Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Abiather Young was born 1 NOV 1789 in Sunapee, Sullivan, NH. He was the son of Abiather Young and Mary Lang Moses.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Abiather Young was born ABT 1740, and died 14 JAN 1827 in Wendell, Sullivan, NH.

Mary Lang Moses was born ABT 1757, and died 10 MAY 1841 in Wendell, Sullivan, NH.

Children of Mary Lang /Moses/ and Abiather /Young/ are:
  1. John Young was born 24 AUG 1784 in Sunapee, Sullivan, NH.

  2. Sally Young was born 20 DEC 1785 in Sunapee, Sullivan, NH.

  3. Hannah Young was born 30 DEC 1787 in Sunapee, Sullivan, NH. She married Scribner Huntoon on AFT 18 MAY 1807 in NH. He was born 1782 in Concord, Geauga, OH, and died BEF 5 DEC 1865 in Concord, Lake, OH.

  4. Abiather Young was born 1 NOV 1789 in Sunapee, Sullivan, NH.

  5. William Young was born 29 JUN 1797 in Sunapee, Sullivan, NH.

  6. Andrew Young was born 5 NOV 1799 in Sunapee, Cheshire, NH, and died 14 MAR 1873. He married Person Not Viewable .

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