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Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth K. Shattuck: Birth: 1866/1867 in , , RI.

  2. Jennie Shattuck: Birth: 1874/1875 in , , CA.

  3. Charles C. Shattuck: Birth: 1878/1879 in , , CA.

1. Title:   Memorials of The Descendants of William Shattuck by Lemuel Shattuck. Dutton and Wentworth, Boston, MA. 1855
Page:   Page 265
2. Title:   1850 US Census: NH, Sullivan Cty., Plainfield. As viewed online at RCK
3. Title:   1870 US Census: CA, San Francisco Cty., San Francisco. As seen online at RCK
4. Title:   1880 US Census: CA, San Francisco Cty., San Francisco. As seen online at and RCK

a. Note:   n 1844/45. RCK 10 Jan 2005 Lemuel Shattuck's "Memorials of The Descendants of William Shattuck; Dutton and Wentworth, Boston, 1855" page 265 give his birth date as 28 Dec 1842. The 1870 census for San Francisco has him a "Dep. License Collector" age 38 or born 1831/32. Clearly the same person with the same family in the two census pages. Perhaps the age 38 in 1870 was misunderstood for 28. The age of his wife, Francis, also varies by six years between those two census, but their daughter's age is consistent at 3 and 13. And all their places of birth are consistent. Ages in census data does often vary, but these variations are extraordinary even after ignoring the possible 28 to 38 error. RCK 3 Sep 2005
Note:   Charles was a Drayman as per the 1880 census where his age is 35 or bor is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.