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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Walker Fry: Birth: ABT 1839 in IN. Death: 26 AUG 1868 in Layfayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN

  2. Julia R. Fry: Birth: ABT 1841 in IN. Death: DECEASED

  3. William R. Fry: Birth: ABT 1843 in IN. Death: DECEASED

  4. Lewis G. Fry: Birth: ABT 1849 in IN. Death: DECEASED

  5. Letitia R. Fry: Birth: ABT 1852 in IN. Death: DECEASED

1. Title:   Records and Memorials of The Speed Family
Page:   Pg 56-149
Author:   Thomas Speed
Publication:   Courier-Journal Job Printing Co, Louisville, KY 1892
2. Title:   Colonel Joshua Fry of Virginia and Some of His Descendants and Allied Families
Page:   Pg 95-99
Author:   George W. Frye
Publication:   1966, Cincinnati, Ohio

a. Note:   y during Civil War National Park Service. U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2007. Original data: National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, online <<>>, acquired 2007. Thomas W. Fry Sr.; Union; 11th Regiment, Indiana Infantry (3 months, 1861) Company: F&S Rank In: Surgeon Rank Out: Surgeon: Film Number: M540 roll 25 BIOGRAPHY: Nat. Archives, Civil War, Service Record for Thomas W. Fry, Sr. Regimental Descriptive Book, Staff Officers Thomas W. Fry, Sr., Surgeon, 11th Reg't Indiana Inf, age 46 yrs, dark complexion, blue eyes, iron grey hair, enlisted 5 Aug 1861 in Indianapolis; he re-enlisted after the 3 month original enlistment in Virginia as Regimental Surgeon, and was appointed Brigade surgeon by Genl Wallace 28 Sep 1861 BIOGRAPHY: Nat. Archives, Civil War, Pension Records for Thomas W. Fry, Sr. Pension 74,073 War Dept Special Order No. 608 dtd 16 Nov 1865, Surgeon Thomas W. Fry, (Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel) U.S. Volunteers is honorably mustered out effective 30 Nov 1865. Letter signed by Thomas W. Fry Brev Lt Col and Surgeon, USV, dated 16 Apr 1866 witnessed by William K. Wallace Clerk of Circuit Court Montgomery Co, IN. Thomas W. Fry was Surgeon to the 11th In Inf Regt for 3 mo service in 1861, which was then mustered in for 3 yrs service and he was again appointed surgeon of the 11th In Inf Regt and was with them in the field until appointed surgeon in charge of the General Hospitals in the city of New Albany and appointed Brevt. Lt. Colonel Surgeon of USV. He continued in the service until he was honorably dischared on 30 Nov 1865. While surgeon in New Albany, he was attacked with jaundice of the liver and inflamation of the stomach followed with emaciation and total disability. After leaving the service, he resided in Crawfordsville, IN where he is a surgeon and physician. L. Humphries of South Bend, IN verfied that while he as Hospital Inspector for the US Army, Dr. Thomas W. Fry while surgeon in USV at New Albany, IN suffered from congestive fever & jaundice during Oct 1865. Letter signed by Thomas W. Fry Late Brev Lt Col and Surgeon, USV, dtd 5 Jun 1866 to Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC submitted brief report of his services during the Civil War. Apr 1861 entered 3 Mo service as surgeon of first regiment organized in Indiana and served with it 3 month campaing on the Potomac. Aug 1861 mustered out and volunteered for 3 yr service with 11th Ind Regt. Served in western Kentucky until Jan 1862 when he was made Brigade Surgeon and assigned to Gen Lew Wallace. He served under Gen Grant through the campaing up the Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers until Jun 1862 when he returned home very ill with induration of the liver and chronic diarhia contracted during extreme exposure at Donelson and Shilow and traveling up and down the Tennessee River on boats crowede with sick and wounded. After crecuperating at home for 3 mos, he was