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Marriage: Children:
  1. Matthew GRAHAM: Birth: 17 JAN 1780 in Chester County, South Carolina. Death: 8 MAY 1854 in ,Henderson Co., Illinois

  2. Mary GRAHAM: Birth: ABT 1784 in ,Chester Co., South Carolina. Death: in ,Todd Co., Kentucky

  3. David GRAHAM: Birth: ABT 1787 in Chester County, South Carolina. Death: in ,,South Carolina

  4. Robert C. GRAHAM: Birth: 11 JUL 1792 in Chester County, South Carolina. Death: 25 MAY 1863 in Spring Grove Twp, Warren Co., Illinois

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  6. Jennet GRAHAM: Birth: in Chester County, South Carolina. Death: ABT 1817 in ,Christian Co., Kentucky

Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha GRAHAM: Birth: 23 AUG 1798 in ,Chester Co., South Carolina. Death: 26 AUG 1887 in ,Platte Co., Missouri

  2. William M GRAHAM: Birth: 26 SEP 1801 in South Carolina. Death: 28 JAN 1882 in Winterset, Iowa

  3. Thomas P. GRAHAM: Birth: 18 OCT 1803 in South Carolina. Death: 21 MAY 1889 in Todd County, Kentucky

  4. Andrew W. GRAHAM: Birth: 1807 in Logan County, Kentucky.

  5. Nancy C. GRAHAM: Birth: 1808 in Kentucky. Death: AFT 1860 in possibly Linn County, Oregan

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1. Title:   Millie Clarke Families
Author:   Millie A. Clark
2. Title:   samsloan.ged
3. Title:   ralphroberts.ged

a. Note:   [ralphroberts.ged] [samsloan.ged] Proof that Sam Sloan is royalty after all I have been compiling my family tree. I am taking information mostly compiled by people who a re now deceased and putting it into my computer. According to one website, my great-great-great-great-grandmother was named Mary Stuart, who w as born in Ireland 1729. One entry I have just come across says that she was the great-great granddaughter of King Jam es I of Scotland, by his second wife, a commoner. I have found a brief biography of James I of Scotland (1397-1437). However, he lived too lon g ago to be the great-great-grandfather of Mary Stuart.They might mean James I of England, wh o was also James VI of Scotland. It is nevertheless intriguing to think that this Mary Stuar t might be part of the famous Stuart Royal Family of England. The name certainly sounds lik e the name of a member of the British Royal Family. Mary Stuart was married to Robert Coulter. Robert Coulter was born in Scotland about 1723. H e left Scotland 1746-47 after the battle of Culloden. He fought on the side of Bonnie Princ e Charles. Seems a price was put his head so he left Scotland. A website family tree which deals with the descendants of Mary Stuart (but not with her ances tors) is at The different King James of Scotland often had many mistresses, especially King James IV an d King James V. A big problem I have been having with my family tree concerns Andrew Graham, husband of Marga ret Coulter, who was the daughter of Mary Stuart. Andrew Graham died in 1821. One group say s he was born in 1753 and was married twice. The other group says he was born in 1720, live d to be 101 years old, was married three times and had 11 children and that I am a descendan t of the wife in the middle which according to the first group did not exist. Both sides have documents proving their cases. I tend to favor the side that says he was bor n in 1753. However, this problem has made it difficult for me to extend my family tree. The o ther side, which says that Andrew Graham was born in 1720 and died in 1821 at the age of 101 , has a website at 0001/UHP-0458.html I believe that website contains several mistakes, however. Andrew Graham fought in the American Revolutionary War. Andrew Graham was in the Revolutionar y War; was taken prisoner and condemned to death, but the battle of Yorktown and the close o f the war saved his life. This is one of the factors which has led me to believe that he was born in 1753, because tha t would make him 23 when the war started, a suitable age to be fighting. There is no doubt th at he fought in that war, because several applications to join the "Daughters of the America n Revolution" have been filed by his descendants. My great-great-great-great grandfather David Graham came from Ireland with his wife and child ren on the ship Pennsylvania Farmer which left Belfast 16 October 1772 and arrived in Charles ton, South Carolina on 19 December 1772. He