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Marriage: Children:
  1. Judith Franks: Birth: ABT 842 in France. Death: AFT 870

  2. Louis II King Franks: Birth: 1 NOV 846 in France. Death: 10 APR 879 in Compiegne, Oise, France

  3. Charles King of Aquitaine: Birth: 847 in France. Death: 29 SEP 865 in Sp, Buzancois, Indrey, France

  4. Lothaire Prince of Franks: Birth: ABT 847 in of, France. Death: 865

  5. Carloman Prince of Franks: Birth: ABT 849 in France. Death: 876 in Epternac, France

  6. Rotrude Princess of Franks: Birth: 852 in France. Death: BEF 912

  7. Ermentrud Princess of FRANKS [ABBESS O: Birth: ABT 854 in of, France.

  8. Hildegarde Princess of Franks: Birth: ABT 856 in of, France.

  9. Gisele Princess of Franks: Birth: ABT 858 in France.

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