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a. Note:   Irish Edition of Alexander ban Donaldson: Our Ancestor 1691-1776. ByRon Donaldson, p257 Donaldson, Robert born 1834 near Newtownhamilton also felt the call of America and sailed to New York in 1849. He went to stay with his Uncle Samuel and helped him in his saddlery business. One account has himbeing born in 1830. For some reason he did not like this arrangement andleft for Canada arriving in Toronto then going the 50 miles up to Orangeville.He arrived there May 1852 the first day of the first livestock fair onBroadway. Near Garafraxa, Ontario in 1855 he married Mary Ann Conner who wasborn 183 in Co Wicklow, Ireland. She came over with her parents in 1838. Greta Golden says he, "settled on the township of East Garafraxa where hecut down trees, busted sod, built a log cabin, married and started the family." The government census of 1861 says he lived in a log house built in1859, was living on corner 16, lot 12, had 200 acres valued at $2000. Census of1871 says he was on corner 14 lot 5 had 250 acres 180 of which are improvedand 25 pasture. On the property are 4 dwelling houses and 5 barns. Implements included 2 carriages, 2 wagons/sleighs, 1 horse rake, 3ploughs/cultivators, 1 reaper/mower and 1 fanning mill. Had 3 horses, 4 cows, 15 swine.Produced 100 cords of wood annually which ranked 10 or 12 in a large area. His religion was Church of Ireland, he was a farmer and hotelkeeper. Robert lived near Orangeville and in 1868 he sold his part of the farmin Ireland to his brother David for the sum of 100 pounds. A Mr. Maitlandwho was a solicitor in Canada witnessed the signing of the documents. Robert also was famous for breeding grey horses, they were known afaras The Donaldson Greys. When Confederation in Canada came along, the firstPrime Minister came up into the solid Tory country and no other horses were considered worthy to pull his carriage except The Donaldson Greys. An Alex Copeland resided with them born 1825, says from Scotland, butI believe he was a neighbor from Tullyvallen as they were on the farmdeed and also probably were cousins. Later Robert was to become the Postmasterin Reading, Ontario. Issue. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.