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Marriage: Children:
  1. Dawn Nesta Jackson: Birth: 25 Nov 1909. Death: Dec 2005 in Sussex

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  3. Meryl Julian Jackson: Birth: 25 Dec 1910. Death: 10 Jan 1998 in England

  4. Daphne Myddletone Jackson: Birth: 8 Sep 1914 in Stansted House, Essex, UK. Death: Sep 2002

  5. David Thomas Trelawny Jackson: Birth: 9 Aug 1917. Death: 7 Dec 1943 in Bari, Italy, WW II

1. Title:   Gitte Priscilla Collins JACKSON's research
2. Title:   2006 April conversation with Julian Currie
3. Title:   Note
4. Title:   Julius from Wendy Jack August 2005.FTW

a. Note:   The title (originating with Sir Thomas JACKSON) moved to George JuliusJACKSON because of the deaths of his brothers, Thomas & Julius.(SOURCE:email Brian McDonald) Forthcoming Marriage Notice - 9 Jan 1909; pg 11 MR. JACKSON AND MISS BARCLAY Mr. G. Julius Jackson, son of Sir Thomas Jackson, Bt., and Lady Jackson, of Stansted House, Stansted, Essex, and Miss Nesta Barclay,daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hedworth Barclay, of The Hermitage, Ascot,who are to be married at St. Paul's Church, Knightsbridge, on Tuesday,the 12th inst., have already received a number of wedding presents,including the following:- From the Duchess of Sutherland, a gold-fitted "Vanity" bag; the Duchess of Beaufort, a mauve enamel buckle; Baron and Baroness deForest, old silver plant stands; Baron and Baroness de Tuyll, a silvertravelling clock; Mr. Hedworth Barclay, a fitted dressing case; Mrs.Hedworth Barclay, a diamond tiara and a turquoise half-hoop ring; Miss Barclay (the bride's sister), an Empire comb; Mr. Barclay (the bride's brother), an umbrella; Sir Thomas and Lady Jackson, a diamond and sapphire pendant; Sir Thomas Jackson, a cheque; Lady Jackson, all the house linen and a canteen of silver; the bridegroom's brothers and sister, a pair of diamond and pearl drop earrings; Colonel Barclay,set of silver entree dishes and stand; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barclay, along sealskin coat; Mr. and Mrs. Myddelton, a silver tea service; Mrs.Barclay, a gold purse bag; Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson, a mauve enamel andgold cigarette case and match-box; Captain W. Forester, silvercandlesticks; Captain and Mrs Laycock, a silver inkstand; the Hon.Francis Needham, Mr. Vivian Fletcher, and Miss Fletcher, a pair ofdiamond and pearl earrings; the Hon. Mrs Walrond, a Thermos luncheon case; and Mr. and Mrs. Miller Mundy, a cheque. Marriage Notice - 13 Jan 1909; pg 11 MR. JACKSON AND MISS BARCLAY. The marriage was celebrated yesterday at St. Paul's Church,Knightsbridge, of Mr. George Julius Jackson, second son of Sir Thomasand Lady Jackson, of Stansted House, Essex, and Miss Nesta K. Barclay,eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hedworth Barclay, of The Hermitage,Ascot. Mr. Barclay gave his daughter away, and Captain T. D. Jackson,D.S.O., acted as his brother's best man. The bridesmaids were MissVera Barclay (sister of the bride), Miss Dorothy Jackson (sister ofthe bridegroom), Miss Violet Barclay (cousin of the bride), Miss PeggyBrocklehurst, Miss Marjorie Lawson (cousin of the bride), and MissHermione Kennedy. Among those present at the church were Sir Thomas and Lady Jackson, Lady Constance Hadow, Lady Marshall, the Hon. Mrs.William Lawson, Colonel Barclay, Mr. and Mrs. Myddleton, Miss Hartopp,Miss Burnaby, Mrs. Ricardo, Mrs. Woodhouse, Miss Eden, and Mrs.Farquuhar. A small reception was held at the Hyde Park Hotel beforethe departure of the bride and bridegroom for Moyles Court, Ringwood, Hants, which has been lent for the honeymoon by the bride's uncle,Colonel Barclay. A list of the principal wedding presents appeared inThe Times on the 9th inst. Times Death Notice - 22 Feb 1956; pg 1 JACKSON. - On February 21st, 1956, in his sleep at Great Posbrooke,Titchfield, Hampshire, MAJOR SIR JULIUS JACKSON, Bt., late 60th Rifles. Private cremation at Southampton Crematorium, Swathling,Friday at 11 a.m. No flowers, please. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.