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Samuel Dawson: Birth: Abt 1749. Death: 23 Jul 1776 in Of Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan
Sarah Dawson: Birth: 9 Dec 1713. Death: 1793
Thamazine Dawson: Birth: 1796. Death: 1883
Thomas Dawson: Death: 1683
Thomas Dawson: Birth: 1717. Death: 1729
William Dawson: Birth: 1679 in Of Halton Gill, Yorkshire. Death: 1723
William Dawson: Birth: 1721. Death: Abt 1721
William Dawson: Birth: Abt 1650.

John Day: Death: Bef 1814
Rupert Charles Day: Birth: Abt 1895 in Prahran, Vic. Death: 9 Sep 1974 in Cheltenham, Vic

Miriam Kathleen Day-Smith: Birth: 6 Jun 1913 in Mannville, Alberta, Canada. Death: 25 Jan 2008 in Vgh Hospital, Vancouver, BC

Unnamed De Brequet: Birth: Abt 1670. Death: 12 Jul 1690 in Battle Of Boyne

Adam De Bridtwisell: Birth: Abt 1195 in Bridtwesell, Lancashire, England. Death: in Bridtwesell, Lancashire, England
John De Bridtwisell: Birth: 1240 in England. Death: in England
John De Bridtwisell: Birth: 1215 in England. Death: in England
Ralph De Bridtwisell: Birth: Abt 1160 in England. Death: in England
Reyner De Bridtwisell: Birth: 1185 in Bridtwesell, Lancashire, England. Death: in Bridtwesell, Lancashire, England
Emily De Burgh: Birth: 13 Aug 1807. Death: 5 Dec 1842
Henry De Burgh: Birth: 8 Jan 1741/42. Death: 8 Dec 1797
Hester Catherine De Burgh: Birth: Jan 1800. Death: 17 Feb 1878 in 16 Mansfield Street, Marlebone, London
John Smyth De Burgh: Birth: 11 Nov 1720. Death: 21 Apr 1782
John Thomas De Burgh: Birth: 22 Sep 1744. Death: 27 Jul 1808
Michael De Burgh: Birth: Abt 1686. Death: 29 Nov 1726
Richard De Burgh: Death: Aug 1666
Ulick John De Burgh: Birth: 20 Dec 1802. Death: 10 Apr 1874
Ulick De Burgh: Death: 20 May 1601

Grace Georgina De Caville: Birth: 23 Oct 1894 in St Margaret, St George Hanover Square, Westminster, London. Death: 8 Nov 1974 in Hastings, Sussex
Adelaide Louise De Guerin: Birth: 1820. Death: 1879

Joan De La See: Birth: 1463.
Catherine Penelope De Montmorency: Death: 24 Jun 1858 in Mount Street Crescent, Dublin

Isabelle Raymonde De Peyronet: Birth: 29 Oct 1841 in Trinidad, West Indies.

Louisa Antoinette De St. Felix: Birth: Abt 1822. Death: 24 Jun 1888 in 119 Adelaide Rd., Hampstead, London, England

Caroline Sophia Deacon: Birth: Abt 1830 in Surrey, England. Death: in Aft 1884

Elizabeth Delaney: Birth: Abt 1790. Death: Bef 1890

Harriett Dennis: Death: 12 Jun 1901 in Wetherill Park. Nsw

Augustus Brooke Wardin Denniss: Birth: Mar 1858. Death: 26 Oct 1910
Cyril Edmund Bartley Denniss: Birth: 4 Mar 1882. Death: 6 Jan 1955
Edmond Pinerock Denniss: Death: 10 Dec 1863
Edmund Robert Bartley Denniss: Birth: 9 Apr 1854 in London, England. Death: 20 Mar 1931 in Belmont In Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.
Elsie Christina Denniss: Birth: Abt 1880 in Hendon, Middlesex, England. Death: Abt 1883 in England
George Barlow Bartley Denniss: Birth: Nov 1878 in Hendon, Middlesex, England. Death: 6 Jan 1900 in Ladysmith, South Africa
Georgina Louisa Denniss: Birth: Jun 1861.
Henry Barlow Bartley Denniss: Birth: 15 Jun 1885 in Hendon, Middlesex, England. Death: 18 Jan 1913
Jessy Harriett Denniss: Birth: May 1852.
Leslie Augustus Bartley Denniss: Birth: Abt 1883. Death: Abt 1884
Margaret Elizabeth Denniss: Birth: Abt 1887.
Thomas Vivian Bartley Denniss: Birth: 29 Oct 1891 in Gavton House, Harrow-On-The-Hill. Death: 28 Aug 1918 in Military Hospital In Denmark Hill, London, England.
Anthony Dering: Death: 1636 in of Surrenden Dering, Pluckley, Kent
Anthony Dering: Birth: 1620. Death: Sep 1634
Catherine Dering: Birth: Abt 1711. Death: 24 Aug 1793 in Abbey Street, Dublin, Ireland
Charles Dering: Birth: in of Surenden-Dering, Kent, England. Death: Jul 1719

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