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Marriage: Children:
  1. John H. Blackburn: Birth: 1858 in Missouri.

  2. Joseph H. Blackburn: Birth: 1861 in Yell Co, Ar. Death: BEF 1880

  3. Martha Ann Blackburn: Birth: 3 MAR 1861 in Yell Co, Ar. Death: 27 MAR 1934 in Ripley, Payne, Ok

  4. Elizabeth B. Blackburn: Birth: ABT 1864 in Yell Co, Ar.

  5. Alice J. Blackburn: Birth: 1867 in Arkansas.

  6. Susan T. Blackburn: Birth: MAY 1868 in Magazine, Yell, Ar.

  7. Liley E. Blackburn: Birth: 19 APR 1872 in Magazine, Yell, Ar.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Lucinda Jane Blackburn: Birth: 13 AUG 1842 in Dyer Co, Tn. Death: 4 JAN 1915 in Yell Co, Ar

  2. William H. Blackburn: Birth: 1844 in Tennessee. Death: BEF 1872 in Yell Co, Ar

  3. Catherine J.C. Blackburn: Birth: 1850 in Dyer Co, Tn. Death: 1872 in Yell Co, Ar

a. Note:   Note 3: The 1860 Federal Census for Benton Twp., Conway County, Arkansas, Dwelling #748 and Family #748, Enumerated July 18, 1860, lists John Blackburn, age 48, Farmer, born in Tennessee; Rebecca Blackburn, age 18, daughter, born in Tennessee; W. H. Blackburn, age 16, son, born in Tennessee; and Catherine J. Blackburn, age 10, daughter, born in TennesseeNote 1: The 05/04/1841 Tipton County, Tennessee marriage record states John C. Blackburn and Ardenia Reese. Note 2: The 1850 Federal Census Record, 9th District, Dyer County (by Churchton), Tennessee, Dwelling #688 and Family #688, Enumerated December 4, 1850, lists Jno. Blackbourn, age 30, Farmer, born in Tennessee; H(ardenia) Blackbourn, age 30, Wife, born in Tennessee; L. R. J. (Lucinda Rebecca Jane) Blackbourn, age 8, daughter, born in Tennessee; W(illiam) H. Blackbourn, age 6, son, born in Tennessee; and C. J. C. (Catherine J. C. �Hazentine� ) Blackbourn, age 5 months, daughter, born in Tennessee. Note 3: The 1860 Federal Census for Benton Twp., Quitman Post Office, Conway County, Arkansas, Dwelling #748 and Family #748, Enumerated July 18, 1860, lists John Blackborn, age 40, Single, Farmer, $435 in real property and $230 in personal property, born in Tennessee; Rebecca Blackborn, age 18, daughter, Cooking, born in Tennessee; W. H. Blackborn, age 16, son, born in Tennessee; and Catherine J. Blackborn, age 10, daughter, born in Tennessee. (The town of Quitman is currently in Cleburne County, northeast of Conway County. Cleburne County was the last county formed in Arkansas in 1883.) Note 4: Hardenia (Reece) Blackburn died sometime during the ten-year period between 1850 and 1860, most likely in Conway County, Arkansas. Note 5: There is a possibility (unproven) that Hardenia Reece�s parents were Murphy Reece and Rebecca Rowland. Murphy Reece was born about 1784 in Wake County, North Carolina, and died June 22, 1854 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, where he is buried in the Nashville City Cemetery. Rebecca Rowland was born about 1800 in North Carolina and died at an unknown date. Murphy and Rebecca were married May 11, 1814 in Wilson County, Tennessee. In the 1840 Federal Census Record for Shelby County, Tennessee, they were living next to Zebulon Blackburn and his family. In the 1860 Federal Census Record for Quitman Post Office, Conway County, Arkansas, John C. Blackburn and Hardenia Reece Blackburn were living close to Murphy Reece and family. (One of Murphy�s daughters named her daughter Hardena.) If this theory is correct, John C. Blackburn�s father may have been Zebulon Baird Blackburn, who was born December 15, 1793 in Wilkes County, North Carolina and died December 12, 1863 in Livingston County, Kentucky. Zebulon was married to Lois Asher, who was born November 6, 1792 in possibly Kentucky and died February 5, 1864 in Livingston County, Kentuck Note 6: Revised directions to Ben Cemetery and notes courtesy of Liz Kincheloe: �Take Hwy 27 from Dardanelle and turn left at the Ranger Baptist Church. Go about one-eighth of a mile and on the right side of the road there will be a road to a chicken farm. Follow that road past a house and behind the chicken houses to the top of the hill where the fenced cemetery is located behind a gate. I visited in November of 2001, and the blackberry canes, leaves, poison ivy, poison oak, fallen tree limbs, plus it is on a hill and the grave markers are sliding, etc., leads me to believe this is a cemetery that will not be here much longer.� Documentation: Provided by Blackburn Researcher Cornelia Daniels in Dardanelle, Arkansas; RootsWeb Researchers; Family Search Ancestry History File; Tipton County, Tennessee Marriage Records 1840-1841; Yell County Cemetery Records, and Federal Census Records. Descendants of John C. Blackburn and Hardenia Reece: (1) Daughter:Lucinda Rebecca Jane Blackburn Birth 08/13/1842 in Dyer Co., TN (See Description Following) (2) Son:William H. Blackburn Birth 1844 in TN (See Description Following) (3) Daughter:Catherine J. T. �Hazentine� Blackburn Birth: 1850 in TN (See Description Following) Information on John C Blackburn and Sarah A. family and descendants, provided by Diane Stearns. Thank you>R.M. Text from the Dardanelle Independent Arkansian, dated January 4, 1878: ?Notice is hereby given that I will make application at the next January term of the Yell Probate Court, for an order to sell the following described land, belonging to the estate of John C. Blackburn, deceased, lying in Yell County, Arkansas, to wit: Part Southeast of Southeast of Section 1, and Northeast of Section 12 in Township 5 North, Range 22 West, subject to widow?s rights for the purpose of paying the debts allowed and claimed against said estate.? A. J. Dyer, Administrator of Estate of J. C. Blackburn, deceased. December 20th, 1877, pg. 3, col. 5. The major portion of this property is now part of the John W. Thomas farm southeast of Ranger in Yell County. To locate the land, turn east off Highway 27 just past Prairie Creek onto Highway 154 and continue past Chickalah Creek. Mr. Thomas has a bow hunting shop on the north side of Highway 154 and the old Blackburn farm is directly south of the highway across from the shop. Although you cannot see the farm from the highway, there may still be an old access road. We have an abstract of title that Mr. Thomas allowed us to copy which traces the ownership back to 1860, when John C. Blackburn purchased the land for $4,000.00 with a mortgage provided by Peter Goodman. Another portion of the Blackburn farm at the southern end is now owned by the Arkansas Game & Fish Dept. After John C. Blackburn died in February of 1872, Sallie married Joseph C. Pickens, age 73, Widower, on October 1, 1878, in Yell County, Arkansas. Marriage Record - J. C. Pickens, 72, to Mrs. Sarah Blackburn, 40, both of Yell Co., 1 Oct. 1878, by John M. Pendergrass, M.G., Book B., Page 448, recorded at the Danville, Arkansas Courthouse. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. 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