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Conrad the Peaceful : Birth: Abt 925 in Arles, Bouche-Du-Rhones, Provence, France. Death: 19 Oct 993 in Regensburg, Germany
Conrad the Red : Birth: Abt 922. Death: 10 Aug 955
Conradin Conrad the Younger : Birth: 25 Mar 1252 in Wolfstein Castle near Landshut, Bavaria, Holy Roman Empire. Death: 29 Oct 1268 in Naples, Kingdom of Sicily
Constance : Birth: Abt 1128 in England. Death: in Beaumont, Maine, France
Constance of Antioch : Birth: 1127. Death: 1163
Constance of Castile : Birth: 1353 in Burgos, Spain. Death: 24 Mar 1394 in Leicester Castle, Leicestershire, England
Constance of Normandy : Birth: Abt 1057 in Normandy, France. Death: 13 Aug 1090
Constance of Penthi vre : Birth: 12 Jun 1161. Death: 5 Sep 1201 in Nantes, Brittany, France
Constance of Sicily : Birth: 2 Nov 1154. Death: 27 Nov 1198
Constance of Sicily : Birth: 1249. Death: 9 Apr 1302
Constantina of Rome : Birth: Abt 281 in Eboracum, England.
Constantine : Birth: Abt 786 in Adrianople, Turkey.
Constantine ap Judon : Birth: Abt 750 in Cornouailles, Bretagne, France.
Constantine I "the Great" : Birth: 27 Feb 287 in Naissus In Dacia. Death: 22 May 337 in Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Turkey
Constantine I of Armenia : Birth: c. 1100/1102/1103. Death: in Vahka Castle, near Feke, Turkey
Constantine II : Birth: Feb 317 in Atles, Italy. Death: in Aquilea, Italy
Constantine VII : Birth: Abt 906 in Constantinople, Byzantine Empire, Turkey. Death: 9 Nov 959
Constantius Chlorus : Birth: 250 in Eboracum, England. Death: 25 Jul 306 in Eboracum, England
Constantius III : Birth: Abt 360 in Atles, Italy. Death: 2 Sep 421 in Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Executed
Constant n mac Cin eda : Birth: Abt 836 in Inverdoval, Fife, Scotland. Death: 877 in Black Cove, Angus, Scotland in battle with the Danes
Constanza Alf nsez : Birth: 1141 in Zamora, Leon, Spain. Death: 4 Oct 1160
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Cormac mac Ailill mac Dunlainge : Birth: Abt 475 in Leinster, Ireland. Death: 535
Cormac mac Cuilennan : Birth: 836 in Deisi Mumhan (Munster), County Waterford, Ireland. Death: 918-920
Cormac mac Cuilenn in : Birth: in Munster, Ireland. Death: 908
Cormac Ua Morda : Birth: Abt 515 in Ireland.
Cormac Ulfada mac Art : Birth: in Tara, Midi (Meath), Ireland. Death: 266 in House of Claitech, Boyne River, County Meath, Ireland
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Creoda : Birth: 525 in Wessex, England. Death: 560
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Crimthann-Niadh-Nar : Birth: in Ancient Ireland. Death: 0009 B.C. in Dun-Crimthann, Bin Edar, Ireland
Crinan "the Thane" of Dunkeld : Birth: Abt 975 in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland. Death: 1045 in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland - Defeated & Killed by Macbeth
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Cruaich mac Dulge : Birth: Abt 310 in Ui Labrada, Laigan (Leinster), Ireland.
Cruind Ba Drui mac Echdach : Birth: Abt 340 in Ulaid (Ulster), Ireland.
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Person Not Viewable
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Cuilennan (Melaghlin) mac Ruadrach : Birth: Abt 810 in Deisi Mumhan (Munster), County Waterford, Ireland.
Cunedda 'Wledig' ap Edern "the Imperator" : Birth: 380 in Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Death: 460
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Cunigunde of Swabia : Birth: Abt 880 in Bavaria, Germany.
Cuthwine : Birth: 564 in Wessex, England. Death: 584 in Slain in Battle
Cuthwulf : Birth: 593 in Wessex, England.
Cwch ap Cychwein : Birth: 365 in Wales.
Cychwein : Birth: 335 in Wales.
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Cynan "Feiniad" ap Gwaethfoed : Birth: Abt 970 in Wales.
Cynan ab Iago : Birth: Abt 1060 in Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales.
Cynegth : Birth: Abt 675 in Kent County, England.
Cynfyn Brenin ap Gwerystan : Birth: Abt 975 in Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales.
Cyngan : Birth: Abt 870.
Person Not Viewable
Cynric : Birth: in Wessex, England. Death: 560
Cynwal ap Frwdwr : Birth: 400.
Person Not Viewable
Cyrid of Sweden : Birth: Abt 923 in Sweden. Death: Abt 974 in Arques, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France
Dafydd "Gam" ap Llewellyn : Birth: 1351 in Peutun Llan Ddew, Breconshire, Wales. Death: 25 Oct 1415 in the Battle of Agincourt, Pas de Cal�is, France
Dagobert II Merovingian : Birth: 679. Death: in Metz, Austrasia, France
Dagobert III : Birth: Abt 687 in Roches, France. Death: 19 Jan 715
Dardanus : Birth: in Eygpt and from Crete, Greece, Samothrace in the Aegean. Death: 1449 B.C. in Dardania at the foot of Mount Ida
Dareca of Ireland : Birth: 310 in Ireland.
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Daughter of Aubert de Cambrai : Birth: Abt 775 in Cambrai, Italy.
Daughter of Chrodobertus : Birth: Abt 675 in Istria Yugoslavia. Death: in Tr�ves-Trier, Germany
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Person Not Viewable
Daughter of David I : Birth: 1175 in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Daughter of Geraint, King of Strathclyde : Birth: 487.
Daughter of Girom : Birth: Abt 508.
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Daughter of Gozelin, Vicomte of Rouen : Birth: 975 in Roches, France.
Daughter of Hunroch : Birth: Abt 810 in Friuli, Lombard Province, Italy.
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Daughter of Kumania : Birth: Abt 935 in Cumania, Hungary.
Daughter of Leutharius & Gerberge : Birth: Abt 580 in Moselle, Lorraine, France.
Daughter of Liutold : Birth: Abt 832 in Frankish Hessengau.
Person Not Viewable
Daughter of Mercia : Birth: Abt 995 in Mercia, England.
Person Not Viewable
Daughter of Osbert Giffard : Birth: Abt 1057 in Longueville-sur-Scie, Seine-Inferieure, Normandy, France.
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Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Daughter of Tallwch ap Cwch : Birth: 425 in Wales.
Daughter of the Thuringia : Birth: Abt 520 in Thuringia, Germany.
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Daughter of Uchtred de Molle : Birth: Abt 1080 in Carrick, Ayr, Scotland.
Daughter of Walarawan : Birth: Abt 390.
Daughter of Walia : Birth: 410 in Toledo, Castile, Spain.

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