ordered to duty at New Albany, IN where he had immediate charge of 11 hospital, with a capacity of 2000 beds. He was post commandant and had charge of Q.M. Stores, etc. In addition to those duties, he was superintendant of all of the hospitals in Louisville, KY and Jeffersonville, IN, whih included 26 to 30 hospitals with 6000 to 8000 beds. He was president of the Board for examination of sick officers seekinig leaves of absnce, contract surgeons, and surgeons of negro regiments. In Aug 1865 he was ordered to Indianapolis and took charge of the Genl Hospital there. In Sept 1865 he was ordered to New Albany, IN to close the hospitals there. While in the discharge of those duties, he was taken ill and confined to his bed. The illness continued to aflict him and it is doubted that he will ever recover. Dr. Fry was awarded an invlaid pension of $25 per month on 29 Oct 1866 commencing 30 Nov 1865. On 26 Dec 1872, Thos A Dresser, Special Agent submitted a report to the Commissioner of Pensions in Washington, DC from Anderson In. Mr. John F. Smith, deputy post master in Layfayette, IN and Mr. John Balsar, Street Commissioner of Lafayette, IN state that they see Dr. Fry regularly going to the post office and attending to his patients and that he does not appear to be ill. Dr. Fry labored "hard and zealously in the (liberal) cause he had espoused making a good many speeches and canvasiing his district." It was recommended that Thomas W. Fry be dropped from the pension rolls, which was done. Note from RES - probably because of his political activities. Dr. Fry's death was reported as 24 Feb 1873. His wife, Maria, filed for a widow's pension, and statements made by attending physicians indicated the Dr. Fry died due to illness related to his illness in military service. BIOGRAPHY: - American Civil War Soldiers American Civil War Soldiers Name: Thomas Fry Sr RESIDENCE: Crawfordsville, Indiana Enlistment Date: 26 Apr 1861 Side Served: Union State Served: Indiana Death Date: 24 Feb 1873 Service Record: Enlisted as a Surgeon on 26 April 1861. Commission in Company S, 11th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 26 Apr 1861. Mustered Out Company S, 11th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 4 Aug 1861 at Indianapolis, IN. Commission in Company S, 11th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 31 Aug 1861. Promoted to Full Surgeon (Recommissioned) on 31 Aug 1861. Discharged for promotion Company S, 11th Infantry Regiment Indiana on 17 Jan 1862. Commission in Medical Staff Regiment U.S. Volunteers on 17 Jan 1862. Promoted to Full Surgeon (As of Medical Staff) on 17 Jan 1862. Promoted to Brevet Lieutenant Colonel on 12 Oct 1865. Mustered Out Medical Staff Regiment U.S. Volunteers on 30 Nov 1865. Sources: 76,33 BIOGRAPHY: See the following for information on the campaigns of the 11th IN Inf Regt during the Civil War Civil War-Indiana web site:; Indiana Regimental Histories: BIOGRAPHY: Montgomery Medicine Men and Women born 1850 or before by Karen Bazzani Zach, Montgomery County Historical Society, Crawfordsville, Indiana, 2002 "Thomas W. Fry, Sr. was born August 4, 1814 in Danville, Kentucky and married Maria Rochester there. Their children included: Thomas, Jr.; Julia; William; Louis and Letitia. At least William Garret, born in Virginia in 1838, Iral Brown, a native Kentuckian and Samuel Lingiman from Indiana studed under Fry. Thomas graduated from Transylvania University in 1837. It is interesting to note that both Thomas, Sr. and Jr. (born about 1837) served in the Civi War. Thomas Sr. began his military service as Surgeon under Lew Wallace in the 11th Indiana Regiment. Later, he reentered in Co. E, 10th Regiment as First Lieutenant with his son under him as Second Lieutenant. Due to sickness, the father transferred to