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Note:   Old Churches Ministers, and Families of Virginia Article LXXIV Although the roads were in their worst condition, much rain having fallen , he had in two short days walked from Alexandria to my house, about sixt y miles. Carrying him with me to the Old Chapel the next day, we met wit h Mr. Beverley Whiting and his sister, Miss Betsy, from Jefferson county , who had, as they and others near them afterward did, come about fiftee n miles to church through bad roads. Into their hands I consigned Mr. Allen, on a horse which I had lent him . In just two weeks he returned in high spirits. He had itinerated throug h the whole of Jefferson and Berkeley counties, found out all the princip al families who were still attached to the Church, established at least t welve places for service, and received a kind invitation from Mr. Whitin g and his sister to bring his little family to their house and make i t a home for the present. To Alexandria he immediately returned, where his wife and infant were, an d without delay, in a spell of bitter cold weather in the month of Januar y, brought them up in a road-wagon of Mr. Whiting's, on its return from A lexandria, to which it had carried a load of flour. Mr. Whiting's was his home for a considerable time,--for years indeed; an d even after a parsonage was provided his visits to that abode of hospita lity were frequent and long. From this time until the year 1821, with fee ble health, the pressure of debt upon him, a growing family, he perhaps r ode as great a distance, preached as often, studied his Bible as much, an d prepared as many things for the press, as any man of his day. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.