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Aba Bava //: Birth: Abt 780 in Tours, Ingre-et-Loire, France.
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Abgar V //: Birth: 0025 B.C. in Northern Mesopotamia. Death: 0050
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Abraham //: Birth: 2051 B.C. in Haran, Padan-Aram. Death: 1876 B.C. in Qiryath Arba, Hebron, Canaan
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Achiulf (Orduuf) //: Birth: Abt 265.
Ada de Roucy //: Birth: Abt 1054 in Roucy, Aisne, France.
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Ada of Amiens //: Birth: 1006 in Amiens, France. Death: Mar 1066
Adalard of Paris //: Birth: Abt 830. Death: 890
Adalbert //: Birth: Abt 855 in Toscana, Tuscany, Italy.
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Adalbert I //: Birth: Abt 915-917. Death: 9 Sep 988
Adalbert II //: Birth: Abt 940 in Lombardy, Italy. Death: Abt 970
Adam //: Birth: 4000 B.C. in Garden of Eden. Death: Abt 3070 B.C. in near Havilah, along the border of Babylonia
Adela Ela of Ponthieu //: Birth: Abt 1095 in Dijon, Cote-d'Or, Bourgogne, France. Death: 28 Feb 1142 in Alencon, Normandy, France
Adela of Normandy //: Birth: Abt 1062 in Ch�teau de Falaise, Falaise, Normandy, France. Death: 8 Mar 1136 in Marcigney Cluniac Priory, Marcigny-Sur-Loire, France - a Nun at Cluniac Priory
Adela of Orthen //: Birth: Abt 1030 in France. Death: 1113
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Adelaide //: Birth: Abt 970 in Alsace, France. Death: 19 May 1040 in Germany
Adelaide //: Birth: Abt 925 in Bourgogne, France. Death: 17 Dec 999 in Selz, Alsace, France
Adelaide //: Birth: 930 in Montreuil-Bellay, Anjou, Maine, France. Death: 23 Mar 963
Adelaide //: Birth: Abt 850 in Bourgogne, France.
Adelaide //: Birth: Abt 846 in Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France. Death: in Poitiers, Vienne, France
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Adelaide de Angers //: Birth: 5 Aug 1102 in Winchester, England. Death: 10 Sep 1169 in Notre Dame, Rouen, Seine-Maritimen, Normandy, France
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Adelaide of Aquitaine //: Birth: 952 in Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France. Death: 15 Jun 1006 in Lot-et-Garonne, Aquitaine, France
Adelaide of Auvergne //: Birth: 867 in Auvergne, France.
Adelaide of Burgundy //: Birth: Abt 1233. Death: 23 Oct 1273
Adelaide of Maurienne //: Birth: Abt 1092 in Haute-Savoie, France. Death: 18 Nov 1154 in Abbey of Montmartre, Montmartre, Paris, France
Adelaide of Mochental //: Birth: Abt 1086 in Schelklingen, Donaukreis, Wurtnemberg, Germany. Death: 1 Dec 1125
Adelaide of Paris //: Birth: Abt 850 in Paris, Seine, France. Death: 10 Nov 901 in Laon, Aisne, Picardy France
Adelaide of Rouergue //: Birth: 929 in Rouergue, France. Death: 1011 in Carcassonne, Aude, France
Adelaide of Susa //: Birth: Abt 931 in Alsace, France. Death: 16 Dec 999 in Selz, Alsace, France
Adelaide of Vermandois //: Birth: Abt 950 in Vermandois, Normandy, France. Death: Abt 977
Adelaide the White //: Birth: Abt 955 in Poznan, Poland. Death: Abt 997
Adelbert //: Birth: Abt 675 in Alsace, Lorraine, France. Death: 5 Dec 741 in France
Adele //: Birth: 1020 in Picquigny, Picardy, France.
Adele //: Birth: Abt 929 in Hainault, Belgium.