arrived just in time to send two of his sons, one of which was my great-great-great grandf ather, Andrew Graham, to fight in the American Revolutionary War. There is one school of thought that Andrew had 3 wives, including Mary Chestnut as the secon d wife. But apparently one researcher could find no proof that she was ever Andrew's wife. Th ere isn't any particular proof she wasn't his wife either, and exactly who was the child of which mother seems to most ly come from the Andrew Graham will. My information comes from several sources. First and foremost from a suitcase found in my mot her's house which was "to be deposited into a suitable waste disposal site" by order of Judg e Michael Gamble of the Lynchburg Circuit Court issued in 1994 at the request of my brother , Creighton Sloan. That suitcase which I found and rescued contained the numerous old photos such as the photo s of my grandmother Mary Graham when she was a little girl in 1882 and her mother in 1864 . I scanned and posted those photos on my web site in 1995 and that was the seed that starte d this, when people started writing me letters about them. Next, my brother Creighton sent me some information he had assembled, which was strange becau se Creighton has been fighting with me and our mother for 30 years and has never before or si nce sent me a friendly letter. I believe that what Creighton sent me was largely based on Philip Graham's book plus update s reflecting current family members and new children born. Then, I often get bits and pieces of information from people who see my web site and add a re lative or two. My grandmother Mary Graham married Wesley Jacobson, who was Swedish. On the Swedish side, I g et lots of letters because Wesley Jacobson's grandfather led the first Swedish settlement i n Iowa and they are mentioned in history books, research papers, doctoral thesis and so on, s o I am constantly getting new information or inquiries about that. In about 1959 in the summer I went to a golden wedding anniversary for one of my Graham relat ives in Northeastern Iowa. More than one hundred relatives were there. I wish I could remembe r who it was whose anniversary we were celebrating. We had an old family tree in the 1950s. According to this tree, which I never personally saw , we were related to the sister of John Paul Jones, the Scot captain who became American an d fought against the British in the American Revolutionary War. However, I have doubts abou t this. I have tried to backtrack this idea and have gotten nowhere. Still, other researcher s have informed me that we are related to the Paul family in some way. My uncle Newell Jacobson who lived in Florida later told me that he had that family tree. How ever, Newell died in 1989 and I do not know what happened to the old family tree. I believe i t was made by a commercial company and not by a family member. The last surviving relative who probably knows the answers to all these questions would be m y uncle Alden Jacobson, who lives in Florida. Due to the family feud started by my brothe r I cannot contact him, but I would not mind if somebody else did. There are a few people still alive who would know, especially my Uncle Alden Jacobson who liv es in Melbourne, Florida, 1-321-779-2204, but due to a family rift I cannot ask him. (Did I f orget to tell you that Alden was an airforce pilot who flew on the mission which dropped th e Bomb on Nagasaki?) Every researcher agrees that I am the great-great-great-grandson of Andrew Graham. However, s ome say that I am descended from his first wife, some say that I am descended from his last w ife and some say that I am descended from his middle wife, who others say did not exist. I can just imagine when, 300 years from now, researchers try to figure out my five wives an d eight children. Sam Sloan Here is one of the problems. This letter says: Graham-Mills Line Andrew Graham, born Scotland 1720, married first 1750 Margaret Coulton, born 1725 Scotland, d ied SC; married second Mary Chestnut, born ?, died 1793; married third 1800 Margaret Phillips , died 1820. However, mine says that Andrew Graham was born in 1753 and married Margaret Coultor and tha t he died in 1821. That is only the beginning. There are many other differences, so I feel that these are not th e same people but two different people. What do you think? Sam