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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Edward Allen: Birth: 5 Feb 1871 in Orange Grove, Singapore. Death: 1967

  2. Winifred Maud Allen: Birth: 10 Nov 1872 in Hurricane Cottage, Singapore, Straits Settlements.. Death: 20 Mar 1961 in of 702 Mansfield Road, Nottingham

  3. Mabel Annie Allen: Birth: Abt 1875 in Penang, Straits Settlements, Malaysia. Death: 16 Jan 1949 in Hawthorne House, Hampstead Heath, London, England

  4. Alfred Whitworth Allen: Birth: 27 Aug 1875 in probably SIngapore or Penang. Death: 18 Nov 1961 in 97 Howards Lane, Putney, Surrey

  5. Florence Knowler Allen: Birth: Abt 1879 in Penang, Straits Settlements, Malaysia. Death: 20 Oct 1950 in 77 London Road, Tunbridge Wells, England

  6. Marjorie Isobel Allen: Birth: 1886. Death: 29 Dec 1964 in Seafield Lodge Nursing Home, 124 Dorset Rd., Bexhill, Sussex

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