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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Swett: Birth: ABT 1668 in Southwarke, Surry, Virginia. Death: 15 JUL 1696 in Southwarke, Surry, Virginia

  2. Margaret Swett: Birth: ABT 1673 in Southwarke, Surry, Virginia.

  3. William Swett: Birth: ABT 1676 in Southwarke, Surry, Virginia. Death: 1753-1755 in Southampton County, Virginia

  4. Eve Swett: Birth: ABT 1678 in Southwarke, Surry, Virginia.

1. Text:   Court records

a. Note:   N2 Mulatto born free. William Sweat, born about 1642, was about twenty-five years old on 3 March 1667/8 when he made a deposition in Surry County court about two horses which belonged to his master, Thomas Binns. He testified that he had seen one of these horses at James City while travelling with Captain John Groves. He claimed payment in court in March 1671 for looking after Susan Robinson's horses [Haun, Surry Court Records II:305; III:2]. He was taxable in Francis Mason's Surry County household in Lower Chipoakes, Lawnes Creek Parish, in 1674 and 1675, taxable from 1680 to 1684 in Thomas Binns' household, and taxable in his own household from 1685 to 1703: with (his son?) Robert Sweat in 1694 and with (his son?) William, Jr., in Southwarke Parish from 1698 to 1703 [Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, vol. 22, no.2, 43, 47; no.4, 49, 51, 56; vol.23, no.1, 42, 49; no.2, 61, 64; no.3, 56, 60, 65; no.4, 64, 69; DW 5:289]. He was not listed from 1676 to 1679, perhaps one of seven unnamed "Negroes" listed with Thomas Binns in Francis Mason's household in 1677 and one of five unnamed "Negroes" in Thomas Binns' household in 1679 [Magazine of Virginia Genealogy, vol.22, no.3, 59, 66]. His wife was probably Margaret Swett who made a claim for wages of 375 pounds of tobacco against the estate of John Whitson on 6 May 1679. This claim was granted to William Swett on 5 September 1679. He was granted 842 pounds of tobacco as judgment in a suit against John Phillips, Jr., on 5 January 1685/6, granted 365 pounds of tobacco in his suit against Thomas Binns on 2 March 1685/6, granted 415 pounds of tobacco in his suit against the estate of Joseph Malden on 5 January 1688/9, and granted a cow and a calf in his suit against Thomas Deerhim on 7 November 1691. He was ordered to pay Robert Caufield 772 pounds of tobacco in December 1687 and 1,131 pounds of tobacco on 5 July 1692. In July 1694 the Surry court ruled that his unnamed, free born "Mallatto" daughter was not tithable. In September 1696 he and Anthony Cornish were security for Margaret Sweat's administration on the estate of Robert Sweat. In December 1711 he was exempted from payment of public tax because of old age [Haun, Surry Court Records, III: 250, 278; IV:504, 510, 691; V:15; IV:589; V:43, 108, 168; VI:176]. (Source: Paul Heinegg, Free African Americans of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Delaware) [Surry County was formed in 1652 from the part of James City County south of the James River. ] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.