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Marriage: Children:
  1. Dieterich "Teter" /Kesling/: Birth: 11 MAR 1749/50 in Steinau, Hesse-Hanau (Germany). Death: 23 DEC 1841 in Clear Creek Twp, Warren Co, OH

  2. Eva Elizabetha /Kisling/: Birth: 20 MAY 1751 in Steinau, Hesse-Hanau (Germany).

  3. Johannes 'John' /Kisling/: Birth: ABT 1752 in Steinau, Hesse-Hanau (Germany) or at sea. Death: 1820 in Pendleton Co, VA (now WV)

Marriage: Children:
  1. Mathias "Matthew" /Kisling/: Birth: 1758 in Lick Run, Augusta Co, VA. Death: in Greenbrier Co, WV

  2. Elizabeth /Kisling/: Birth: 02 JUN 1759 in Lick Run, Augusta Co, VA. Death: 23 OCT 1836 in Rockingham Co, VA

  3. Jacob /Kisling/: Birth: 18 JAN 1760 in Lick Run, Augusta Co, VA. Death: 23 MAY 1835 in Rockingham Co, VA

  4. Henry /Kisling/: Birth: 1767 in Rockingham Co, VA. Death: 27 AUG 1835 in Preble Co, OH

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1. Title:   KESLING008, Letter, Wolfgang Sakowski
2. Title:   KESLING-010, Wolf Sakowski letter, 12-07-96
Note continued:   DATE: 19 NOV 2000
3. Title:   KESLING-033, Kiesslings in the Voigtland
4. Title:   Kisling, Johann Christoph, -AXXTor Kisling, Earl
Author:   The Years in Kulmbach
Note continued:   DATE: 9 APR 2007