Sloan Dear Philip and Millie, I am having a real problem here. The data you are sending me says: Andrew Graham, born Scotland 1720, married first 1750 Margaret Coulton, born 1725 Scotland, d ied SC; married second Mary Chestnut, born ?, died 1793; married third 1800 Margaret Phillips , died 1820. You have a will of Andrew Graham dated 1821 which lists numerous children including Andrew wh o was born in 1808. This means that Andrew Graham lived to be 101 years old and fathered a child when he was 88 y ears old! The other possibility is that there are two Andrew Grahams. I personally hope that I will be able to father children when I am 88 years old, but not man y men can do that nor are many men married as many times or have as many children as Andrew G raham seems to have had. Are you sure that this is just one man, and not two? Am I missing something? Sam Sloan Sam - The main reason is that both deal with the family line of Jennet Graham Mills, wife o f Adam Mills, who was the daughter of Andrew Graham. && birth dates of the children. We ha ve to find something in the records to either support these two items or refute them. Phi l Fought in the American Revolutionary War in Capt. Alexander Turner's Company in the Upper Bat talion of Samuel Richardson's Regiment under the command of Major Joseph Brown. See militia' s roster as of 21 December 1778 in the Andrew Richardson papers in the library of the Univers ity of South Carolina. He is listed as Andrew Grimbs. Taken prisoner and condemned to death. Saved by Battle of Yorktown and end of war Immigration: Bef. 1776, from Scotland. Military service: ABT 1776, Served in Revolutionary W ar in militia Occupation: Militiaman. l s: Book "DAVID GRAHAM OF CHESTER COUNTY, S.C., AND HIS DESCENDANTS 1772-1989" pages 64-74 Name also written Grumbs, Grimbs, and Grimes Probably born in County Antrim, Ireland. Died between 11 March (date of will) and May 1821 ( date of probate). Came with parents to SC in 1772. Received land in SC on 17 March 1775. There is a big problem with Andrew Graham because some say that he had two wives and was bor n in 1753 and others say he had three wives and was born in 1720 and died at the age of 101 . Until this problem is solved, it will not be possible to be certain of the family trees o f his ancestors and descendants. Here is a note about this: I finished xeroxing pages from the Graham genealogy book. I still need to make a print out o f the supplemental material - which I plan to finish today - so that I can get the material o ut in the mail to you. Attached is a text file on the family line of John McKee (died in Chester County SC, fall o f 1794). This John McKee may possibly have been related to your Janet McKee Mills. As you c an see from the text, Adams Mills named as one of the excutors to the will of John McKee. So me of the children of John & Nancy McKee moved with the Grahams to the area of Todd County KY . Martha B. McKee married Robert C. Graham, son of Andrew Graham. William McKee was named a s one of the excutors to the will of Adams Mills, along with Matthew Graham & Robert C. Graha m. John McKee was appointed guardian to two of Andrew Graham's children - Nancy Graham & Tho mas P. Graham. Nancy Wilson, wife of John McKee, was the sister of Janette Wilson, wife of M atthew Graham (son of Andrew Graham) - children of John Wilson & Martha. I have more informa tion on this Wilson family if your interested. As you can see there was a close associatio n between this line of John McKee (died 1794) with the Grahams & Mills family. Your information on Mary Chestnut as a wife of Andrew Graham has been a real puzzle to me . I do not have any proof (birth records or will records) as to which children of Andrew Gra ham were by which wife. I feel that the birth dates of the children of Andrew Graham (by whi ch ever wife) are more accurate than those listed in your account. Those dates with day-mont h-year are from cemetery records; those with approximate dates are from census records - whic h are iffy. Here is an outline of what I found on the wives of Andrew Graham. There is more detailed inf ormation in the pages which I will be sending you. 1. Margaret Coulter. The first record of Margaret Coulter is on 6 February 1773 she receive d land grant of 100 acres (amount granted a single adult) in what was then Craven County