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Robert James Jackson: Birth: 22 Jun 1871 in Raffery, Co. Down. Death: Aft 1886
Robert Johnston Jackson: Birth: 30 Jun 1868 in Ballyagherty, Parish Saintfield, Co. Down. Death: 24 Jul 1942 in The Bushes, Barnamaghery,
Robert Vateau Jackson: Birth: Abt 1780-1790.
Robert William Jackson: Birth: 1832 in Ballygibbon, Carbury, Co. Kildare. Death: 19 Apr 1896 in Windsor Terrace, Edenderry, Co. Offaly, Ireland
Robert William Jackson: Birth: 2 Nov 1874 in Edenderry, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Death: 1951 in USA
Robert Jackson: Death: Aft 1798
Robert Jackson: Birth: 11 Jan 1747/48 in Dublin. Death: 7 Feb 1793 in Dublin
Robert Jackson: Birth: 20 May 1659 in Bally-Christell, Kings County. Death: 27 Sep 1721
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1619 in Little Ecclestone, Lancashire, England. Death: 1679 in Probably Ballyregan, Parish Dundonald, Co. Down
Robert Jackson: Birth: 27 Jun 1748. Death: Jan 1799
Robert Jackson: Birth: Aft 1730 in possibly Newtownlimavady. Death: in probably America
Robert Jackson: Birth: Bet 1764 and 1765 in Northern Ireland. Death: 27 Apr 1781 in South Carolina, America
Robert Jackson: Death: Bef 1816
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1830. Death: 1830
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1690. Death: 1733
Robert Jackson: Death: 1711 in of Crooked Staff, Dublin, Ireland
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1688 in Dublin. Death: Bet 1725 and 1727
Robert Jackson: Death: Aft 1717
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1839. Death: 8 Jul 1907 in Carnspindle, Islandmagee, County Antrim
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1890.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1815. Death: 24 Dec 1884 in 4 Dunne Street, Belfast.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1885. Death: 17 Mar 1887
Robert Jackson: Birth: 5 Oct 1623.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 3 Dec 1745. Death: 26 Jun 1800
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1549. Death: 2 Oct 1625 in Sapperton, Church Broughton, Derbyshire
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1526.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 11 Feb 1592/93 in of Broughton, Derbyshire, England.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 18 Feb 1765. Death: 17 Jun 1765
Robert Jackson: Birth: 29 May 1770. Death: 27 Nov 1786 in Dublin
Robert Jackson: Birth: 19 Jan 1769. Death: 28 Feb 1770
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1831. Death: 30 Sep 1915 in Killavilla, Roscrea Kings Co.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 19 Dec 1793. Death: 3 Feb 1851
Robert Jackson: Death: 1785 in of Grange, Parish Seirkieran, Kings Co., Ireland
Robert Jackson: Birth: Bef 1765 in of Grange, Kings Co., Ireland. Death: Aft 1801 in of Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Robert Jackson: Birth: Bef 1716. Death: Jun 1743 in At battle of Dettingen, Germany
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1560. Death: in of Stone, Staffordshire, England
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1781.
Robert Jackson: Birth: Bef 25 Oct 1825 in Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland, England.
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1826.
Robert Jackson: Birth: Bef 8 May 1830 in Tunstall, Canforth, Lancashire. Death: 13 Aug 1830 in Tunstall, Canforth, Lancashire
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1569 in Fairburn, Ledsham, Yorkshire, England.
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1521. Death: Abt 1558
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1885 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
Robert Jackson: Birth: Aft 1780 in Of Limerick. Death: Aft 1840 in Of Limerick
Robert Jackson: Birth: Abt 1678.
Robert Jackson: Birth: Bef 1750. Death: 5 Sep 1788
Robert Jackson: Birth: 22 Mar 1876 in Quintinaglare aka Carsonstown, Parish Saintfield, Co. Down.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 8 Aug 1891 in probably Ballyagherty, Parish Saintfield, Co. Down.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1766. Death: Bef 1828
Robert Jackson: Birth: 15 Jan 1866 in Barnamaghery,.
Robert Jackson: Birth: 1786. Death: 18 Mar 1870 in of Creeveybeg, Co. Down
Rodger Jackson: Birth: Abt 1645 in Whittington, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1682 in Tatham, Lancashire, England
Roger Jackson: Birth: Aft 1555 in of Edderthorp, Co. York, England. Death: in of London
Roger Jackson: Birth: 1620 in of Clownagh, Parish of Drumcree, Co. Armagh, Ireland. Death: 26 Feb 1693/94 in of Liburn, Parish of Blaris, Ireland
Roger Jackson: Birth: Abt 1600.
Roger Jackson: Death: Aft 1719 in of Ashburne, Derbyshire, England
Roger Jackson: Birth: 9 Jul 1753.
Roger Jackson: Death: 1853
Rose Christian Jackson: Birth: 1873 in Co. Galway, Ireland.
Rose Jackson: Birth: Aft 1668. Death: Feb 1737/38
Rowland Jackson: Birth: 1633 in of Hickleton, Co. York, England. Death: Bef 1665 in of Barnsley
Rowland Jackson: Birth: 1680. Death: 29 Mar 1784 in of Ballyboy, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Ruth Jackson: Birth: Abt 1660.
Samuel George Jackson: Birth: 1863. Death: 20 Sep 1911
Samuel George Jackson: Birth: 25 Nov 1891.
Samuel Kidd Jackson: Birth: 4 Dec 1851 in of Dundum, Keady, Armagh, Ireland. Death: 23 Aug 1911 in Clones, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
Samuel Pim Jackson: Birth: 17 Feb 1811 in Waterford. Death: 6 Feb 1883 in Leyton House, Hampton Grove, Redland, Bristol
Samuel Ross Jackson: Birth: 17 Aug 1922 in Derry. Death: 26 Sep 1966
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1836.
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1864 in Co. Kildare, Ireland. Death: Aft 1911
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 12 Feb 1809 in Davidstown, Co. Kildare, Ireland. Death: Jul 1858 in Davidstown, Co. Kildare, Ireland
Samuel Jackson: Birth: Dec 1641 in Halton, Parish Of Skipton, Lancashire. Death: 19 Jan 1705/06 in Mary's Lane, Dublin, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Samuel Jackson: Birth: Bef 1668.
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1767 in Howard's Lick, Hampshire (Now Hardy) Co., WV. Death: 1842
Samuel Jackson: Birth: Aft 1661. Death: Aft 1716
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1887 in Belfast.
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 30 Nov 1644.
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1634. Death: 1716 in Probably London, England
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1671.
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 1660. Death: 1687
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 23 Apr 1702. Death: 24 Oct 1760 in Xch, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Samuel Jackson: Birth: 11 Jun 1736. Death: 9 Jan 1772
Samuel Jackson: Birth: Feb 1675/76.
Samuel Jackson: Death: Bef 1834 in late of Coolmana, Co. Carlow
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