a. Note:   [BO:From Steinau church book:BO] - On Sept 1713 the 15th sunday of the Trinitatis, 8:30 in the morning, was born Christoph Sebastian Kieslingg. He was baptised the following day, 25 Sept 1713. His father was Abraham Andreas Kiesling, gardener and innkeeper in Posseck. The godfather (1) was the AUTHed Sir, Mt. Georg Christoph von Reitz Reitzenstein, from Posseck, lord of the manor and captain and valet of the prince of Sachsen Zietz. (2) Master Sebastian Ludwig Beck from Rossbach. The godmother was J. Margaretha Cathetrina, the youngest daughter of the miller, Martin Werdengels, From Rosbach. The mother of Christoph Sebaastian was Margaretha Catherina Zo�fel, from Rosbach. Posseck is a small town near thr Czech-Germany border. Abstract - Emigrated in 1752 to American Colonies. Married 5, June 1749, in Steinau (Lutheran). Master Christoph Sebastian Kisling, black and art dyer. Son of Abraham Andreas Kisling, citizen and gardener from Kulmbach, Bayreuth. Wife: Anna Gertrauda, daughter of the Reformed school master, Christian Kautz. Children: Dietrich, born 11 Mar 1750, in Steinau, godfather, Christian Kautz' son, Dietrich, and Eva Elisabetha, born 20 May 1751, godmotherm Eva Elisabetham wife of Gottschalck Reichenbach. When Christoph Kisling died (end of 1773 or early 1774), he left as widow Christina, who administered his estate. Christoph was trained as a dyer and his guild apprenticeship papers filed in Kulmback show that he spent three years (1730-1733) in dyer training. In 1749 he married, Anna Gertruda the daughter of the schoolmaster Kautz. As a dowry he received half of the house of his father-in-law, and established a dying works in the kitchen. By 1752 he resided in Steinau an der Strausse, a village 35 miles northeast of Frankfort on the Main River where he is a master dyer. This town was in the administrative area of Hesse call Hesse-Hanau. In his letter of intention to emigrate to Nova Scotia in February, 1752, Christoph listed his profession as dyer. His reason for emigrating was a lack of food after the dying materials became more expensive to obtain. His assets included half a house and vegetable garden valued at 400 gulden. He was Lutheran, his wife was Reformed. His two children were baptismed in the Reformed church in Steinau by Pastor Grimm, the grandfather of the famous Brothers Grimm, the fairy tale writers. He left Hess-Hanau and came to America on the ship "Neptune" which sailed from Rotterdam under the command of Captain John Mason. It is thought that his son, John, may have been born at sea during the voyage over. This prospect was not uncommon since the trip could take two months to complete. The ship qualified at the Court House in Philadelphia on October 4, 1752. The earliest spelling of the surname was Kiessling. He seems to be known most commonly as Christoph and used the surname spelling Kissling when he arrived in Philadelphia. When this family arrived in Philadelphia in 1752, they seemed to have disappeared from records. Christoph travelled with his father-in-law, Christian Kautz and his brother-in-law Johannes Kautz, plus neighbors Johann Wilhwelm Lotz and Johann Huffnagel and all their families. These men are also on the Neptune passenger list. Christoph surfaces again in Augusta Co., VA, living near Ursulasburg (now called McGaheysville). His wife and a daughter, Eva Elizabeth, must have died. We find no trace of them again. Christoph married a second time, date unknown, in Augusta Co., VA, about 1754 - 1758, to Anna Christina Lingle, a neighbor girl, daughter of Jacob and Ursula (nee Banckhard) Lingle. They also lived on Lick Run. Many German families moved from Berks County about this time and settled in NC and VA. The ones settling in the McGaheyville area established the Peaked Mountain Luthern Church; one of the prominent pastors of that church was Rev. Herber (Harper) who many descendants came across the mountain into what is now WV. The first official record of him being in VA is his purchasing some items on 8 February 1759 at the estate of John Wingord (Chalkley, Augusta Co., VA records Vol. III, pg 134) Next we have Christopher and wife Christina 10 Oct 1763 sponsors for a baptism of a child for Martin Herrloss and wife Catherine Lingel in the Peaked Mountain Luthern Church. This established the fact the early Keslings were Lutherans. In 1767-68 Christopher was processioned in Augusta Parish Vestry Book showing his name as Christopher Cisling. The purposes of this register was for military purposes and taxes. A survey record made by Thomas Lewis, surveyor of Augusta County Va, dated 3 May 1762, shows Christopher's 96 acres on Quails Run adjoining Mathias Sease. He also purchased additional land on Quail Run in 1764. Christopher Kislin died in the early part of 1774 probably as the result of an accident, as the records of Augusta County, VA show that an inquest was held over him. Augusta County Court Records, Order Book No. XIV, PG 304 states "Christopher Kisling's (deceased) estate committed to widow, Christina, March 15, 1774." His inventory indicated that he was a dyer by trade. His wife remarried John Herdman. Christopher's will was written December 20, 1773 and received by the Court of Augusta County, Virginia on Mar 15, 1774. CHRISTOPHER KISLEN WILL A Will with Devise of Land, Goods & Chattles. In the Name of God Amen, I Christofull Kislen of Lick Run Augusta County, being weak in Body but of Sound Memery, (blessed be God) do this Day being the twentyth DAy of December in the year of our Lord God one thousand seven hundred and seventy three make and publish this my last Will and Testament in Manner following: that is to say, first I give to my son John Kislen five pounds Current Lawful Money of Virginia, also I give and bequeath to my son teterick Kislen the sum of five pounds Current Lawful Money of Virginia which is all I Allow them out of my Estate. Also I give to my beloved wife Christina Kislen a Cow and Heffer bed & bed Clothes together with her wearing Aperrel Spinning wheel and Chest and the least of the ???largest mettle potts and a two gallon mettle pott and also after the estate is appraised and sold she shall be ??? to a childs part and long live of the ?? land untill the Children of age but if she maryes she must quitt the said land as soon as Mathies Kislen is of age Also I Give and bequeath to my Daughter Catherina a cow, And also I give Elizabeth and Christina my Daughters a Devition of Sheep, And Also I give and bequeath to my two youngest sons Mathies and Henry Kislen the land which I now live on which contains 96 Acres, which I Value to 90 (pounds) C: K: have this my last will and Testament set my hand and seal the day & year above Written Signed Seald and Delivered be the said C: K: As and for his his last will & Testament in the presence of us who ware present at the signing and sealing thereoff John Sellen (seal) ??? ??? 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