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a. Note:   Other Spouses Sylvia Rose NICHOLLS bef 1915 World War I Nominal Roll #4470 Sgt. PRATT Victor Alfred; A. Pay. Corps.; 22.2.1915-R.T.A. 6.7.1919. Source: Who's Who in Australia 1921-1950: 1935 p386: PRATT, Victor Alfred, A.I.C.A. (New Guinea); son of Alfred J. Pratt, of Middle Brighton, Melb.; b June 9 1891 Bairnsdale, Vic.; was bank manager, State Savings Bank, Melb., auditor and accountant; planter at Rabaul since 1926; Member Legis. Council of New Guinea since 1933; Pres R.S.S.I.L.A. Camberwell, Vic. Branch; 1926 New Guinea State Branch 1928; Pres Planters' Assoc of New Guinea 1929; Member Native Trading Bd. of Enquiry, New Guinea 1933; m 1915, 1 s. recreation: golf; address Tobera Plantation, Rabaul. MONTEVIDEO MARU: On 7.30 Report, 6th October 2003, the ABC (Australia) discussed the story of one Japanese survivor of the ship 'Montevideo Maru', as recently published in "Japanese Merchant Ships at War" by H. Noma. On this programme, no-one represented the pre-WWII European community of the Mandated Territory of New Guinea. This was a community destroyed by the Fall of Rabaul, and the subsequent loss of most of its men. Were some on the 'Montevideo Maru'? Many children of that community are still waiting for answers to the tragedy. Now here, on this site, a few survivors of that community - and military garrison - speak about the 'Montevideo Maru' through primary source material that Anne collected mainly in the 1970s. "The name 'Andy Baird', cousin of Francie King, was to appear in a list given to the District Officer, Rabaul, and then passed on to New Guinea Headquarters, by the New Guinean Siribi of Lawo, Madang District. Baird and 30 other men were reported having been hiding for a short time with Vic Pratt and a few other Australian civilians on Pratt's plantation, Tobera, outside Kokopo. The Pratt story contains much to question. Victor Pratt and at least two other Europeans, A. A. Smith and W.R. Huntley were hiding from the Japanese for some months behind Kokopo. Huntley with other Europeans was seen by Dr. J. Schuy about the 31st July 42 passing Kokopo in a truck, captive of the Japanese. Dr, Schuy was later told Pratt and Smith were two of the other Europeans he had seen with Huntley. Father W. O'Connell arrived at the Rabaul Internment Camp on 31 August 1942. He stated: Fr. Neuhaus told me that two days before my arrival in Rabaul a party of six New Guinea residents had been moved from the Camp without their gear and had not returned. Later in the day the Japs had ordered the collection of their gear which, afterwards, Frs. Neuhaus and Hemig believed they saw buried.- I am not certain of the names of the six but know they were captured behind Kokopo about the end of 3 July 42. 1 think the names of three were Pratt, Huntley and Smith. Some of the Pratt papers, but not his manuscript WAR FUGITIVES IN NEW-BRITAIN JUNGLE were forwarded from HQ ANGAU Lae, to the 1st Adv. 2nd Echelon Army Headquarters....." SOLDIERS of LARK FORCE and CIVILIANS COMMEMORATING those who Served; Who Died and those who Escaped from NEW BRITAIN - 1942. Here is a Nominal Roll of ALL Civilians who where captured in and around Rabaul and where either Executed by the Japanese or Lost their lives on the Montevideo Maru which was torpedoed by a US Submarine on the morning of Wednesday, 1 July 1942. 184. PRATT, Victor Alfred; Tobera Plantation, New Britain; Executed by Beheading; Saturday, 29 Aug 1942; Aged 51. (Served World War 1; Regt No: 4470; 23rd Infantry Battalion) > Title > Internees - Australian abroad, Far East. Victor Alfred PRATT - enquiry G. > WHYTE, JUST & MOORE. > Series number: A1067 > Control symbol: IC46/55/2/7 > Contents date range: 1946 - 1946 > Access status: Open Location: National Office > Barcode no: 192497 > > Title > Pratt, Victor Alfred [0.25cm] > Series number: A1379 > Control symbol: EPJ1199 > Contents date range: 1942 - 1946 > Access status: Not yet examined > Location: National Office > Barcode no: 1574495 Primary description of item 479793 Title [War Crimes and Trials - Investigation of Atrocities:] Missing and deceased personnel: VA Pratt - Tobera Plantation, Kokopo, WR Huntley, Public Servant (extracts from Huntley's diary) Barcode 479793 Series number AWM54 Series accession number AWM54 Control symbol 1010/9/46 Contents date range 1942 - 1945 Extent Location Australian War Memorial Access status Open Reason for restriction Date of decision 22 Mar 1979 Source: National Archives Canberra re Victor Alfred Pratt <> is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.