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Anna Jackson: Birth: 28 Nov 1903.
Anna Jackson: Birth: 18 Mar 1896.
Anna Jackson: Birth: 2 Jan 1866 in Raffrey, Co. Down.
Annas Jackson: Birth: Bet 1702 and 1723. Death: Bef 1740
Anne Elizabeth Jackson: Birth: 1855. Death: 1862
Anne Jackson: Birth: 21 Jan 1799 in Clones, Co. Monaghan. Death: 7 Apr 1829
Anne Jackson: Death: Aug 1837
Anne Jackson: Death: Bef 1787
Anne Jackson: Birth: 2 Sep 1817 in Waterford.
Anne Jackson: Birth: 1816 in Ireland. Death: 14 Nov 1820 in Probably Drumfaldra, Co. Monaghan
Anne Jackson: Birth: Aft 1555 in probably of Edderthorp, Co. York, England.
Anne Jackson: Birth: 1643 in of Broughton, Derbyshire, England.
Anne Jackson: Birth: 21 Jan 1597/98.
Anne Jackson: Birth: 1703 in of Broughton, Derbyshire, England. Death: in of Broughton, Derbyshire, England
Anne Jackson: Death: Abt 1749
Anne Jackson: Birth: 1686.
Anne Jackson: Birth: Jan 1671/72. Death: 6 Feb 1679/80
Anne Jackson: Birth: 27 Jun 1560.
Anne Jackson: Birth: Aft 1781.
Anne Jackson: Birth: 1862 in Kings Co., Ireland.
Anne Jackson: Death: Bef 1889
Anne Jackson: Birth: 1672 in Drogheda, Co. Louth, Ireland.
Anne Jackson: Birth: 9 May 1789 in Edenderry, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
Anne Jackson: Death: 27 May 1859 in Tullydowey, Co. Tyrone, Ireland
Anne Jackson: Death: Aft 1719
Annie Enid Jackson: Birth: 1899. Death: 1974
Annie Florence Jackson: Birth: 1893 in Antrim.
Annie Victoria Eagleson Jackson: Birth: 1894 in Antrim. Death: 31 Jan 1953 in sinking of M.V Princess Victoria,
Annie Jackson: Birth: 1845.
Annie Jackson: Birth: 1879.
Annie Jackson: Birth: Abt 1880.
Anthony Thomas Jackson: Birth: 16 Jun 1838 in Clintonville, Belfast. Death: Aft 1878
Anthony Jackson: Birth: 1628 in Ecclestone, Lancashire, England. Death: Bet 1690 and 1691 in Co. Cavan
Anthony Jackson: Birth: 1599 in Eccleston, Lancashire, England. Death: 1666
Anthony Jackson: Birth: 1540 in Of Killingwold Grove, Parish Of Bishop Burton, Yorkshire. Death: 25 Feb 1605/06
Anthony Jackson: Birth: 27 Feb 1783 in Edenderry, Kings Co., Ireland. Death: 24 May 1859 in Late Of King St., Waterford
Anthony Jackson: Birth: Abt 1589.
Anthony Jackson: Birth: Abt 1879 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
Antoinette Eliza Jackson: Birth: 17 Dec 1843 in Belfast, Ireland.
Aramintha Jackson: Birth: Aft 1696. Death: Aft 1765
Archer Bayly Jackson: Death: 20 Mar 1941 in of Sunkist Huggetts-Lane Lower Willingdon, Surrey
Armour Jackson: Birth: Abt 1833. Death: 18 Aug 1904 in of Barnamaghery
Armour Jackson: Birth: 25 Dec 1903 in Barnamaghery,.
Armour Jackson: Birth: 21 May 1894 in Barnamaghery,.
Arthur Bush Jackson: Birth: 5 Apr 1868 in Galway.
Arthur George Jackson: Birth: Apr 1852 in Carramore, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Death: 1855
Arthur Henry Jackson: Birth: 28 Jul 1850.
Arthur James Jackson: Birth: Abt 1861 in of Barnamaghery. Death: Aft 1911
Arthur James Jackson: Birth: 19 Jan 1896 in Barnamaghery,.
Arthur Lambert Jackson: Birth: 25 Aug 1887.
Arthur Thomas Jackson: Birth: 5 Mar 1884 in Windsor Terrace, Edenderry, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Death: Jan 1975 in Agher, Summerhill, Co. Meath
Arthur Jackson: Birth: 15 Apr 1867.
Auber Melville Jackson: Birth: 1858 in Jersey. Death: 1936 in Tunbridge Wells
Barbara Jackson: Birth: 1783 in Liscalgot, Parish Of Creggan, Co. Armagh. Death: Abt 1813
Basil Hippisley Jackson: Birth: 1887.
Beatrice Emily Jackson: Birth: 1872 in Kings Co., Ireland.
Beatrice Minnie Shrieve Jackson: Birth: 19 Dec 1879 in Hong Kong. Death: 19 May 1972 in Beech Walk, Honiton, Devon, England
Bella Jackson: Birth: 1845 in of Barnaghaery. Death: Aft 1851 in of Barnaghaery
Benjamin James Jackson: Birth: 31 Aug 1873 in probably Killenane, Parish Kilcullen, Co. Kildare.
Benjamin Jackson: Birth: Bet 1832 and 1847 in Co. Kildare. Death: 30 Nov 1912 in Narraghmore, Co. Kildare
Benjamin Jackson: Birth: Abt 1714 in Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland. Death: Bef Oct 1782 in Wrightsboro, GA
Benjamin Jackson: Birth: Aft 1555 in of Edderthorp, Co. York, England. Death: in of London
Benjamin Jackson: Birth: Abt 1868 in Co. Carlow, Ireland.
Benjamin Jackson: Birth: 1726. Death: Bef 1729
Benjamin Jackson: Birth: 1729. Death: Aft 1771
Beresford Jackson: Birth: Aft 1668. Death: 1730 in Of Bellymargy Co. Londonderry
Bernard Hugh Jackson: Birth: 13 Oct 1896 in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Death: 4 Apr 1988 in Magheraboy, Carrickmacross, Monaghan, Co. Monaghan
Bessie Jackson: Birth: 20 Jun 1832. Death: 1 Jul 1832
Bessie Jackson: Birth: 12 Sep 1880 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Death: 25 Mar 1966
Bolton Jackson: Birth: 1783 in Ireland. Death: 24 Mar 1838 in Baltimore, Maryland, America
Brabazone Jackson: Birth: Aft 1783 in Ireland. Death: in Ireland
Bradwardine Jackson: Birth: Abt 1670. Death: Aft 1727
Buntin Jackson: Birth: Bet 1702 and 1710. Death: Aft 1734 in of Glenavy, Co Antrim, Ireland
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