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Adele of France //: Birth: Abt 887 in Vermandois, Normandy, France. Death: Aft 931 in Roches, France
Adele of Valois //: Birth: Abt 1032 in Valois, Bretagne, France. Death: Abt 1080 in Vermandois, Normandy, France
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Adelheid //: Birth: 955 in Saxony, Germany. Death: 7 Dec 983
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Adelheid of Wulflingen //: Birth: 980. Death: Bef 1065
Adelheid von Rheinfelden //: Birth: 1067 in Rheinfelden, Schwaben, Germany, Medieval States. Death: 1090
Adelina Adelaide of Holland //: Birth: Abt 990 in Gand, Flandre Oriental, Belgium. Death: Abt 1045
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Adeline of Meulan //: Birth: Abt 1014-1020 in Melun, Ile-de-France, France. Death: 8 Apr 1081 in Pont-Audemer, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France
Adeliza of Louvain //: Birth: Abt 1103 in Louvain, Brabant, Flanders, Belgium. Death: 9 Apr 1151 in Affligem Nunnery, Affligem, Brabant, Flanders, Belgium
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Adils "Athils" Ottarsson //: Birth: Abt 572 in Uppsala, Sweden.
Adnach mac Art //: Birth: Abt 320 in Ancient Ireland.
Adolph I of Cleves //: Birth: 2 Aug 1373. Death: 23 Sep 1448
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Adrian Matfrid //: Birth: Abt 765 in Wormsgau, France. Death: 15 Jan 823 in Orl�ans, France
Adulph Braci //: Birth: Abt 1137 in Shropshire County, England.
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Ad�le of Champagne //: Birth: Abt 1140. Death: 4 Jun 1206
Aed "find the white" //: Birth: in Ancient Ireland. Death: 778
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Aed Finliath of the Cen�l nE�gain //: Death: 20 Nov 879 in Druim Inasclainn, County Westmeath, Ireland
Aeda //: Birth: 740 in Medieval Germany.
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Aedhan (Edhan) the Treacherous mac Gabhran //: Birth: Abt 528 in Area the River Forth, Dalriada, Scotland. Death: 17 Apr 608 in Kilkerran, Scotland
Aefgifu //: Birth: 962 in Ossery, Orkney Isles, Scotland. Death: Abt 1030 in Somme, Picardie, France
Aefrid II //: Birth: Abt 860 in Carcassonne, Aude, France. Death: 935
Aegidius //: Birth: in Gaul, Gallo-Roman France. Death: 465 in Soissons, Gaul, Gallo-Roman France
Aelfgar //: Birth: Abt 1002 in Mercia, England. Death: 1059 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England
Aelfgifu //: Birth: Abt 900 in Wessex, England. Death: 25 Aug 968 in Wessex, England
Aelflaed of Wiltshire //: Birth: Abt 878 in Wessex, England. Death: 920 in England
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Aelfwyn //: Birth: 905 in Mercia, England.
Aelgifu Eadgifu //: Birth: Abt 904 in Wessex, England. Death: Abt 951
Aelia Eudoxia //: Birth: Abt 380 in Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Turkey. Death: 6 Oct 404
Aelia Eudoxia //: Birth: 401 in Franks. Death: 460
Aelia Flavia Flaccilla //: Birth: Abt 345 in Cibalis Pannonia, Roman Empire. Death: 386
Aelia Galla Placida //: Birth: 390 in Cauca, Spain. Death: 27 Nov 450 in Roman Empire
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Aenghus (Oengus) Finn //: Birth: Abt 215 in Ulidia (Ulster), Ireland. Death: 262 in Battle of Crionna Fregabhail
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Aesc //: Birth: 460 in Kent County, England. Death: 512
Aesceda Rognvaldsdottir //: Birth: Abt 810 in Norway. Death: 880
Aethelbert I //: Birth: Abt 560 in Kent County, England. Death: 24 Feb 616
Aethelbert II //: Birth: Abt 700 in Kent County, England. Death: 762
Aethelflaed //: Birth: Abt 930 in Wessex, England.
Aethelfrith //: Birth: Abt 875 in Wessex, England.
Aethelgifu of Wessex //: Birth: Abt 905 in Wessex, England.
Aethelglyth //: Birth: Abt 860 in Risborough, England.
Aethelhelm //: Birth: in England. Death: Abt 898
Aethelmaer Cild 'the Great' //: Death: Abt 1016 in Sussex, England

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