late r Chester County SC. Margaret's siblings (Mary Ann, Archibald & Robert S) also received lan d grants in Chester County SC at this time. On 3 July 1791, Andrew Graham & his wife Margare t sold to Hugh McMillan the 100 acres warranted to Margaret Coulter in 1773 (Chester County S C Deed Bk E, page 263). The only other deed records in Chester County SC which lists Andre w Graham with a wife was made on 5 January 1790 where Andrew & Margaret Graham sold to Lard B urns the 100 acres granted to Andrew "Grimbs" on 17 March 1775. This deed is the prime proo f connecting the spelling of Grimbs to the Grahams. The death date for Margaret Coulter Graham is unknown. On April 1790 Andrew Graham was amon g the men appointed overseer for the construction of a road in Chester County SC. He was rel ieved of this duty and another man was appointed in his stead in September 1792. Mrs Kell fe lt that Margaret Coulter Graham may have been ill or died about this time & may have accounte d for Andrew's release at this time. Robert C. Graham was born 11 July 1792 (from his tombst one in Spring Grove Cemetery, Warren County IL). Margaret Coulter Graham's father was Rober t Coulter. So we assumed that Robert C. Graham was the son of Margaret Coulter Graham & tha t she may have died sometime after the birth. 2. Mary Chestnut. We could not find any records in Chester County SC with "Mary" as a wife o f Andrew Graham. Not all the land deeds for Andrew Graham listed a wife - so there is a gap . The Grahams were associated with the family of David Chestnut of Chester County SC. I hav e information on the Chestnuts but I can not put my hands on it at the moment. There is a we bpage on the Chestnut - again I am not sure of exact address but will send it later. Over th e years I have looked into the Chestnut family of Chester County SC & I have been unable to l ink Andrew Graham to any of them. Oddly, I have been unable to find a "Mary" listed among th e early Chestnut family, although it is a common name. Alexander Chestnut, son of David, mov ed to the area of Todd County KY along with the Grahams, McKees & Coulters. I can not prov e or disprove Mary Chesnut as a wife of Andrew Graham. Mrs Kell felt very strongly about doc umentation. She felt that since there is no document to support Mary Chestnut as a wife of A ndrew Graham that it should be discounted. 3. Margaret surname unknown. At the time of Andrew Graham's will (1821 Todd County KY) his w ife as Margaret. There are deed records in Todd County KY that record the widow Margaret Gra ham until 1829. She apparently moved to Morgan County IL with her son (assuming it was her s on) William Mills Graham. There is a deed record for Margaret Graham in Morgan County IL i n 1835. It was at this time that William Mills Graham, along with Margaret Graham & his sist er Nancy Graham Popham, moved from Morgan County IL to Henderson County IL. They joined th e South Henderson Presbyterian Church in 1836. An elderly woman was listed in the 1840 censu s of Henderson County IL in the household of Ezekiel Popham (husband of Nancy Graham). The c ensus records from 1800 to 1840 indicate that Margaret Graham was born between 1770 & 1774 . This range in birth date would indicate that this Margaret is not the same woman as Margar et Coulter - who recieved a land grant as an adult in 1773. Mrs Kell was very much a believer in the naming pattern of children. The eldest son was name d after the husband's father, the second son was named after the wife's father. The eldest d aughter was named after the husband's mother, the second daughter was named after the wife' s mother. The early Grahams seemed to have followed this pattern. Based on the assumption s that Margaret Coulter Graham died in 1792 or shortly after; Andrew Graham married again t o another Margaret by whom he had Martha Graham & William Mills Graham; therefore the surnam e of Margaret may have been "Mills" and her parents were William Mills & Martha. No proofs b ut assumptions. Another observation. The middle name "Mills" was used for a son of William Mills Graham (Joh n Mills Graham 1842-1926), and also in the son of John Mills Graham (Oley Mills Graham 1876-1 946). The name "Chestnut" was not used among any of the children or grandchildren of Andre w Graham (died 1821 Todd County KY). Thomas P. Graham (1803-1889), son