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Marriage: Children:
  1. Alice De BOHUN: Birth: WFT Est 1213-1236. Death: WFT Est 1258-1324

  2. Sir Humphrey VI De BOHUN: Birth: 1229 in Governor Of Winchester. Death: 27 AUG 1265

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [chaas2.ged] 1. WFT Volume 12, Tree #2823 2. "Ancestors of Paul Bailey McBride" (Internet): REF AR7. After div. of his mother 1236, 7th Earl of Essex, Constable of England sheriff of Kent. 2nd Earl of Hereford and Essex. 3. 5th Baron Of Bohun,2nd Earl of Hereford,1st Earl of Essex 4. "Ancestors of Homer Beers James" (Internet) Bohun Line (Earls of Hereford and Essex) Ref: Burke, pg. 57., Wurts, pg. 51-56., Cokayne, Vol. VI, pg. 457-474. Humphrey de Bohun V. was born in 1208. He succeeded his father as Earl of Hereford, and possessing the honor of Essex through his mother, was created Earl of that county by King Henry III., at whose marriage he performed the office of marshal in the king's house, and in three years afterwards in the year 1239, was one of the godfathers at the font, for Edward, eldest son of the king, there being no less than nine sponsors on the occasion, five temporal and four spiritual lords. He was Lord High Constable of England. In 1250 he took up the cross and proceeded to the Holy Land. In three years afterwards, he was present, with other peers, when that formal curse was denounced in Westminster Hall, with bell, book, and candle, against the violators of the Magna Charta; in which year he founded the church of the Fryers Augustines, in Broad-street, within the city of London. In the great contest between the king and the barons, he fought for the latter at Evesham, where he was taken prisoner, but he did not long continue in bondage, for we find him soon after again in favor, and receiving new grants from the crown. He died in 1275, having married (1) Maud of Eu (or of Lusignan), daughter of Ralph (Raoul I.) of Lusignan, Count of Eu, by Yolande his wife, daughter of Robert, Count of Dreux, Earl of Ewe, and they had the following children: 1. Humphrey de Bohun VI. 2. Maud Bohun, married (1) Anselme Marshall (Mareschall), Earl of Pembroke, and (2) Roger de Quincy, Earl of Winchester. 3. Alice Bohun, married Roger Thony. 4. _____ Bohun, daughter No. 3, married _______ Quincy. He married (2) Maud of Avenbury. He died September 24, 1275. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.