the United States Hospitals at Louisville and New Albany and served there as chief surgeon until the close of the war. The younger Thomas was a lawyer in the area. Fry had an interesting career, dabbling in this and that, including having a general store (toiletries, tobacco, staples and the like in 1867), along with selling medicines and drugs. A multitalented man, Fry also served as the editor of the Crawfordsville Journal for some time. In November, 1875, he died in Lafayette and his body was 'brought down' and interred at Oak Hill Cemetery." BIOGRAPHY: Physicians File Cards, Tippecanoe County Historical Association Library, Lafayette, IN Dr. Fry, Thomas W. b. Aug 4, 1814 near Daville, KY med college: Center College 1835-Transylvania 1837 Settled in Crawfordsville where he joined Dr. Curry m. Maria W. Rochester of Russellveill, KY Nov 1837 Enlisted surgeon Apr 1861 and at close of war returned to C'Ville - broken in health. Collector internal revenue 8th Congressional Dist. and then lived in Lafayette. 1878 Atlas: pg 22, Capt. DeWitt Wallace's arm was saved from amputation by Dr. Thos. W. Fry of Lafayette. He was then post surgeon at Lafayette. one of the 84 founders of the Sate Medical Society 1849 BIOGRAPHY: From "Early Days in a College Town and Wabash College in Early Days and Now, by Frank Moody Mills, Sessions Printing Co, Sioux Falls, SD, 1924, pg 169 "The Frys were a noted early family in Crawfordsvill and came from Kentucky. Hon. Dr. T. W. Fry, class '39, Smith Speed Fry '40, Henry J. '55, David B. '42, Wm. J. '63, Wm. F. '67, J.C. '73, Earnest E. '91, John C. D. '95, Wm. F. '94, Oliver R. '95. Dr. T. W. Fry was trustee of the College and the list of trustees and officials was not less renowned than that of the faculty. Frank Fry was the onwer of the favorite horse of the city, Frank, a beautiful chestnut." [RES notes, Dr. Thomas W. Fry did not graduate from Wabash College; he was educated in KY; his son (T.W. Fry, Jr.) did graduate from Wabash.] BIOGRAPHY: Was Trustee for Wabash College, Crawfordsville, IN from 1837 until 1870. BIOGRAPHY: 1840 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Co, IN T. W. Fry; Males <5 1, 20-30 1; Females 20-30 1 BIOGRAPHY: 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Co, Union Twp, IN, pg 432/433, dwel 861, fam 864 Thomas W. Fry, 35, m, Physician, $8000, b KY Maria W. ", 33, f, b " Thomas W. ", 11, m, b IN, attended school Julia R. Fry, 9, f, b IN, attended school William R. Fry, 7, m, b IN Lewis G. Fry, 1, m, b IN Joseph Moody(?), 18, m Student, b Missouri William Robinson, 24, m, Student, b IN Evelyn Sloan(?), 25, f, b Conn Catharine Thompson, 15, f, b England Fanny White, 27, B, b KY, cannot read or write Emmy White, 1, M, b Ind BIOGRAPHY: 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Co, Union Twp, IN, pg 20/21, dwel 155, fam 152 Thos. W. Fry, 45, m, Physician, $4000, $1200, b Ky M. W. Fry, 44, f, b Ky Thos W. Fry Jr, 21, m, Lawyer, b Ky Julia R. Fry, 18, f, b IN, attended school William R. Fry, 16, m, b IN, attended school Lewis G. Fry, 10, m, b IN, attended school Lettitia R. Fry, 8, f, b IN, attended school Fanny Seymore, 35, f, B, Servant, b VA, cannot read or write William Garret, 22, m, medical student, b VA Samuel Lingiman, 23, m, student Wabash College, b IN, attended school William W. Seymore, m, M, b IN BIOGRAPHY: 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Tippecaone Co, Lafayette, Ward 4, IN, pg 20/21, dwel 447, fam 459 Fry, Thomas W., 55, m, Physician, $19,000, $9800, b Ky ", Mary W., 54, f, keeping house, b KY ", Lewis G., 21, m, clerk in store, b IN ", Julia F., 26, f, at home, b IN ", Walker J., 6, m, b IN ", William 3, m, b IN ", Jessie L., 23, f, b IL ", Thomas W., 2, m, b Minnesota ", Lydia R., 19, f, b IN Pine, Grace, 18, f, Servant, b IN