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  1. Sultan Muhammad Dara S DARA SHUKOH: Birth: 30 MAR 1615 in Ajmer. Death: 2 SEP 1659 in Keshrabad, on the orders of his brother Aurangzeb

  2. AURANGZEB: Birth: 3 NOV 1619 in Dohad. Death: 3 MAR 1706/07 in Aurangabad

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a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [samsloan.ged] Shah Jahan or Shah Jehan Pronounced As: both: sh� jh�n , 1592-1666, Mughal emperor of India ( 1628-58), son and successor of Jahangir. His full name was Khurram Shihab-ud-din Muhammad. H e rebelled against his father in 1622 but was pardoned and succeeded to the throne in 1628. I n the course of his long reign he conquered most of the Deccan and temporarily (1638-49) reco vered Kandahar from the Persians. Shah Jahan's reign is considered the golden age of Mughal a rt and architecture. Among the buildings he erected were the unsurpassed Taj Mahal and the Pe arl Mosque, both at Agra, and the new city at Delhi, which he made his capital. Literature al so flourished at his magnificent court. Shah Jahan fell seriously ill in 1657, and this led t o a war of succession among his sons. In 1658 he was deposed and imprisoned for the rest of h is life by his son Aurangzeb. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.