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John Jackson: Birth: 13 Jul 1853. Death: 11 Dec 1929 in The Manse, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1692 in Dublin.
John Jackson: Birth: 1727. Death: Aft 1776 in possibly Kilcullen, KIldare
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1837 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Death: 24 Mar 1916 in Woodfield Glen Co. Wicklow,
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1887 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1873 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Death: 22 Jan 1948
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1897.
John Jackson: Death: Bet 1747 and 1748 in of Tobermore, Kilcronaghan, Londonderry
John Jackson: Birth: Aft 1601. Death: in of Burton Forz
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1634 in Sutton on the Hill, Derbyshire, England. Death: 1692
John Jackson: Death: 1799
John Jackson: Death: Oct 1868
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1794.
John Jackson: Birth: 1807. Death: 1881Apr 19 in 69 Ormeau Road, Belfast
John Jackson: Birth: 1846 in probably Ballygrainey, Co. Down. Death: 15 Apr 1922 in of Rosemary St., Belfast, Co. Antrim
John Jackson: Death: Bet 1791 and 1797 in of Ballygrainey
John Jackson: Death: Aft 1797 in of Ballygrainey
John Jackson: Birth: 1769. Death: 14 Aug 1848 in of Knock, Parish of Holywood, Co. Down
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1800. Death: 25 Sep 1889 in Clarenden Steet, Londonderry, Co. Londonderry, Ireland
John Jackson: Birth: 13 Dec 1838 in probably Raffery, Parish Killinchy, Co. Down. Death: Aft 1901 in of Raffery, Parish Killinchy, Co. Down
John Jackson: Birth: est 1851 in of Ballyagherty. Death: Bet 1901 and 1911
John Jackson: Birth: 1814. Death: 21 Dec 1886 in Raffrey, Co. Down
John Jackson: Birth: Abt 1889 in probably Ballyagherty, Parish Saintfield, Co. Down.
John Jackson: Birth: 20 Feb 1870 in of Barnamaghery.
John Jackson: Birth: 1765. Death: 13 Aug 1842 in Clontinglare, Parish Saintfield, Co. Down
John Jackson: Birth: Bef 1840 in Barnamaghery,.
John Jackson: Birth: 13 May 1864 in Barnamaghery, Co. Down.
John Jackson: Birth: 23 Sep 1867 in Barnamaghery,.
Jonathon "Stonewall" Jackson: Birth: 25 Sep 1790 in Randolph Co. WV. Death: 26 Mar 1826 in Clarksburg, Harrison Co. West Virginia
Jonathon Jackson: Birth: 16 Dec 1717 in New Garden.
Jonathon Jackson: Birth: 14 Mar 1683/84 in Lancashire, England.
Joseph Devonsher Jackson: Birth: 1837. Death: 20 Sep 1867 in Hill View, Dalkley, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Joseph Devonshire Jackson: Birth: 23 Jun 1783 in Peterborough, Co. Cork. Death: 19 Dec 1857 in Late Of Sutton House, Howth Dublin
Joseph John Jackson: Birth: 18 May 1859.
Joseph Jones Jackson: Birth: Abt 1844.
Joseph Orr Jackson: Birth: 20 Jul 1901 in Tyconnett, Crossgar, Parish Loughinsisland, Co. Down.
Joseph Peter Jackson: Birth: 26 Jun 1878 in near Rathvilly, Co. Carlow, Ireland. Death: in of Belfast, Co. Antrim
Joseph Jackson: Birth: Abt 1811. Death: 12 Jun 1835 in of Fontstown, Barony of Narragh & Reban East, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 22 Apr 1790 in Youghall, Co. Cork, Ireland. Death: 10 Jan 1856 in Dublin
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 24 Jul 1727 in Jonestown, Kings Co. Ireland. Death: 22 Jun 1800 in of Tincurry, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 1690 in Ballyreagan or Newtownards, Co. Down. Death: in Of Limavady, Co. Derry, Ireland
Joseph Jackson: Death: Aft 1789 in of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 29 Nov 1764 in Tipperary, Ireland. Death: Bef 1816
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 3 Jan 1645/46.
Joseph Jackson: Birth: Apr 1679. Death: May 1679
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 28 Mar 1731.
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 1738. Death: 9 Aug 1799 in of Hatton garden, London
Joseph Jackson: Birth: Abt 1780. Death: 30 Aug 1817
Joseph Jackson: Birth: Abt 1868 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Death: 1940
Joseph Jackson: Birth: Abt 1900.
Joseph Jackson: Birth: 1917. Death: 1980
Joseph Jackson: Birth: Abt 1882.
Josephine Jackson: Birth: Abt 1853.
Joshua Joseph Jackson: Birth: 8 Sep 1822 in Dublin, Ireland. Death: 1897
Joshua Webster Jackson: Birth: 25 Sep 1742 in Dublin. Death: 11 Nov 1749 in Dublin
Joshua Jackson: Birth: 12 Jan 1789 in Youghal, Co. Cork. Death: 7 Oct 1836
Josiah Jackson: Death: 7 Apr 1811 in Dublin
Josias Jackson: Birth: 30 Aug 1779 in Barrick St., Dublin.
Josua Jackson: Birth: 16 May 1722 in Of Precipice Street Dublin.. Death: 22 Jul 1774 in of Youghall, Co. Cork
Josua Jackson: Birth: 27 Jun 1761 in Of Yoghal, Co. Cork. Death: 4 Oct 1801 in Youghal, Co. Cork
Joyce Jackson: Birth: Abt 1689 in Dublin.
Judith Jackson: Birth: 27 Dec 1705.
Judith Jackson: Birth: 1667 in Lancashire, England.
Julius Lloyd Jackson: Birth: 6 Feb 1922 in Herringfleet Hall In Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Death: 31 Jul 1943
Kathleen Maria Gordon Jackson: Birth: 21 Oct 1879 in Brackagh Townland, Near Springfield, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. Death: 1973 in Sussex
Kathleen Mccullagh Jackson: Birth: 7 Jul 1872 in 162 Bluff, Yokohama, Japan. Death: 2 Jun 1959 in Marks Barn, Braintree, Essex, England
Kathleen Jackson: Birth: 1896.
Lancelot Lanty Jackson: Birth: 17 Jan 1819. Death: 1820 in At sea
Lancelot Jackson: Birth: Abt 1790.
Lancelot Jackson: Birth: 30 Nov 1817.
Laura Gertrude Jackson: Birth: Abt 1884 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
Leonard Jackson: Birth: 1916. Death: 1916
Leonard Jackson: Birth: Abt 1650 in Whittington, Yorkshire, England. Death: Abt 1726 in Probably Tatham, Lancashire, England
Leonard Jackson: Birth: Aft 1671. Death: Aft 1726
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