BIOGRAPHY: Guardians' Docket, Montgomery Co, IN, 14 Aug 1846 Thomas W. Fry appointed guardian of: Maria Hawkins aged 17 years John Hawkins aged 15 years Frances Hawkins aged 14 years heirs of Eliza Hawkins deceases J. K. Fry surety BIOGRAPHY: 1840 Census, Montgomery Co, IN pg 813, Eliza J. Fry pg 813, Francis H. Fry Pg 805, T. W. Fry BIOGRAPHY: Lafayette Directory 1871-1872 Fry, Mrs. Jessie S, res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN Fry, Lew G, clerk, res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN Fry, Thomas W., physician, res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN Fry, William R, (Fry & Hilt), res Crawfordsville, IN 1873-1874 Fry, Mrs. Jessie, sewing machine operator, Wm H.H. Thomas, res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN Fry, Mrs J. S., res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN Fry, Lew G., res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN Fry, Thomas G., physician, res 148 N 9th St, Lafayette, IN DEATH: Death Record File Cards, Tippecanoe County Historical Association Library, Lafayette, IN Thomas W. Fry d 2/24/1873 b Mercer (Boyle) Co, KY d Lafayette, IN buried in lot 11,12, Springvale Cemetery, Lafayette, IN Removed to Crawfordsville BURIAL: Saturday Mercury 6-Nov-1875 5: 11 (burial) In Crawfordsville, IN Library on microfilm The remains of Dr. T. W. Fry were brought down from Layfayette last week and interred at Oak Hill cemetery. Many of our old readers will remember the Doctor in days gone by as the able editor of the Crawfordsville Journal. BURIAL: Oak Hill Cemetery File Records, Compiled May 1991 by Gwen Frees and Margaret Money, Genealogy Section of the Montgomery County Historical Society, V.2, pg 372 Fry, Mrs Maria W, Internment 13 Jan 1892, lot 82, sect 8, Day book RB, page 44 [RESmith - According to the informaition above, Dr. Thomas W. Fry is buried at Oak Hill cemetery in Crawfordsville, IN. I suspect that Dr. Thomas W. is buried adjacent to his wife. However, there is apparently no stone remaining. Additionally, since there is no listing of him or his wife in the on-line database "Cemeteries of Montgomery County" that contains readings of county tombstones dating from the early 1800s to 1981 (47,021 records) transcribed by Charles and Chere Humphreys (2001-2003) and available through the Crawfordsville District Public Library Local History Databases, I further suspect that there is no headstone remaining for Maria. Neither are listed in FindAGrave as of 22 Jan 2014.] BIOGRAPHY: In Crawfordsville, IN Library Crawfordsville Indiana Land Entries, 1820-1830 compiled by Janet C. Cowen. - Indianapolis: J.C. Cowen, c 1985, includes index taken from the Crawfordsville Land Office records in state archives RL 929.3 Cow Montgomery County, Indiana, original entry record book, dates 1821 and later Evansville, IN: Unigraphic, 1979, includes index RL 929.3 Mon Montgomery County, Indiana, wills and marriage records compiled by Mabel V. Shanklin, 1959-71, 3 vols. v. 1: marriages 1823-1837, wills 1823-1852 v. 2: marriages 1837-1847, wills 1852-1869 v. 3: marriages 1847-1852, wills 1868-1883 RL 929.3 Sha Deaths in Montgomery County, Indiana, 1830s+ compiled by Pauline Randel Walters, New Ross, IN, 1973 RL 929.3 Wal Early Montgomery Marriage Consents 1827-1920 May have one of the following or more: Certificate of marriage, Marriage Licenses, Application for Marriage Licenses RL 929.3 Ear Marriage Record Index of Montgomery County, Ind. 1823-1943, 2 vols. Name of bride, Name of groom, Date of Marriage, Book Number, Page Number All marriage certificates are at the courthouse in Micrographics Dept. NOTE: Always check our marriage consents and affadavits at the library. We have them from 1823-1915. RL 929.1 Mar
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