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Frances Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1868.
Frank M. Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1862.
Jennie Frances Rogers: Birth: 1866.
Joseph Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1832. Death: Deceased
Mathias Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1705.
Nathan Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1869. Death: Deceased
Peter F. Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1838. Death: Deceased
Sarah Rogers: Birth: 23 NOV 1857 in Lockport , N. Y.. Death: Deceased
Theodore Rogers: Birth: 1855.
Virginia B. Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1864.
Warren Rogers: Birth: ABT. 1857.
Elizabeth Rohletter: Birth: ABT. 1865. Death: Deceased
Anna Maria Rohrer: Birth: ABT. 1767. Death: ABT. 1816
John Rohrer: Birth: ABT. 1795. Death: Deceased
Nancy Rohrer: Birth: ABT. 1796. Death: Deceased
David Rollin: Birth: ABT. 1761. Death: Deceased
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Anthony Romano: Birth: ABT. 1900.
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Thomas Romeroy: Birth: ABT. 1804. Death: Deceased
Elizabeth Romig: Birth: ABT. 1766. Death: Deceased
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Rhoda Ann Roper: Birth: 31 JAN 1842 in Fulton Co., Ky.. Death: 3 FEB 1929 in Riverview cem., Portland, Or.
Samuel H. Roper: Birth: ABT. 1816. Death: Deceased
Rose: Birth: ABT. 1548.
Bertha Rose: Birth: ABT. 1888.
Elizabeth Rose: Birth: ABT. 1791. Death: Deceased
Hannah Susannah Rose: Birth: 28 FEB 1834. Death: Deceased
Thomas Rose: Birth: ABT. 1594. Death: Deceased
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\ \ Ross: Birth: ABT. 1884. Death: Deceased
Abigail Ross: Birth: ABT. 1680.
Bessie Ross: Birth: ABT. 1882.
Elizabeth Ross: Birth: ABT. 1741. Death: Deceased
Elizabeth Ross: Birth: ABT. 1772.
Elosia Minerva Ross: Birth: 14 APR 1847 in Berlin, Oh. Death: 19 APR 1931 in Berlin cem., Holmes Co., Oh
John Ross: Birth: 1840 in Oh.. Death: Deceased in Adams, Monroe Co., Oh.
Mariah Ross: Birth: 1878 in Adams, Monroe Co., Oh.. Death: Deceased
Mary Ross: Birth: 1780. Death: 1864 in New York City, N. Y.
Sarah Ross: Birth: ABT. 1752 in Springfield, N. J.. Death: Deceased
Verna Ross: Birth: ABT. 1894.
William K. Ross: Birth: ABT. 1869.
Cora E. Rossiter: Birth: ABT. 1886 in Oh.. Death: Deceased
John Rossiter: Birth: ABT. 1853. Death: Deceased
John Rossiter: Birth: ABT. 1883.
Ocie Ola Rossiter: Birth: OCT 1894 in Noble Co., Oh.. Death: 1975 in Sarahsville, Ohio
Ollie Rossiter: Birth: ABT. 1879.
Samuel Rossiter: Birth: ABT. 1857. Death: Deceased
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Elsy Rothenbuhler: Birth: ABT. 1455 in Lauperswil, Bern, Switzerland. Death: in Marlinberg, Lauderswil, Bern, Switzerland
Phebe Rounds: Birth: ABT. 1807. Death: Deceased
John Rouse: Birth: 28 SEP 1643. Death: 3 OCT 1717 in Marshfield, Ma.
Stella M. Rouse: Birth: ABT. 1867. Death: Deceased
Edna Roush: Birth: 19 MAY 1894 in Defiance, Oh.. Death: 22 APR 1938
Florence Alice Roussart: Birth: 1900. Death: 1991
Adam Routzahn: Birth: 1806. Death: 1883
Elizabeth E. Routzahn: Birth: ABT. 1875. Death: Deceased
Manzella S. Routzahn: Birth: 1845. Death: Deceased in Millersburg, Dauphin Co., Pa.
Ruth Rowalt: Birth: ABT. 1899. Death: 1971
Belle Rowland: Birth: 17 SEP 1868. Death: Deceased
Jane Rowland: Birth: 1804 in Isle of Wright. Death: 24 JUL 1892 in Aurelius, Washington Co., Oh.
John Henry Rowland: Birth: ABT. 1885. Death: Deceased in Cushing, Ok.
Martha Rowlandson: Birth: ABT. 1624.
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Chloe Rowley: Birth: 11 AUG 1838 in Va.. Death: 8 APR 1915 in McPherson cem., Jackson Co., W. Va.
Henry Rowley: Birth: ABT. 1810. Death: Deceased
Sadie Rowley: Birth: ABT. 1875. Death: Deceased
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Bethel Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1838.
Bethel Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1865. Death: in Washington state
Effa E. Rucker: Birth: 1868.
Elizabeth Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1825 in Belmont Co., Oh.. Death: ABT. 1846
Emma Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1833 in Mud Run, Noble Co., Oh..
Ephraim Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1778.
John Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1805. Death: Deceased
Julius Rucker: Birth: 4 AUG 1801. Death: 17 AUG 1870 in Mt. Ephriam cem., Noble Co., Oh.
Julius Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1836 in Mud Run, Noble Co., Oh.. Death: Deceased
Landen Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1828 in Mud Run, Noble Co., Oh.. Death: ABT. 1855 in Bates cem., Noble co., Oh.
Louisa Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1827. Death: Deceased
Maggie Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1869. Death: Deceased
Margaret L. Rucker: Birth: 1876.
Maria Rucker: Birth: 1870.
Mary H. Rucker: Birth: 1873.
Owen Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1821. Death: ABT. 1863 in Civil War
Peter Rucker: Birth: 1846 in Oh.. Death: Deceased
Peter Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1834. Death: Deceased
Phoebe Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1831 in Mud Run, Noble Co., Oh..
Rachel M. Rucker: Birth: 12 NOV 1866 in Noble Co., Oh.. Death: 16 DEC 1866 in Fogle Cem., Noble Co., Oh.
Rosanna Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1863. Death: in Washington state
Ruth Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1830. Death: Deceased
Sarah E. Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1858. Death: in Athens Co., Oh.
Sinclair Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1837. Death: Deceased
Susan Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1832. Death: Deceased
Susanna Rucker: Birth: ABT. 1855. Death: Deceased in Knox Co., Oh.
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