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  1. Adelard Abbot of ST PIERRE: Birth: ABT 749 in Austrasia. Death: 2 JAN 825/26 in Stpierremonastry, Corbie, Somme, France

  2. Bernie Bernard St Quentin: Birth: ABT 764.

  3. Gondrad De St Quentin: Birth: ABT 764 in Austrasia. Death: in St Croix, Monastery

  4. Walla Arsenins Abbot ST PIERRE: Birth: ABT 764 in Austrasia. Death: 31 AUG 836 in Pavie, Italy

  5. Theodrade Abbesse of NOTRE-DAME: Birth: BEF 840 in of, NOTRE-DAME, SOISSONS, France. Death: BEF 840

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