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  1. Henry Whiting: Birth: 1688 in Elmington, Gloucester County, Virginia. Death: 14 Nov 1744 in Elmington, Gloucester County, Virginia

  2. Catherine Whiting: Birth: 22 May 1694 in Elmington, Gloucester County, Virginia. Death: 7 Feb 1743 in "Highgate" Gloucester County, Virginia

a. Note:   NI3366
Note:   Henry Whiting of Gloucester county, was probably a son of the James Whiting, who patented 250 acres of land on York river and Timberneck creek, Gloucester, on Aug. 10, 1643. Henry Whiting was a physician and in 1681 was a justice of Gloucester. He seems to have been a sufferer at the hands of Bacon's rebels, but a few years later was treated as a rebel himself and accused before Gov. Culpeper and the council of having said in the assembly that if something were not done to bring about a cessation of tobacco planting the Virginians would have to "all go a plundering." Whiting was suspended from all offices, civil or military, until the King 's pleasure were known, and obliged to give bond for his future good behavior. His political sympathies are borne witness to by the fact that in 1682 he was one of Robert Beverley's bondsmen. Dr. Whiting did not remain long in disfavor, however, for sometime prior to Oct. 9, 1690, he was appointed to the council, and was present at meetings in 1692 and 1693. On July 5 of the same year he was appointed treasurer of Virginia, but did not hold the office more than a few months. His descendants are numerous. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography Volume I III--Colonial Councillors of State is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.