Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Agnes Jackson was born Aft 1606, and died Aft 1626. She was the daughter of William Jackson and Mary Slater.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

William Jackson was born Abt 1575, and died 1626 in of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland, England. He was buried 24 Apr 1626 in Kirkby Lonsdale Parish Church, Westmoreland, England.

Mary Slater was born Abt 1575 in of Keighley, near Bradford, Yorkshire, England, and died Aft 1626.

Children of Mary /Slater/ and William /Jackson/ are:
  1. Richard Jackson was born 1602 in Kirkby, Lonsdale, Co. Westmorland, England, and died Feb 1680/81 in Westmoreland, England. He married Jane Carter on 26 Jan 1647/48 in Parish Of Whittington, Westmorland, England. She was born Abt 1618, and died Aug 1695 in Whittington, Lonsdale, Westmorland, England. She was buried 23 Aug 1695 in Whittington Church, Lonsdale, Westmorland, England.

  2. Agnes Jackson was born Aft 1606, and died Aft 1626.

  3. Francis Jackson was born Abt 1607, and died Aft 1627.

  4. John Jackson was born Abt 1609, and died Aft 1626. He married Hellen Sidgewicke on 19 Jun 1641 in Kirkby-Lonsdale, Westmorland, England. She died Aft 1679.

  5. William Jackson was born 1615, and died 1615.

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