of Andrew Graham (d. 1821 Todd County KY) - I have not foun d anything that indicates his middle name as "Phillips". The records in Todd County KY sho w that "P" was his middle initial. I have not been able to find a Phillips family associate d with the Grahams in either SC or KY. That is a summary of my thoughts on the wives of Andrew Graham. I hope to get down to the DA R Library to look at the DAR application of Janet Allen Schmidt, 26 January 1929. Do you wan t a copy of the DAR application of Mary Bruington & a copy of the Harding letter? The Hardin g letter (dated 30 June 1970) contains the same information as your graham.doc file. Phil Graham I have found a brief biography of James I of Scotland (1397-1437) However, he lived too long ago to be the great-grandfather of Levi, I believe. It is intriguing to think that this Mary Stuart might be part of the famous Stuart royal fami ly of England Sam Sloan At 12:33 PM 3/1/2001 EST, wrote: Good morning Sam! I will give you what information I have. I hope it helps. Some of it was given to me by a lady who is a decadent of Robert Stuart Coulter a brother o f Mary Ann's. She has it that Levi was either a grandson or great grandson of James the 1st of Scotland. Ja mes was married twice his second wife a commoner and that is where Levi comes in. Robert Coulter was born in Scotland about 1723. He left Scotland 1746-47 after the battle o f Culloden. He fought on the side of Bonnie Prince Charles. Seems a price was put his head so he left Scotland. Robert married Mary Stuart before 1753. Mary was born 1729 in Ireland. Both died in Chester S outh Carolina. Robert 1783. I don't seem to have a date for Mary. Their children are as follows: Archibald b-1753 Margaret b- about 1755 Mary Ann b-about 1752 Elizabeth b-about 1758 Robert Stuart b-1760 All were born in Tyrone Co. Ireland. Mary Ann married John Stevenson in South Carolina. They later went to Kentucky. Mary died the re about 1824 on cancer of the face. John returned to SC he lived to be 101 years old and i s buried in Murray Co., GA. He served in the Revolutionary War. He was a blacksmith. did thi s during the war, As I understand it never saw any combat. He came to the states in 1772 wit h his mother. The story goes that his father and siblings came earlier planning to meet but t hey never found each other again. He came here via Charleston S.C.John and Mary Ann had seven children. Robert b-about 1778 d 1831. This is my gr gr grandfather. Mary b-about 1780. Andrew b- August 30th 1783 d-July 16th1857. Andrew was married four times. William b-about 1785 John b-Dec 24th 1785 d-Sept 11th 1835 Elizabeth b-about 1788 d-before 1854. Margaret b-about 1792 d-before 1835. All seem to be born in Mecklenburg N.C. Think that is all you would like to know. Some you most likely know. the lady I spoke of thin ks Robert Coulter's father name was Archibald being his oldest son was named that. There i s a submission that says Norman, So I have no idea. Hope this is of interest to you. Nellie From notes on Andrew Graham: Andrew Graham was in the Revolutionary War; was taken prisoner and condemned to death, but th e battle of Yorktown and the close of the war saved his life. Margaret Coalton Graham's deeds of patriotism, bravery, and self denial were household word s in South Carolina. ___________________________________ From David Graham of Chester County, South Carolina and His Descendants 1772 - 1989 by Katha rine Tolle Kell and Philip James Graham; Birmingham, MI 1990, p 65 "Andrew, listed in the South Carolina Council Journal as Andrew 'Grumbs', came to Americ a with his parents and siblings on the ship Pennsylvania Farmer, which left Belfast on 16 Oct ober 1772 and arrived at Charleston, South Carolina, on 19 December 1772. He was part of th e Rev. William Martin's grou of five shiploads of settlers. On 6 January 1773 he went with t he others before the South Carolina General Assembly to request land and on 17 March 1775, a s Andrew 'Grimbs', received the single-person's grant of 100 acres. The land was in Craven ( laterChester) County on Rocky Creek and was bounded by the lands of James Knox, Francis Hende rson, Benjamin Mitchell, and Laird Burns (Royal Grant, Vol. 35, p. 307; and Collonial Plats, Vol. 1 6, P. 243." __________________________ From Philip Graham: "It is now known that Andrew and his family