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  1. Thomas Doig: Birth: ABT 1585 in Of Monifieth, Angus, Scotland.

  2. Robert Doig: Birth: ABT 1590 in Of Monifieth, Angus, Scotland.

  3. David Doig: Birth: ABT 1595 in Of Monifieth, Angus, Scotland. Death: 1658/1659 in Mains of Downie, Monikie, Angus, Scotland

  4. John Doig: Birth: ABT 1598 in Of Monifieth, Angus, Scotland.

  5. Henry (Henrie) Doig: Birth: ABT 1600 in Of Monifieth, Angus, Scotland. Death: 8 Jun 1678 in Monifieth, Angus, Scotland

  6. James Doig: Birth: ABT 1604 in Of Monifieth, Angus, Scotland.

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