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Knowler Ann Allen: Birth: 27 Jul 1809 in Whitechapel, STepney, Middlesex, England. Death: 1896
Knowler Maria Allen: Birth: 22 Jan 1839 in Middlesex, London, England. Death: 4 Nov 1854
Lucy Beatrice Allen: Birth: Abt 1877 in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England.
Lucy Bedford Allen: Birth: 22 Jan 1835 in England. Death: 3 Sep 1926 in Cuckfield, Sussex, England
Mabel Annie Allen: Birth: Abt 1875 in Penang, Straits Settlements, Malaysia. Death: 16 Jan 1949 in Hawthorne House, Hampstead Heath, London, England
Margaret Allen: Birth: 26 Aug 1832 in Tower St., St. Dunstan in the East, Middlessex, London, England. Death: 25 Feb 1870 in Wilderspool, Runcorn, Cheshire, England
Margaret Allen: Birth: 1803. Death: 1823
Margaret Allen: Birth: 1746.
Maria Allen: Birth: 26 Jun 1812.
Marjorie Isobel Allen: Birth: 1886. Death: 29 Dec 1964 in Seafield Lodge Nursing Home, 124 Dorset Rd., Bexhill, Sussex
Martha Allen: Birth: 1795. Death: 1798
Mary Allen: Birth: 15 Jan 1839 in Walthamstow, Essex, England. Death: 4 May 1904 in Mayola Road, Lower Clapton, Hackney, London, Middlesex, England
Nellie Kathleen Allen: Birth: Abt 1872 in Stoke Newington, London, England.
Richard Bedford Allen: Birth: 9 Jun 1807 in Leman St., Whitechapel, Middlesex, London, England. Death: 8 Nov 1877 in Walthamstow, Essex
Richard Collyns Allen: Birth: Abt 1836 in Walthamstow, Essex, England. Death: 2 Mar 1898 in Winslow, Buckinghamshire, England
Richard James Allen: Birth: Abt 1848.
Richard James Allen: Birth: 6 Jan 1783 in Aldgate. London. England. Death: 9 Sep 1863 in Chigwell, Essex, England
Susan Allen: Birth: 1808 in Whitechapel, Middlesex, England.
Susanna Allen: Birth: 12 Apr 1767 in Of Yoghall, Co. Cork. Death: 20 Aug 1844
Thomas William Allen: Birth: Abt 1856 in Middlesex, London, England.
Thomas Allen: Death: 1791
Thomas Allen: Death: 1752
Whitworth Allen: Birth: 5 Nov 1835 in 87 Great Tower Street, Middlesex, England. Death: 14 Oct 1899 in Jubilee Hospital, Woodford, Essex, England
Winifred Maud Allen: Birth: 10 Nov 1872 in Hurricane Cottage, Singapore, Straits Settlements.. Death: 20 Mar 1961 in of 702 Mansfield Road, Nottingham
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Maria Alston: Birth: 19 Jul 1815 in 1. Death: 21 Mar 1871 in England; 1
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Agnes Elizabeth Amesbury: Birth: 1844. Death: 17 Jan 1885 in Reigate
Anderson: Birth: in Missouri, USA. Death: Bef 1920
Edward Anderson: Birth: 1810. Death: 16 Mar 1852 in Dublin, Ireland
Ellen Jane Anderson: Birth: Bef 1853 in of Carsontown. Death: Bet 1901 and 1911
George Anderson: Birth: 1863. Death: Aft 1911
George Anderson: Birth: Abt 1893.
Samuel Anderson: Birth: Abt 1897.
Sarah Anderson: Birth: Abt 1813.
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Agathe Andres: Birth: 1881 in Einlage (Robach). Death: May 1922
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 23 May 1786. Death: 19 Apr 1852
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 19 Feb 1919. Death: Abt 1945
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 23 Jan 1852 in Marienberg. Death: 23 Jan 1935 in Sandhof
Cornelius Andres: Birth: Abt 1816. Death: 1818
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 1 Oct 1849.
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 1760. Death: 15 Mar 1813
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 1760. Death: 18 Mar 1813
Cornelius Andres: Birth: Abt 1730.
Cornelius Andres: Birth: 23 Apr 1826. Death: 23 Jan 1912
David Andres: Birth: 1805. Death: Abt 1818
David Andres: Birth: Abt 1804. Death: 1807
Gertraut Andres: Birth: 20 May 1918. Death: 25 Aug 2013 in Totem Lodge, Sechelt, BC. Canad
Gustav Andres: Birth: 9 May 1886 in Robach. Death: 4 Sep 1923 in Elbing
Heinrich Andres: Birth: Bef 1828. Death: 1828
Jakob Andres: Birth: 25 Jan 1847. Death: 1 Sep 1917
Jakob Andres: Birth: 13 Feb 1885 in Robach. Death: 9 Feb 1955
Jakob Andres: Birth: 10 Mar 1819.
Jakob Andres: Birth: 1801. Death: Abt 1804
Jakob Andres: Birth: Abt 1803. Death: 1822
Johann Andres: Birth: Abt 1800. Death: 1807
Johannes Andres: Death: 1932
Peter Andres: Birth: 14 May 1821. Death: 13 Oct 1882
Peter Andres: Birth: 3 Oct 1921. Death: Abt 1945
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Anna Andrews: Birth: Abt 1874 in Iowa, USA.
Arthur Andrews: Birth: May 1880 in Iowa, USA.
Charles Andrews: Birth: Abt 1846 in Ireland.
Eliza Andrews: Birth: 1883.
Elizabeth Andrews: Death: 24 Aug 1944 in Belfast, Ireland
Emma Andrews: Birth: Abt 1866 in Illinois, USA.
George Johnston Andrews: Birth: 9 Nov 1864 in Knocknadona, Co. Antrim, Ireland. Death: 1 Apr 1939
Hessia M Andrews: Birth: Feb 1868 in Illinois, USA.
Isabella Jane Johnston Andrews: Birth: 1858 in Ireland. Death: 27 Dec 1870 in Victoria Place, Belfast
James Stevenson Andrews: Birth: 25 Jan 1862 in Ireland. Death: 23 Dec 1927 in Belfast, Ireland
James Andrews: Birth: Abt 1848 in Illinois, USA - More Likely Ireland.
John Andrews: Birth: Abt 1800.
John Andrews: Birth: Abt 1844 in Ireland.
Josiah Andrews: Birth: 5 May 1841 in MT Prospect, Co Monaghan, Ireland.
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