moved from South Carolina to Kentucky in 1805-1806, because 1806 was the earliest year in which his name appeared on the Kentucky Tax Rolls. He was listed in 1806 Logan County Tax Rolls with an estate of 200 acres of "second rate land" on the Elk Fork, and owned one slave and three horses or mules. Matthew Graham, Andrew's son, and Adam Mills, Andrew's son-in-law (husband of Jennet Graham) also first appeared on the Logan-Christian County Tax rolls in 1806. Another whose name first appeared on the Christian County Tax Rolls in 1806 was John McKee, probably the father of Martha B. McKee who later married Andrew's son Robert C. Graham. Probably serveral families, including the Grahams, Mills, Wilsons, and McKees, migrated as a group from South Carolina to Kentucky in the winter of 1805-6. "Andrew continued to be listed in Logan County Tax Rolls until 1817. In the 1807 Tax Rolls, Andrew's property was described as 238 acres of "third rate land", one slave and two horses or mules. In 1810 he owned 238 acres of "third rate land" a slave and five horses. In 1815 he paid taxes on 109 acres patented to B. Allen plus 138 acres of "third rate land", a slave and four horses. In 1815 his land was valued at $5 an acre, and the total value of his property including his slave and his horses was $1,740. .... In 1817 he owned 238 acres of land plus one slave and five horses or jacks, with a total value of $1897. "No tax list is extant for Logan County in 1818. In 1819 Andrew was listed in Christian County (then next to Logan County)> He owned 240 acres of "second rate" land, one slave, five horses,etc. totalling $2,955. Later in 1819, the area in Christian County where Andrew and his family lived became part of the newly established Todd County. The 1820 tax record for Todd County was the last Kentucky listing for Andrew Graham; he still owned 240 acres of "second rate" land, one slave, five horses, etc. totaling $2,825. "Andrew died between March and May of 1821, but not until 1824 when his estate was settled did his widow, Margaret, appear on the Todd County tax rolls. At that time no land was listed in her name, but she did own one slave, one horse, etc., at a total value of $775. "William McKee, brother-in-law of Robert C. Graham, appeared as executor to the estate of Andrew Graham in the Todd County Tax Rolls between 1821-23. In 1821 Andrew Graham's estate consisted of 346 acres, one slave, four horses, etc.; and in 1822 the estate consisted of the same amount of land plus three horses, etc., but no slaves. By 1823 the estate amounted to 220 acres on Rain Lick Creek, no slave, one horse, etc. totaling $1,360. In 1824 William was no longer listed as Andrew's executor, presumably because the esate had been settled. "It is interesting that William did ot list Andrew's slave, Sandy, in 1822 and 1823. Andrew bequeathed Sandy to his widow and daughters, but they did not emancipate Sandy until 1829. In the 1837 and 1838 Todd County Tax rolls, Sandy Graham was listed as a free black. "... accounts... from the probate records of the estate of Andrew Graham (Todd County Court House Will Book A p. 169-175). Andrew Graham apparently continued to work in the blacksmith trade up until his latter years as two of theses accounts were due the estate for blacksmith work. "March 1822, Robert E Acock received $10 from Robert C. Graham, administrator of the estate of Andrew Graham, for the schooling of Thomas Graham, Son of Andrew Graham decd." ............ In the appraisal bill of the estate of Andrew Graham dated 23 May 1821 and presented to the June Term 1821 Todd County Court (Todd County Will Book A P. 23-24): (summarized and excerpted here) 7 cows, 6 calves, 3 heifers, 16 head of hogs, 2 sows,and 10 pigs totaling $126.50. 3 horses totaling $225. Waggon gear $130. 