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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Ann Hodges: Birth: 8 DEC 1809 in Mercer County, Kentucky. Death: 1 SEP 1891 in Jackson County, Iowa

  2. William M. Hodges: Birth: 3 JUL 1813. Death: 8 SEP 1863 in Des Moines County, Iowa

  3. James Mortimer Hodges: Birth: ABT 1814. Death: 1837

  4. Adaline P. Hodges: Birth: 1816.

  5. Leonidas John Hodges: Birth: ABT 1818 in Wayne County, Indiana. Death: 23 APR 1887 in Independence, Iowa

  6. Gelon Jesse Hodges: Birth: ABT 1821. Death: 8 FEB 1863 in Helena, Phillips, Arkansas

  7. Elizabeth J. Hodges: Birth: ABT 1824.

  8. Sarah P. Hodges: Birth: ABT 1827.

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1. Title:   Flavia Hodges
Author:   Flavia (Curtis) Hodges

a. Note:   [fromFlaviahodges.FTW] We visited the Shelby County Courthouse in Shelbyville, Indiana. They have an enormous amount of old county records, but the books are very large and somewhat fragile. No photocopying is allowed, and we didn't have time to copy things in long hand. Records are in the basement. Probate Order Book C 1842-47 - Page 69, reads in part: Gelon J. Hodges, Administrator of the Estate of Benjamin Hodges:: Be it remembered that on the 10th day of June, 1843........the goods and chattels, rights, credits, monies and effects of Benjamin Hodges, deceased, late of Shelby County in the State of Indiana.....Administrator authorized to sell at public or private as he may think most to the interest of the estate, the said land.......... The west half of the southeast quarter of Section 36 in Township Fifteen, Range 4 east in Marion County, Indiana. Same book, Page 567, January Term 1853: Now comes Administrator - Final settlement, Public Notice of pending settlement.. .....ordered Final. Probate Order Book l, January 1853 - December 1855 These books are easy to locate, difficult to handle. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.