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Catherine E Waugh: Birth: 1841 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 1888 in Ontario, Canada
George Way: Birth: 1691 in Lyme, CT.
Irene Jane Way: Birth: 1723 in CT.
Emma Weakley: Birth: 1918 in Stewart Co., TN. Death: 1976 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co., TN
Jacob Weaver: Birth: 1797 in VA.
Jacob Weaver: Birth: 1760 in VA. Death: 1821
McCarter Mack Carter Weaver: Birth: 1826 in Fauquier Co., VA.
Elizabeth Betty Webb: Birth: Nov 1835/1837/1840 in New Orleans, LA. Death: 18 May 1910 in Galveston, TX
James W Webb: Birth: 1844 in Grayson Co., KY.
Maria Webb: Birth: 1795 in NY. Death: AFT 1870 in NYC, NY
Robert Ann Webb: Birth: 1846 in Grayson Co., KY.
Robert D Webb: Birth: ABT 1820 in KY. Death: BEF 1850 in Grayson Co., KY
William Nehemiah Webb: Birth: Feb 1843 in TN.
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Harriet C Weber: Birth: 31 Jan 1843 in IL. Death: 27 Aug 1926 in St Louis, MO
Joseph Weber: Birth: in NY. Death: 3 May 1853
Ann Webster: Birth: ABT 1729 in York Co., VA.
Mary Webster: Birth: AFT 1731 in York Co,VA.
Thomas Webster: Birth: ABT 1697 in York Co., VA.
John Wedderburn: Birth: 1762 in VA.
George Wedding: Birth: 1786 in MD.
Catherine Wedell: Birth: Jan 1885 in Brooklyn, NY.
Charles Wedell: Birth: ABT 1855 in NY.
Charles Wedell: Birth: Oct 1883 in Brooklyn, NY. Death: in of Yonkers, NY
Lillian Wedell: Birth: Aug 1882 in Brooklyn, NY.
Elizabeth B Wedgeworth: Birth: 5 Oct 1821 in Abbevillle, SC. Death: 1883 in Montrose, Jasper Co., MS
Edwin Weed: Birth: 1803 in NY.
Julia Stoutenberg Weed: Birth: 1839 in NY. Death: 1920 in NY
Clair Claire E Weeks: Birth: 1918 in Bronx, NY. Death: 30 Jun 1996 in Port Angeles, Clallam Co., WA
Frederick D'Arcy Weeks: Birth: 22 Jul 1876 in Manhattan, NY.
Gertrude S Weeks: Birth: Aug 1880 in NY.
John D'Arcy Weeks: Birth: 4 Dec 1851 in NYC, NY. Death: 11 Jan 1920 in NYC, NY
John Weeks: Birth: 1818/1820 in England.
Josephine Dorothea Weeks: Birth: 28 Jan 1890 in East Orange, Essex Co, NJ. Death: 26 Apr 1966 in Union City, NJ
Julia E Weeks: Birth: 21 Sep 1905 in NY. Death: Oct 1994 in Levittown, Nassau Co., NY
Mary Polly Weeks: Birth: ABT 1805 in VA.
Mary Serena Weeks: Birth: 18 Dec 1878 in Manhattan, NY.
William C Weeks: Birth: 10 Nov 1902 in NY.
William Conant Weeks: Birth: 28 Oct 1875 in Manhattan, NYC, NY.
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Weigel: Birth: ABT 1848 in Germany.
August James Weigel: Birth: 6 Dec 1876 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. Death: 31 Mar 1943 in Louisville, KY
Rosa Weigel: Birth: 1850 in Germany.
Thelma Marie Weigel: Birth: 13 May 1905 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY. Death: 5 Sep 1941 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY
Harry A Weimar: Birth: 15 Jan 1901 in NY. Death: Dec 1975 in Levittown, Nassau Co., NY
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James Gordon Weir: Birth: 1832 in Ontario, Canada.
Joseph Hill Weir: Birth: ABT 1803 in ,,CT.
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Mary B Weisiger: Birth: 1801 in VA. Death: 6 Apr 1839 in VA
Elsie R Weiss: Birth: 21 Aug 1924 in Queens Co., NY. Death: Mar 1987 in Valley Stream, Nassau Co., NY
Frank E Weiss: Birth: Jul 1898 in Manhattan, NYC, NY. Death: 2 Apr 1932 in Queens Co., NY
Johannes Weist: Birth: ABT 1712.
Jacob Weisz: Birth: 14 May 1887 in Maldur, Zepsen Komedodt, Hungary.
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Daniel E Welch: Birth: 1858 in Pike Co., AL.
Elizabeth Bessie Ladd Welch: Birth: 1884 in CT.
Harriet G Welch: Birth: 1832 in ,,SC. Death: 29 May 1864 in Columbia SC
James T Welch: Birth: 1841 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.
James Welch: Birth: 1821 in ,,SC.
Louisa M Welch: Birth: 1823 in ,,SC.
Lucy E Welch: Birth: 1821 in SC.
Robert H Welch: Birth: 1855 in Pike Co., AL.
Sarah Welch: Birth: 1845 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.
Thomas James Welch: Birth: ABT 1800 in SC. Death: in Of Lancaster Co., SC
William H Welch: Birth: 1843 in Guatemala City GuatemalaTemple.
Weller: Birth: ABT 1783.
Weller: Birth: ABT 1810 in Ontario, Canada.
Adelaide Victoria Weller: Birth: 1846 in Consecon, Ontario, Canada. Death: 10 Jan 1929 in Tiffin., Seneca Co., OH
Emily Weller: Birth: 7 Sep 1842 in Ontario, Canada.
Florence Weller: Birth: 1859 in Ontario, Canada.
James C Weller: Birth: 1845 in Ontario. Death: in of Defiance Co., OH
Nelson Weller: Birth: 1808 in Ontario, Canada. Death: BEF 1900
Sarah Eliza Weller: Birth: 1851 in Ontario, Canada. Death: in Tiffin, OH
Jane Welling: Birth: ABT 1745 in NY.
Catherine Wells: Birth: 1825 in NC.
Clarada Wells: Birth: 1877 in NC.
Douglas M Wells: Birth: 23 Sep 1894 in Houston TX. Death: 20 Jun 1970 in Los Angeles, CA
Francis Wells: Birth: 1879 in NC.
Helen Wells: Birth: 1850 in Wolf Pitt, Onslow Co., NC.
Henrietta Wells: Birth: 1850 in NC. Death: AFT 1880 in NC
Henrietta Wells: Birth: 1853 in Wolf Pitt, Onslow Co., NC.
Jesse Denison Wells: Birth: 19 Feb 1895 in Cornwall, CT. Death: Nov 1966 in Tarrytown, Westchester Co., NY
John W Wells: Birth: 1849 in NC. Death: AFT 1880 in NC
John Wells: Birth: 1823 in NC.
Lemuel Wells: Birth: 16 Feb 1771 in Bolton, CT.
Lillian Wells: Birth: 1869 in NC.
Margaret Anna Wells: Birth: Feb 1867/1869 in Fl. Death: 13 Apr 1925 in Houston, TX
Rebecca Wells: Birth: ABT 1788.
William Apekonita Wells: Birth: ABT 1770 in Jacob's Creek, PA.
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