1 black man Sandy valued at $700. Several plows, hoes, axes, bridles, saddle, saddle bag, side saddle, branding iron, etc. 2 flat irons, grind stone, sickle, coffee mill, churn and basket, milk crocks, water pails. Furniture: 2 chests, 4 beds: 1 bedstead, 2 bed do & do, 1 bed do. Kitchen: press, kettle and pot hooks, tea kettle, small pot and skillet, 2 ovens and lids, hand irons. Cupboard furniture: Dining table and linnen, bureau, brass candlestick, small trunk, looking glass, cotton wheel, 5 chairs. Total value of itemized list: $1574. J. Brown, J.D Goren?, John McKee appraisers and Wm. McKee, Matthew Grahm, Robert C. Graham, executors. Sam, I am a descendent of Jennet Graham Mills, daughter of Andrew Graham. I am her fourth-great granddaughter. The name Janet stuck around our family -- it was my dad's sister's name and is my middle name. Attached are the OCR scans of the two transcribed wills as they appear in Philip Graham's book. Since the form of the wills I have from the book were transcribed, not scanned, copies of the original handwritten documents, there was no point in sending you all those bits of the pure scan, and this text is much friendlier. If you put it anywhere please retain the credit to the authors of the book who did all the research. Where did you get all your other information? Through Philip Graham? It seems to conform to the genealogy of the book. You can't tell from the will that William's middle name is Mills -- just says William M. Graham -- and since my Jennet Graham married Adam Mills (son of William Mills) it would seem there might be cause for some confusion (or she married a step-cousin or something...) Anyway -- my records which came through another source and may be suspect give Andrew's three wives as Margaret Coulter (probably misspelled...), Mary Chestnut, and Margaret Phillips. Andrew's will does not provide the maiden name of the second wife, and the only Mills mentioned in the will is Jennet Mills, my great x4 grandmother. Also, it is clear from these documents there was some tie of the Graham and Chestnut families -- since James Chestnut witnessed David Graham's will, and the slave Sandy when freed lived in the household with an Isaac Chestnut. Not nearly enough to prove a marriage of course.... Regards, MILLIE Sam & Millie- Just a few thoughts- 1. I still have not been able to find my copy of the picture of William Mills & Jane (Popham ) Graham. Cal & Velores Graham sent me a copy of the picture several years ago. I will writ e to them for another copy. Their address is: Calvin Graham, Box 256, Clinton Arkansas, 7203 1. Cal is a gr gr grandson of William Mills Graham through is son James Thomas Graham (1836- 1921). Cal & Velores were the source of "Mills" as the middle name of William Mills Graham . They did not have any proof of "Mills" as the middle name, just family lore. Last year Ve lores sent me a copy of a land purchase from the Illinois Public Land Office dated 10 Octobe r 1840 for "William Mills Graham of Morgan County IL" for 160 acres in NE quarter of sectio n 13, township 10 north, range 5 west. This would be land in Warren County IL. This land gr and is the first "proof" for "Mills" as the middle name for William Mills Graham. Just a s a side note - Cal & Velores told me that when they first started family research that the y were told that William Mills Graham was born in Wheeling West Virginia. 2. I can not decide what to do concerning the # of wives for Andrew Graham (d. 1821) & whic h children were born by which wife. I am certain about the names of the children - as Andrew 's probate record is the primary source. That 1791 Chester County SC deed for Andrew Graha m & his first wife, Margaret Coulter, certainly proves that Margaret Coulter was the first wi fe & still alive in 1791. However the records do not provide anything to clear up Mary Chest nut as a possible wife of Andrew nor for "Phillips" as the surname of Margaret (Andrew's wido w). The name "Mills" does appear a number of times in several generations of Andrew's grandchildr en & great grandchildren. The name "Ches(t)nut" is not appear at all as far as I can determi ne. Maybe something will turn up in the records to shed light on this problem. 3. There is connection a Paul family but I am not clear about this data or have good documen tation. The Pauls listed below were connected somehow to John Paul Jones - but I do not kno w how. Margaret Coulter (wife of Andrew Graham, d. 1821) was the daughter of Robert Coulte r & Mary Stuart. Mary Stuart was the daughter of a Levi Stuart. Here is an outline- First Generation 1. Levi Stuart Children: 1. Elizabeth Stuart 2. Mary Stuart 3. Margaret Stuart Second Generation 1. Elizabeth Stuart, married --- Paul. Child: (1) John Paul, born 1780 SC, died 1841 Washing ton County IL, married Mary Morton, daughter of Thomas Morto is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.