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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Jane Saunders: Birth: 1850 in Hastingsville, Columbiana, Oh. Death: 12 JUL 1940 in Palestine, Crawford, Ill

  2. Daniel Robbins Saunders: Birth: 1852 in Ohio. Death: 4 APR 1938 in Franklin, Johnson, In

  3. Peter Smith Saunders: Birth: MAY 1854 in Columbianna, Columbianna, Oh. Death: 1915 in Gunnison, Co

  4. Sarah Matilda Saunders: Birth: 29 JAN 1855 in Columbiana Co, Oh. Death: 17 NOV 1945 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Ok

  5. James Mervin Saunders: Birth: 1858 in Ohio. Death: 4 JUN 1930 in Franklin, Johnson, In

  6. Agnes Ann Saunders: Birth: 7 JUN 1861 in Ohio. Death: 30 APR 1953 in Franklin, Johnson, In

  7. Infant: Birth: 1866 in Indiana. Death: 1866 in died in infancy

  8. Infant: Birth: 1866 in Indiana. Death: 1866 in died in infancy

Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Ann Saunders: Birth: 23 MAY 1831 in England.

  2. Isabella Saunders: Birth: 15 MAY 1837 in Ohio.

  3. Harriet Saunders: Birth: 1839 in Ohio.

  4. William Henry Saunders: Birth: 1842 in Ohio.

  5. John Nicholas Saunders: Birth: 1844 in Ohio.

a. Note:   NI00129
Note:   This information was from the 1860 Census Report in Washington Twp. Salinesville, Ohio Mr Saunders was Postmaster at Hastingsville, Ohio but moved to Summitville, Ohio in 1852. I have an image source 1900 Census Place; Precinct 25, Teller, Colorado; Roll: T623 130; Page 7B Enumeration District:131 John Saunders, and his first wife, Isabella Baker were born in Cornwall, England, and with the daughter Mary Ann, came to the United States in 1832. For a short time, they lived in Pittsburgh, Penn., and then moved to Columbiana County, Ohio. There his first wife died, and he married Sarah Robbins Smith (widow). They had several children, and during the Civil War (while the family was living in Ohio, John joined the Army and went away. This was in 1861). He was discharged from the service of the United States, March 9, 1863 at Columbus, Ohio. His service record reports- he was 43 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, gray hair, and by occupation, when enrolled, a shoemaker. While he was in the Army, his wife Sarah, traded the farm in Ohio for more acreage in Brown County, Indiana, sight unseen. The soil was poor, and it was a hilly farm, and one would have has to have a pioneer trait to go into this territory. She moved her family to this spot and when the Civil War was over, he came to her to live in this hill country. She had her 7th child in 1866 and both she and the infant died. Then in 1869, he married Mary Pitcher, but she was not good to the little children, so they went into separate homes to live, to work, to act as apprentices, etc., and eventually they moved to Johnson County. The farm in Brown County, Indiana is now in the State Park of Brown County, Indiana. John is buried next to his 3rd wife, Mary (Pitcher) but at this time grave location is unknown. Source: Letter from Rachel Saunders Henry Dear Robert: I have been going through some boxes this week that contain a lot of genealogy and I ran across this information about Peter Saunders.He joined the Union Christian Church November 11, 1874. Matilda joined the same church November 9, 1874 and left April 9, 1893 when she married John Alexander. In 1877 she moved to Guthrie, Oklahoma. I also have a penny post card that Daniel Saunders sent to his sister, Agnes Saunders Records while he and John Alexander were ready and waiting to start on the Cherokee Strip Run. I think that was in 1913 but I am not sure. I know they didn't get any land but John liked Oklahoma so well he later moved there and settled there. Matilda was always sick and after Dan became a doctor he went out and stayed with them to get her well. He told her if she would just make the effort she could be well and do everything she wanted to do. To a certain extent she did, however she was always rather sickly and when she came here for a visit she spent most of her time lying down. Anna never married until after her mother died for she always took care of her, although she did work as a secretary. The other children all married. I remember Anna came to Franklin to visit in 1948 and stayed with Aunt Agnes. I visited them and invited Anna to come to the country with me and visit us. She died and that is however that is how we became so well acquainted. I had the three little childrren and Hermann was going to have a hog sale and all papers had to be filled out for pedigree charts and she typed them all. I appreciated that for with 3 little ones I was quite busy. Also in this church book I see Gertrude Flinn joined the church October 29, 1883 and then married Charles Caywood. He joined the church February 13, 1898. I grew up in this church and it is located in the country in Nineveh Township, Johnson County, Indiana. My parents and grandparents also belonged to that church. But when I married Hermann and we moved to his farm, I joined his church and have gone there ever since. Although I don't get there on Sundays much anymore for I don't get out much, only if I have to do so. I hope the above information will be of interest to add to your genealogy report. I think of you often. Rachel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.