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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Dew: Birth: ABT 1763 in Edgecombe Co., NC.

  2. Millicent "Millie" Dew: Birth: ABT 1764. Death: MAY 1786

  3. Captain William Dew: Birth: 1766/1768. Death: 7 MAY 1806 in Edgecombe Co., NC

  4. Obedience Dew: Birth: ABT 1768.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry Viverette: Birth: ABT 1775 in Nash Co., NC. Death: 1801 in Nash Co., NC

  2. Micajah Viverette: Birth: ABT 1775 in Nash Co., NC. Death: 18 JAN 1816 in Ft. Jackson, Al

  3. Lancelot Viverette: Birth: ABT 1776 in Nash Co., NC. Death: 13 MAR 1838 in Wilson County, Tenn

  4. JAMES "JIM" Viverette: Birth: 1783 in Nash Co., NC. Death: AFT 1860 in Nash Co., NC

a. Note:   N107 Notes from Helen Sharpe Date of Marriage taken from Nash County Loose Estate Records. Thomas Viverette states that he and Elizabeth were married sometime in April 1774. Ray,  This is the paper I was talking about.  Too bad it isn't dated.  From  this we know that Thomas Viverette and Elizabeth married in April 1774, so any date for their children would be at least 1775 for the first child.  The other children for Elizabeth and Abraham would be in the time frame of 1764 (md Dec 1763) to bef Feb  1773 .  Elizabeth lived approximately one year on the plantation after Abraham died.  We know that Elizabeth and Abraham had 4 children listed between the will of Millicent Dew and as stated in this document.  It also proves that Millicent is a sister to William.  I don't  believe that Millicent was married.  I looked through all the estate records for Dews  while I was in Raleigh and could find nothing that would indicate that she was.  We also know that she was at least 20 when she died in May 1786.  At 20 she would have been born in 1766.  As for Abraham I think he is probably a Junior and not a Senior.  Some Dew researchers list him as having 4 other older children, but I believe something would have been said about them if that were true.  The other children probably belonged to the otherAbraham who died in 1760 or so.  Let me know what you think?  Feel free to  share this with anyone you like. Helen Sharpe    Nash County Loose Estate Records - Archives in Raleigh, NC  No Date    The answer of Thomas Viveret & Elizabeth his wife Defendants to the petition of William Dew exhibited against them in Nash County Court.    The defendants having all legal advantage of exception for answer threto of so much as they are advised to answer.  They answer saying, that they admit that Abraham Dew this petitioner’s own father died intestate about eighteen years ago, but not in the year 1770 as alledged by the petitioner, possessed of a personal estate which appears by the inventory thereto annexed which the defendants charge was returned by the Defendant Elizabeth after she was appointed administrix of the said estate as set forth in the petition, as and for the true inventory of the said estate & they deny that any article was omitted which ought to have been inserted therein.  The Defendents having intermarried with each other sometime in April 1774 (as well as they recollect) sold at public venue,  all the personal estate of the deceased as well as they can recollect & they refer the petitioner to the amount thereof hereto annexed amounting to 288 #.16.3 which the defendant Thomas Vivret  returned to the said court after his intermarriage as aforesaid & as well ashe can recollect the  same contains a just account of all the personal Estate of the said Abraham Dew deceased which was sold as aforesaid & that ever part thereof was sold which could be found on the day of sale & if there should appear a difference between the inventory & account of sale it may easily be accounted  for by observing that a considerable time elapsed between the taking of the inventory & account of sales in which time many of the articles would necessarily be consumed for support of the family & others would be destroyed by accident & otherwise unavoidably & the deficiency if any, is in some manner compensated for by an Increase of the number of cattle & perhaps of other part of the stock between the time of Inventory and selling;  The Defendant Thomas soon after the sale aforesaid returned an account current with the Estate to the Court of Edgecombe County where the same was settled & allowed of by the Court, upon which amount there is a balance of 264 pounds.14.9 due by the Defendants to the Estate, which since divided amongst the Defendant & the children of the deceased, each child’s share was 44 #.3.5 there being then alive four Children, the petitioners share where of being 44 pound 2.5 as aforesaid.  The Defendant Thomas considers himself liable & answerable to him for as his guardian & is ready to settle & account with him for the years in his guardian amount. The Defendants further answer that it is true that the Defendant Elizabeth did use the plantation which was the intestates about one year or perhaps a little more before the Defendants intermarriage with each other ( but not as long as the petiitoner alledges) & also one half of the Mill, the other half then belonging to Arthur Dew, but the defendants do not concur that they might be accountable to the petitioner for any thing on amount of the plantation & Mill during the time aforesaid, as during that time, the Defendant Elizabeth had the whole family to maintain out of the Estate & the children (among the rest, the petitioner) were very small and helpless, to that if any  thing was made by her out of the land & mill she fully expended the same, in maintaining the family provisions to a sale of the Estate as aforesaid & in fact the profits of the said land & Mill being in bad order & as great quantity of Land being----------, but besides in Equity & Good conscious the Defendants contend that they were entittled to a third part of the profits aforesaid by their right of Dower, so that the remaining two thirds of the said profits being applied to maintain the children as aforesaid, which the defendants concurr were properly applied to that purpose, there being no other sufficient means of supporting them, then the defendants contend that nothing is due to the petition on this amount, and as to the petitioner’s claim of a share of his Sister Millicent’s Estate, the Defendants say, that the Defendant Thomas was appointed her guardian long before her death & in consequence thereof held in his hands her share of the Estate aforesaid which thereupon being vested in her & she having a few days privious to her death, to wit, on the   (blank) day of 178(blank) being then upwards of twenty years of age, made & published her last will and testament in writings & therein disposed of all her Estate in the manner therein mentioned, but no part  thereof to the petitioner & the said Thomas being appointed Executor of the said will which has been duly proved in the court of Edgecombe County & he qualified as Executor thereof, the Defendants contend that the petitioner is entitled to no part of the Estate of his sister Millicent. The following are Nash County Court Minutes, By: Tim Rackley Nash County Court Minutes, November Court 1799, page 76: Lemuel Wright is appd overseer of the road from Elizabeth Viveritts to Contentney & the hands that formerly worked on the road work under him. Nash County Court Minutes, May Court 1807, page 5: On Motion tis ordered by the Court that Citation issue against James Vivrett for Him to appear at the next term to Shew Cause, if any he has, why letters of Admr. Should not be granted to Arthur Dew on the Estate of Elizabeth Vivret, decd. Nash County Court Minutes, August Court 1807, page 22: Admr is on Motion granted to Arthur Dew on the Estate of Elizabeth Vivrett, deced, who entered into bond of 2,000 pounds with Alexr Sorsby, Esqr Secuy is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.