1491 in Nevers
Eudes Count of ORLEANS: Birth: 800 in Orleans, Loiret, France.
Isarno I Count Of Pailhars: Death: AFT 953
Suniario I Count Of Pailhars: Death: 1010
Arnaldo I Count Of Pailhars-Jussa: Death: AFT 1111
Arnaldo Miron Count Of Pailhars-Jussa: Death: ABT 1174
Raymond III Count Of Pailhars-Jussa: Death: ABT 1047
Raymond V Count Of Pailhars-Jussa: Death: ABT 1178
Artal I Count Of Pailhars-Subira: Death: ABT 1081
Guillermo II Count Of Pailhars-Subira: Death: BEF 1035
Person Not Viewable
Jean I De Ponthieu Count Of Ponthieu: Birth: in Of Alencon. Death: 30 JUN 1191 in Acre, Palestine
William I Talvas Montgomery Count Of Ponthieu: Birth: 1095. Death: 30 JUN 1171
Guy VII De Dreux Count Of Ponthievre: Birth: 1287. Death: UNKNOWN
Olivier De Blois Count Of Ponthievre: Death: 1433
Henri I Of Burgundy Count Of Portugal: Birth: ABT 1066 in Dijon. Death: 1 NOV 1112 in Astorga, Galicia
Alfonso II Count Of Provence: Birth: ABT 1180 in Zaragoza, Spain. Death: FEB 1208/09 in Palermo, Sicily
Raymond V (IV) Berenger Count Of Provence: Birth: BET 1195 AND 1198 in Aix-en-Provence. Death: 19 AUG 1245 in France
William III Of Forcalquier Count Of Provence: Death: OCT 1129 in Avignon
Person Not Viewable
Arnaldo I De Ribagorza Count Of Ribagorza: Death: AFT 990
Bernard I De Ribagorza Count Of Ribagorza: Death: ABT 956
Guillermo II Count Of Ribagorza: Death: AFT 1018
Isarno De Ribagorza Count Of Ribagorza: Death: AFT 1003
Raymond II De Ribagorza Count Of Ribagorza: Death: ABT 970
Unifredo De Ribagorza Count Of Ribagorza: Death: AFT 981
Person Not Viewable
Gomez Diez Count Of Saldanha: Death: 986
Aimon Count Of Savoy: Birth: 1291. Death: 1343
Amadeo III Count Of Savoy: Birth: ABT 1092 in Savoy. Death: 1 APR 1149 in Nicosia
Amadeus VI Count Of Savoy: Birth: 1334 in Chambery. Death: 1383 in Santo Stefano
Amadeus VII Count Of Savoy: Birth: 1360. Death: 1391
Humbert II Count Of Savoy: Birth: ABT 1062 in Savoy. Death: 17 OCT 1103
Peter I Count Of Savoy: Birth: ABT 1050. Death: 1078
Ramon IV De Toulouse Count Of St Giles: Death: 20 FEB 1104/05 in Mont-Pelerin
Guy De Luxembourg Count Of St Pol: Birth: ABT 1337. Death: 1371
Guy III De Chatillon Count Of St Pol: Birth: 1260 in Guines. Death: 6 APR 1317
Jean De Chatillon Count Of St Pol: Birth: 1292. Death: 1344
Pierre I Of Luxembourg Count Of St Pol: Birth: 1390 in Of Luxembourg. Death: 31 AUG 1433
Alfonso Jordon Count Of Toulouse: Birth: 1103 in Tripoli, Syria. Death: 1148 in Caesarea
Bertrand De Toulouse Count Of Toulouse: Death: 1112
Pons II Guillaume Count Of Toulouse: Birth: ABT 990. Death: 1060
Raymond V Count Of Toulouse: Birth: 1134. Death: 1194 in Nimes
Pons Of Tripoli Count Of Tripoli: Death: 1137
Armengol III Count Of Urgel: Death: 1065
Armengol IV Count Of Urgel: Death: 1092
Armengol V Count Of Urgel: Death: 14 SEP 1102
Jaime I De Aragon Count Of Urgel: Death: 1347
Jaime II De Aragon-Urgel Count Of Urgel: Birth: 1378. Death: 1433 in Jativa
Pere De Aragon-Urgel Count Of Urgel: Birth: 1337. Death: 1408 in Balaguer
Person Not Viewable
Charles I Of Valois Count Of Valois: Birth: 1270 in Carenne. Death: 1325 in Le Perray, Rambouillet
Jean Of Damietta Capet Count Of Valois: Death: 1270
Antoine Of Lorraine Count Of Vaudemont: Birth: ABT 1400. Death: 1458
Frederick V Of Lorraine Count Of Vaudemont: Birth: ABT 1371. Death: 1415
Eberhard IV Count Of Wuerttemberg: Birth: 1364. Death: 1417
Eberhard V Count Of Wuerttemberg: Birth: 1388. Death: 1419
Ulrich IV Count Of Wuerttemberg: Birth: 1342. Death: 1388
Guy Ii Count Ponthieu: Birth: ABT 1115.
Beatriz Of Portugal Countess Of Arundel: Death: 13 OCT 1439 in Bordeaux
Aveline De Forz Countess Of Aumale: Birth: 1250. Death: 1274
Beatriz De Bigorre Countess Of Bigorre: Death: AFT 1095
Clemence De Foix Countess Of Bigorre: Birth: AFT 1010. Death: AFT 1035
Gersende De Bigorre Countess Of Bigorre: Death: BET 1032 AND 1034
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Marguerite I Capet Countess Of Burgundy\Artois: Birth: 1310. Death: 1382
Eleonore De Comminges Countess Of Comminges: Birth: 1298. Death: 1373
Margaret De Clare Countess Of Cornwall: Birth: ABT 1292. Death: 13 APR 1342
Isabel MacDuff Countess Of Fife: Birth: BEF 1332. Death: AFT 12 AUG 1389
Marguerite III De Dampier Countess Of Flanders: Birth: 1350 in Male. Death: 1405 in Arras
Matilda Countess of FLANDERS: Birth: ABT 1031 in Flanders. Death: 2 NOV 1083 in Caen, Normandie
Jeanne Countess Of Flanders\Hainault: Birth: ABT 1188. Death: 1244 in Marquette
Person Not Viewable
Gersinde II De Sabran Countess Of Forcalquier: Birth: ABT 1181 in Forcalquiers, Basses-Alpes, France. Death: ABT 1242
Person Not Viewable
Margaret Countess Of Hainault\Holland: Birth: 1311 in Of Holland. Death: 1356
Jacqueline Countess Of Hainault\Holland\Zeelan: Birth: 1401 in Le Quesnoy. Death: 1436 in Chateau De Teijlingen
Mathilde Countess Of Holstein: Birth: 1225. Death: 1287
Sofia Countess Of Holstein: Birth: ABT 1375. Death: 1448
Joan Plantagenet Countess Of Kent: Birth: 1328. Death: 1385
Marie De Enghien Countess Of Lecce: Death: 1446
Alice De Lacy Countess Of Lincoln\Salisbury: Birth: 25 DEC 1281. Death: 2 OCT 1348
Anne Stafford Countess Of March: Birth: ABT 1400 in Of Staffordshire. Death: 24 SEP 1432
Adele Ermensende De Namur Countess Of Namur: Birth: ABT 1124 in Namur. Death: NOV 1168
Blanche De Dampierre Countess Of Namur: Death: 1363

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