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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: 1628 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, New England. Death: BEF 5 DEC 1684 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA

  2. Thomas Cooke: Birth: ABT 1631.

  3. John Mitchell: Birth: 1632 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 14 OCT 1719 in Providence, Providence, RI

  4. Mary Mitchell: Birth: 1634 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: 1679

  5. Jacob Mitchell: Birth: 1637 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Death: 2 SEP 1675 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

  6. Sarah Mitchell: Birth: 1640 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Death: ABT 1741 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts

  7. Edward Mitchell: Birth: ABT 1643. Death: 15 MAR 1716/17 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA

  8. Hannah Mitchell: Birth: 1644 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Death: AFT 1701

  9. Thomas Mitchell: Birth: BET 1627 AND 1628 in Plymouth. Massachusetts. Death: 1 SEP 1709 in Charlestown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts

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  11. Elizabeth Mitchell: Birth: in Plymouth, Mass. Death: 8 JUN 1694 in Bridgewater

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Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [919019.ged] !Wakefield, Robert S., VanWood, Ralph et. al., MAYFLOWER FAMILIES IN PROGRESS, FRANCIS COOKE OF THE MAYFLOWER AND HIS DESCENDANTS FOR FOUR GENERATIONS, pub. by General Society of Mayflower Descendants 1987. p.2-3. On 8 June 1666 John Cooke confirmed to Richard Wright and Thomas Mitchell in equal shares, 60 acres of upland formerly given them by Francis Cooke. On 1 Aug 1672 Thomas Mitchell of Duxbury sold to Richard Wright of Plymouth this grant stating it was given him by his grandfather, Francis Cooke of Plymouth. On 25 Feb 1684, ack. 2 July 1685 by Edward Mitchell, attorney to his father Experience Mitchell, formerly of Duxbury but now of Bridgewater sold land to Thomas Clarke of Pliumouth. Will of Experience Mitchell of Bridgewater dated 5 Dec 1684 proved 4 Sept 1689. Names wife Mary Mitchell, son John, grandson Experience Mitchell, son of John; daughters Mary Shaw, Sarah Haward and Hannah Haward; grandson Thomas Mitchell; grandaughter Mary Mitchell. "I leave the dispose of my grandaughter Mary Mitchell with my son Edward and Joseph Bartlett." His inventory is dated 14 May 1689. Had several children other than those known to be his and Jane Cooke's but, since it is impossible to determine which wife was their mother, they cannot be listed. Experience died between 2 June 1685 and 11 May 1689. Birth Location: Underhill, Lora Altine Woodbury, DESCENDANTS OF EDWARD SMALL OF NEW ENGLAND, pub. Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1934, p. 511. Death Location: Underhill, Lora Altine Woodbury, DESCENDANTS OF EDWARD SMALL OF NEW ENGLAND, pub. Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1934, p. 518. This source says that Jane Cook was the mother of all of his children. This book by Underhill has extensive biographical information. He came on the ANNE to New Plymouth. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.