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a. Note:   Victor enlisted November 16, 1915 at the recruiting depot in Toronto,Canada. He was 5' 11.25" tall, Chest expanded was 34.5", Weight-134lbs., Complexion and Hair was fair and he had dark blue Eyes. Memberof the Church of England. Had a mole on right hip, thigh, buttock andleft upper lip. He had a scald on his right forearm. Became a memberof the 81st. Battalion on November 26, 1915. Unit sailed from Halifaxon the S.S. Olympic on April 28, 1916. Transferred to the 18th.Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force in France on June 29, 1916.Proceeded to join unit in the field on July 12, 1916. Joined theCanadian Infantry, Western Ontario Regiment, 18th. Battalion, 2ndDivision on July 21, 1916. He served for awhile near Ypres moving tothe Somme River region at the beginning of September 1916. TheCanadians launched the offensive to take the village of Courcelletteand Regina Trench, on September 15th, 1916 at dawn with the help oftanks behind a creeping barrage. The 2nd Division deployed between thevillages of Courcellette and Flers as part of an effort to take not todistant Pozieres Ridge. Units engaged in hand-to-hand bayonetfighting. He was reported missing on September 23, 1916. Victor wasKilled In Action in the field on Friday, September 13, 1916 ( He mayhave been killed by a mine explosion) and was buried in thecommunication trench on September 20, 1916 (Sheet Albert, France). Theadvance against Courcellette and Regina Trench cost 24,000 casualtiesfor the four Canadian Divisions. He received the British War andVictory Medals. Commemorated on Page 95 of the First World War Book ofRemembrance and memorialized on the Vimy Memorial, Pas de Calais,France. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.