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Ellenor Jackson: Death: 1741
Ellenor Jackson: Birth: 30 Apr 1820.
Ellenor Jackson: Birth: 11 Nov 1822. Death: Abt 12 Mar 1837 in Tunstall, Canforth, Lancashire
Emily Jackson: Birth: Abt 1817. Death: 26 Aug 1899 in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
Enid Hazel Jackson: Birth: 1916. Death: 1921
Erasmus Jackson: Birth: 19 Mar 1694/95. Death: 7 Jul 1759
Ernest Gilmore Jackson: Birth: 1 Jun 1927. Death: 1996
Esther Martha Jackson: Birth: 1785 in Stormount, aka Mount Pleasant, Ballymescaw, Dundonlad, Co. Down.
Esther Jackson: Death: Aft 6 Jan 1809
Esther Jackson: Birth: Abt 1881 in of Ballygibbon West, Parish of Carrick, Barony of Carbury, Co. Kildare. Death: 1960
Eugene Wentworth Disney Jackson: Birth: 1894 in Co. Dublin, Ireland.
Eugenia Marie Jackson: Birth: Bef 1785 in of Grange, Parish Seirkeiran, Kings Co., Ireland. Death: Aft 1831 in of Sommerville, Bootertown, Co. Dublin
Florence Jackson: Birth: 10 Jul 1901 in probably Barnamaghery or Clontinaglare.
Frances Margaret Jackson: Death: 1842
Frances Jackson: Birth: Abt 1601 in Eccleston, Lancashire, England.
Frances Jackson: Birth: Abt 1750.
Frances Jackson: Birth: Bef 1706.
Frances Jackson: Birth: Aug 1749 in Probably Duddington, Northampton, England. Death: Sep 1809
Frances Jackson: Birth: 1859.
Frances Jackson: Birth: 1789. Death: 3 May 1838
Frances Jackson: Death: Jun 1691 in Probably At Duddington, Co. Northampton, England
Frances Jackson: Birth: Sep 1736. Death: Oct 1736
Frances Jackson: Birth: Abt 1607.
Frances Jackson: Death: Aft 1725
Frances Jackson: Birth: 1791. Death: 15 Jun 1859 in of Graigue, Queens Co., Ireland
Frances Jackson: Birth: Bef 1785. Death: Aft 1807
Frances Jackson: Death: Bef 1889
Frances Jackson: Birth: 1826. Death: 27 Dec 1886
Frances Jackson: Birth: 1606. Death: 1606
Frances Jackson: Death: 1851
Frances Jackson: Death: 1837
Francis Alfred Jackson: Birth: 21 Sep 1873.
Francis Edward Jackson: Birth: 1860 in Kings Co., Ireland.
Francis Gordon Jackson: Birth: 21 Oct 1879 in Brackagh Townland, Near Springfield, County Fermanagh, Ireland. Death: 15 Jan 1940 in Germiston, South Africa
Francis Joseph Jackson: Birth: Abt 1839.
Francis Strettle Jackson: Birth: 17 Aug 1822 in Dublin.
Francis Jackson: Birth: 1632 in Halton, Parish Of Skipton, Lancashire. Death: 1670
Francis Jackson: Birth: 1769. Death: 1834
Francis Jackson: Death: Aft 1814
Francis Jackson: Birth: 1670 in Of Duddington, Co. Northampton, England. Death: Jan 1743/44 in Of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Francis Jackson: Birth: Abt 1695. Death: 1770 in Possibly Bulwick, Northampton, England
Francis Jackson: Birth: Apr 1728. Death: 22 Dec 1751 in Probably Duddington, Northampton, England
Francis Jackson: Death: 1678 in Of Enniscoe, Co. Mayo
Francis Jackson: Birth: 1809. Death: 1843
Francis Jackson: Birth: 5 Jun 1770. Death: 28 Mar 1772 in Probably Duddington, Northampton, England
Francis Jackson: Birth: 11 Sep 1779. Death: May 1782 in Stamford
Francis Jackson: Birth: Abt 1607. Death: Aft 1627
Francis Jackson: Birth: Aft 1555 in of Edderthorp, Co. York, England. Death: in of London
Francis Jackson: Birth: Abt 1610. Death: Mar 1668 in of Hooton-Paynell, Co. York, England
Francis Jackson: Death: 1574 in Probably London, England
Francis Jackson: Birth: 21 Nov 1609.
Francis Jackson: Birth: 4 Jul 1763 in Derbyshire, England.
Francis Jackson: Birth: Abt 1776. Death: 18 Nov 1847 in of Killavilla House, Longford Big and Little
Francis Jackson: Birth: Abt 1827. Death: 6 Jun 1876 in Killavilla Kings Co., Ireland
Francis Jackson: Birth: 1679.
Francis Jackson: Birth: 1882. Death: 1924
Francis Jackson: Birth: Bef 1842 in Probably Barnamaghery, Co. Down. Death: Aft 1901 in probably of Ballmacreely
Frederick A. Jackson: Birth: 1853.
Frederick Adolphus Jackson: Birth: 1797 in of Inane, Co. Tipperary. Death: 4 Oct 1872 in Inane, Roscrea, Co Tipperary
Frederick Hall Jackson: Birth: 28 May 1812. Death: 10 Oct 1845 in Arcot, East Indies
Frederick Josiah Fletcher Jackson: Birth: 25 Nov 1869 in Hacketstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland.
Frederick Jackson: Birth: 25 Feb 1813 in probably Carlow or Wicklow.
Gardiner Jackson: Birth: Abt 1849. Death: 24 Mar 1913 in Derryboy aka Killinchy in the Woods, Crossgar, Parish Kilmore, , Co. Down
Gawn McCaughan Jackson: Birth: 1 Jul 1908 in of Barnaghaery. Death: Aft 1950
Gawn Jackson: Birth: Bet 1790 and 1800. Death: Bef 1866
Gawn Jackson: Birth: 4 Aug 1864 in Barnamaghery,.
George Alexander Jackson: Birth: Abt 1804. Death: 20 Feb 1877 in Boghead, Islandmagee, Antrim
George Alexander Jackson: Birth: Abt 1862. Death: 21 Mar 1950 in The Moat, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim, Ireland
George Alexander Jackson: Birth: 1849. Death: 27 Dec 1921
George Bennett Jackson: Birth: Aft 1781. Death: Aft 1832 in of Glanbeg, Co. Waterford
George Cecil Jackson: Death: 18 Oct 1891
George E. Jackson: Birth: 1851.
George Ernest Augustus Jackson: Birth: 3 Apr 1794 in Charlemount St., Dublin.
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