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Marriage: Children:
  1. Johann Wilhelm Heinrich Meyer: Birth: 20 NOV 1859 in Quernheim by 1, Hannover, Germany. Death: 22 MAR 1905 in Witting, Lavaca County, Texas

  2. Johann Gerhard August Meyer: Birth: 18 JAN 1863 in Frelsburg, Colorado County, Texas. Death: 21 APR 1945 in Pisek, Colorado County, Texas

  3. Sophia Louise Johanna Friedrike Meyer: Birth: 14 DEC 1870 in Frelsburg, Colorado County, Texas. Death: 20 SEP 1943 in Colorado County, Texas

1. Title:   Churchbook of Brockum Parish, Niedersachsen
2. Title:   z Churchbook of Lemf�rde Parish, Hannover (Niedersachsen), Germany (on line at

a. Note:   Final confirmation report card, 1844 -- Bible and catechism: fair Reading and writing: fair Arithmetic: fair Ability: below average Deportment: good Attendance: very good (Source: Brockum confirmation registers, Ephoral-Archiv, Diepholz, Niedersachsen) The following marriage contract, dated 13 April 1859 in Brockum, is filed among the documents of Amt Lemf�rde (Hann. 72 Diepholz Nr. 403): �Zwischen Friedrich Heinrich Meyer 29 Jahre alt aus Brockum als Br�utigam und Charlotte Christine Buck, 25 Jahre alt aus Quernheim als Braut und dem Vater H�usling Johann Hinrich Buck ist folgende ehestiftung verabredet und abgeschlossen worden: 1. Die Brautleute haben sich mit Einwilligung des Vaters der Braut verlobt und wollen sich demn�chst trauen lassen. 2. Der Br�utigam heyrathet zur Braut und nimmt seinen Wohnsitz in Quernheim. Als Brautschatz verschreibt er seiner Braut, welches der mitanwesende Bruder der Neubauer Johann Diedrich Meyer zu Brockum laut Contacts vom 26. Jun. 1847 zu entrichten �bernommen hat und am Hochzeitstage bezahlen will. a. An baarem Gelde 75 Thaler Corant. b. An Brautwagenst�cken: Ein halbes Bett, ein Spinnrad, eine Haspel, 6 St�hle und eine Kuh. Au�erdem hat er noch 50 Thaler selbstverdientes Geld. 3. Die Braut verschreibt dagegen ihrem Br�utigam ihr s�mmtliches Verm�gen, bestehend aus dem Haushalte und Mobilien, welches sie mit ihrem Vater besitzt. 4. Der Vater der Braut nimmt die jungen Leute zu sich und setztet dieselben ausdr�cklich zu alleiniger Erbfolge in sein ganzes Verm�gen ______ so sind diese verpflichete, denselben in Allem ohne Ausnahme zu unterhalten. 5. Die angehenden Eheleute setzen sich nach der Rechtsregel l�ngst Leib, l�ngst Gut f�r den Fall der kinderlosen Ehe zu gegenseitigen Erben ein und verzichtet der Vater der Braut auf seinen gesetzlichen Pflichtteil an dem demn�chstigen Nachlasse der Tochter. 13.4.1859 Unterschriften Heinrich Buck Friedrich Hinrich Meyer Charlotte Buck Johann Dieterich Meyer� (Between Friedrich Heinrich Meyer, 29 years old from Brockum as bridegroom, and Charlotte Christine Buck, 25 years old from Quernheim as bride, and the father, renter Johann Heinrich Buck, the following marriage contract is agreed upon and concluded: 1. The wedding couple have become engaged with the consent of the bride�s father and will soon marry. 2. The bridegroom will marry the bride and will make his residence in Quernheim. As marriage endowment, he commits to his bride the items that were promised to him in the marriage contract, dated 26 June 1847, of his brother, new farmer Johann Dietrich Meyer of Brockum, who is present here, and that will be given to him on his wedding day: a. 75 Thaler in cash. b. Items for the bridal carriage: a half-bed, a spinning wheel, a bobbin, 6 chairs, and a cow. Apart from this he already has 50 Thaler that he earned himself. 3. The bride in return commits to her bridegroom all her possessions, consisting of her household and furniture, which she owns with her father. 4. The father of the bride will take the young couple into his household, and he designates them sole heirs of his entire estate; this commitment is undertaken without reservation. 5. The prospective couple place themselves under the custom of communal property to be mutual heirs in the event of a childless marriage, and the father of the bride relinquishes his legal rights as his daughter�s next of kin. Signed on 13 April 1859 by Heinrich Buck, Friedrich Heinrich Meyer, Charlotte Buck, and Johann Dietrich Meyer.) [The signatures of Charlotte and her father are very unsteady.] 1860 US census: He has not yet arrived in Colorado County. (Census was taken in June and July.) 1870 US census: He is living in Colorado County, 3rd Precinct (probably Frelsburg). He is listed as Friedrich, 40 years old, and is described as a farm laborer. 1880 US census: He is living in Frelsburg, Colorado County, Enumeration District 51. He is listed as Friedrich and is described as a farmer. He immigrated on the ship Weser in 1860, which departed Bremen on 20 September and arrived at Galveston on 23 November. With him were his wife Charlotte and infant son Henry. Also on the Weser were his future brother- and sister-in-law, Henrietta K�ster and Friedrich Priesmeyer (spelled "Briesmy" on the passenger list). This confirms a family story related by Ottilie Meyer that her four grandparents had immigrated on the same ship. (Source: E.H. Geue, New Homes in a New Land, page 105, which captures the small number of otherwise lost passenger lists that were printed in German language newspapers in Texas.) The ship's records say that the the Meyers were from Hannover, Germany, without further detail, and were bound specifically for Frelsburg, Texas. The 23 November voyage of the Weser took 64 days, which seems to have been typical. On the two voyages of the Weser in 1860, only two other families were bound for Frelsburg: the Priesmeyers, from Hannover, Germany, and Kiesel (Wilhelm and Wilhelmine), homeland not stated. Most passengers on the two voyages declared their destination as Galveston, Houston, or Brenham. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.