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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Oliver: Birth: Abt 1810. Death: 15 Oct 1873 in Of Killynure, Co. Armagh

  2. Thomas Oliver: Birth: Abt 1813. Death: 4 May 1867 in Of Killynure, Co. Armagh

  3. Elizabeth Oliver: Birth: 10 Apr 1815 in Probably Killinure, Co. Armagh. Death: 23 Oct 1903 in Urker Lodge, Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh

  4. Andrew Bradford Oliver: Birth: 1818 in probably Killynure, Parish of Lisnadill, Ireland. Death: 27 Nov 1877 in Aughrafin, Killylea, Parish Of Tynan, Co. Armagh

  5. Mary Jane Oliver: Birth: 1821. Death: 3 Oct 1875 in Ballybay, Co Monaghan

  6. Henry Oliver: Birth: Bet 1818 and 1821 in Probably Killynure. Death: Bet 1818 and 1821 in Probably Killynure

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1. Title:   Headstone from Maria Beattie April 9, 2006
2. Title:   Will of Benjamin Oliver of Killynure dated 22 Oct 1813
Page:   NA IWR/1832/F/1888
3. Title:   Hunch

a. Note:   In the Peerage and Baronetage Book, the father of Eliza OLIVER isgiven as William. Both Gitta & Wendy Jack research give Ben. Further research has proved them to be correct & Drebbets to be wrong (not the first time). The William is one generation back. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p. 263-264 "In 1766 Bryan Burns of Laragh demised to David Oliver ofBallyrea, C. Armagh, the corn mill called Lough Egish mill. Oliver wasalready in the linen trade in Co. Armagh. The corn mill seemingly waschanged into a beetling mill. It would appear that the concern gotinto debt and was 'rescued' by D McTear who in the process received alien on the property. When David Oliver died, there was somedifficulty in settling the estate. In 1815, the Court of Chanceryordered that in consideration of outstanding debts being discharged,McTear should assign the bleaching mill and green, in their actualpossession, to Oliver's sons Joseph, William and Benjamin. Thebleaching operation was being worked on a reduced scale; part of themill had been changed into a flax scutching mill and another into acorn mill. It only worked 4 months of the year in total." NOTES FROM BLIN: "Benjamin Oliver bought Killynure and married Elizabeth Bradford, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Breakey. Bradford of C.nore (Cavananore)". The name "Oliver" is a Norman and Anglo-Norman name with roots in Ulster and Louth. Although this is as far back as I can go right now, I note that thereis a record of a Hugh Oliver who married a Jane Parke and Jan 6, 1708 and an Elizabeth Oliver who married a Robert Henry in 1711, Nov 28.Also a Martha Oliver who married an Andrew Brown July 30 1719. (Source Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquities of Ireland, Vol 28, 1898."A List of Marriages copied from the Session Book of the Congregationof Armagh by William Frazier F.R.C.S.I."] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.