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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Sanders: Birth: 22 Mar 1772 in Virginia. Death: 16 Mar 1856 in Claiborne County, Tennessee

  2. William "Henry" Sanders: Birth: 10 Apr 1776 in Newberry District (was 96th District), South Carolina. Death: 27 Mar 1872 in China Grove, Pike County, Alabama

  3. Malachi Madison Sanders: Birth: 1785 in South Carolina. Death: 5 Dec 1873 in Twiggs County, Georgia

  4. Richard Sanders: Birth: 1785. Death: Abt 1850 in Ashe County, North Carolina

a. Note:   A check of 1790 census shows 13 William or Wm Sanders and one William Saunders in NC. NC CARTERET NEWBERN DIST NC CASWELL RICHMOND DIST NC CASWELL RICHMOND DIST NC CHATHAM HILLSBOROUGH NC EDGECOMBE HALIFAX DIST NC FRANKLIN HALIFAX DIST NC HERTFORD EDENTON DIST NC HYDE NEWBERN DIST NC JOHNSTON NEWBERN DIST NC WAYNE NEWBERN DIST NC WILKES MORGAN DIST NC WILKES MORGAN DIST NC [Jr] WILKES MORGAN DIST Saunders NC PERQUIMANS EDENTON DIST And four for SC and two Saunders for 1790 SC CLAREMONT NO TWP LISTED SC RICHLAND NO TWP LISTED SC RICHLAND NO TWP LISTED SC SPARTANBURG NO TWP LISTED Saunders SC CHESTER NO TWP LISTED SC ORANGEBURG NORTH NO TWP LISTED There was a William Sanders Sr. in Chatham Co, GA in 1793. Malachi Madison Sanders should be a proven relative of William Henry Sanders via DNA Testing and paper trail: 35/37 and 24/25 markers [despite being a mismatch up front 11/12] and has a good paper trail, i.e. neighbor to William Henry Sanders and they went to same church. William Henry Sanders named a son Madison. See website on Malachi's family at: See Sanders/Saunders DNA Results [Group Eight = lime green] at: It also appears Richard [35/37] and John [35/37] are 25/25 exact DNA matches also, but they have no known paper trail, to date. But, normally, a relation within the 1700s should be at least a 36/37 match. Perhaps they only relate closely back 700 years or so. ======================================================================================== The timeframe of direct relation with common surname/ancestor according to 50% that 35/37 matches cross paths at 180 years back. year c1860 90% that 35/37 matches cross paths at 360 years back. year c1650 95% that 35/37 matches cross paths at 420 years back. year c1490 The point - we are some point.... ========================================================================================= Note from Angela Weaver: The will of a William Sanders, Warren County Georgia, dated April 10, 1797, leaves all of his possessions to his son, Henry Sanders. It is possible this William Sanders is the father of our William "Henry" Sanders. Need to research this more. Found on the Internet: Land Deeds: Moses Going "of Wilkes County" [Georgia] received a sheriff's deed to land sold as property of William Sanders March 7, 1799, according to Warren County [Georgia] Deed Book A, page 632. Pages 632-633: March 7, 1799, LEWIS WRIGHT, Sheriff of Warren Co. to MOSES GOING, whereas HENRY CANDLER & MOSES GOING each obtained a judgment in Inferior Court against WILLIAM SANDERS, 352 acres, the greater part of a grant to IGNATIUS FEW, June 18, 1793, adj. WOOTEN, WILLIAM, ALEXANDER…..LEWIS WRIGHT (SEAL). Wit: ANDERSON BERRY, JNO. MCMURRAIN (X). Rec. May 5, 1800. Another researcher is pointing to a James Sanders, as follows below, but this cannot be correct because there is a bible extract [attached to this record for reference only] for this family and doesn't match our DNA findings.: 29 NOV 1802, Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Among the buyers at the sale of the estate of James SANDERS, [JR], deceased, were Abraham Rowden, Abel Gawens [?], Anthony Williams, Allen Bridges, Allen Leeper, Burrel Williams, Bozman Adair, BRITTON SANDERS, Charles SIMS [or MIMS~?],Charity Ward, Charles Sorrel, David Beaty, FRANK DANIEL, George Hampton, Gabriel Lewis, HENRY STRICKLAND, James SANDERS, JOHN N. ANDERSON, John Gossett, JAMES REYNOLDS, JESSE SMITH, Jonathan GUNNALS [Gunnels], JESSE GREEN, JONATHAN SANDERS, Ludwick Thornberry, Levi Phillips, NATHAN SPARKS, NANCY HOLMAN, Stephen Young, SARAH SANDERS, PETER SMITH, ROBERT LANKFORD, THOMAS SMITH, THOMAS MOORE, WILLIAM SANDERS, William THOMPSON, WIlliam Gilbert, WILLIAM SORREL (flaxseed and tooth drawers), William Hitchcock, and others. Total of $2,677.64 1/4 worth was sold from the estate. Recorded 15 JUL 1803. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.