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Strettell Jackson: Birth: 16 Feb 1755. Death: Abt 1807 in Of Peterborough, Near Cork, Ireland
Susan Beatrice Jackson: Birth: 1884 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland.
Susan Elizabeth Jackson: Birth: 14 Oct 1905 in Belfast, Co. Antrim. Death: 28 Jul 1996
Susan Ida Jackson: Birth: 9 Feb 1886 in Belfast.
Susan Louisa Jackson: Birth: 1830.
Susan Jackson: Birth: Bet 1698 and 1730. Death: 8 Feb 1805 in Chapel Row, Hotwells, Bristol, Bristol, England
Susan Jackson: Birth: Aft 1696. Death: Aft 1765
Susan Jackson: Birth: Aft 1784 in Probably Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.
Susan Jackson: Birth: Abt 1821. Death: 2 Nov 1894 in Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland
Susan Jackson: Death: 1776
Susan Jackson: Birth: Abt 1889 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.
Susana Jackson: Birth: 2 Apr 1787. Death: 23 May 1787
Susana Jackson: Birth: 25 Jun 1792. Death: 31 Dec 1824
Susanna Jackson: Birth: 28 Jun 1798. Death: 10 Oct 1807
Susanna Jackson: Birth: Jul 1732. Death: 26 May 1781 in Probably Duddington, Northampton, England
Susanna Jackson: Birth: 28 Nov 1800. Death: Abt 1858
Susanna Jackson: Birth: Bef 1696. Death: Aft 1698
Susanna Jackson: Birth: 1724.
Susannah Jackson: Birth: Bet 1844 and 1849 in Co. Carlow, Ireland.
Susannah Jackson: Death: 13 Jan 1805 in Bellview, Bangor, Co. Down
Sydney Jackson: Birth: Abt 1883. Death: 21 May 1924 in Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland
Tatlow Jackson: Birth: Abt 1822 in Ireland. Death: Dec 1888 in Philidelphia, Philidelphia Co., PA, USA
Tatlow Jackson: Birth: Jul 1845 in MS. USA. Death: 31 Mar 1921 in California, USA
Thomas Andrew Jackson: Birth: 20 Feb 1930. Death: 20 Dec 2007 in Resident Of Bangor, Co. Down - Died In Hospital
Thomas Buxton Jackson: Birth: 11 Jan 1835 in Dublin.
Thomas Dare Jackson: Birth: 14 Jun 1876 in Yokohama, Japan. Death: 2 Feb 1954 in New Zealand
Thomas Dare Jackson: Birth: 5 May 1879 in Lions Den, Trim, Co. Meath. Death: 17 Jun 1961 in Fostertown, Trim, Co. Meath
Thomas Edward Jackson: Death: Oct 1869
Thomas Graham Jackson: Birth: 21 Dec 1835. Death: 7 Nov 1924 in Of Eagle House, Wimbledon
Thomas Henry Jackson: Birth: Abt 1843. Death: 21 Apr 1876 in Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
Thomas Hippisley Jackson: Birth: 17 May 1791.
Thomas Johnston Jackson: Birth: 4 Jul 1873 in Co. Monaghan, Ireland. Death: 7 Nov 1880 in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan, Ireland
Thomas Jonathon Jackson: Birth: 21 Jan 1824 in Clarksburg, VA, America. Death: 10 May 1863 in Guiney's Station, VA., America
Thomas Pierce Jackson: Birth: 1803. Death: 31 Oct 1888 in late of Cloncon Tullamore, Kings Co., Ireland
Thomas Rickard Eyre Jackson: Birth: 3 Feb 1921 in Herringfleet Hall In Lowestoft, Suffolk, England. Death: 10 Feb 1944 in Italy, Ww II
Thomas Trotter Jackson: Birth: 1832. Death: 1841
Thomas Tweed Jackson: Birth: 1877. Death: 18 Mar 1931 in Millbay Islandmagee
Thomas William Jackson: Birth: 27 Dec 1809. Death: 7 Oct 1827 in St. Lucia, West Indies
Thomas Jackson: Birth: in England. Death: 1690 in of Athgarvan & Kineagh, Co. Kildare
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Bef 1811. Death: in possibly New York
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1832. Death: 11 Jun 1875 in Castlefarm, Parish of Fontstown, Barony of Narrgah & Reban East, Co. Kildare
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 13 Feb 1865 in Fontstown, Barony Narragh & Reban East, Co. Kildare, Ireland.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 4 Jun 1841 in Aughavilla, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim. Death: 21 Dec 1915 in Bank Of Hong Kong, 9 Gracechurch Street, London
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 4 Jan 1881 in Brackagh Townland, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. Death: Aft 1895
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1680 in Coleraine, Co. Derry, Ireland. Death: 24 Mar 1750/51 in Of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 13 Sep 1629 in Kirkby, Lonsdale, Westmorland, England. Death: Bef 1688
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 9 Nov 1698 in Oldcastle, Co. Meath. Death: 21 Jul 1785 in Edenderry, Kings Co., Ireland
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 27 Feb 1731/32 in Jonestown, Kings Co. Ireland. Death: 12 Feb 1798 in His own house, Edenderry, Kings County, Ireland
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Aft 1783. Death: in Of Rathangan
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 30 Sep 1656 in Clery, Co. Down. Death: 15 Apr 1716 in Killinure, Queens Co.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 21 Jun 1692 in Killenure, Parish of Saintfield, Barony Castlereagh Upper, Co. Down. Death: in Chester, Pennsylvania, America
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1 May 1689 in Mountmellick, Parish Of Rosenallis, Queens County. Death: 12 Nov 1690
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Abt 1670. Death: 9 Jul 1727 in East Marlborough, Chester Co., PA
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 9 May 1757. Death: 20 Jan 1844
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 18 Sep 1796.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Abt 1690.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1 Sep 1807 in Waterford. Death: 3 Sep 1890 in Altona, Strandtown, Co. Down
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Abt 1700. Death: 1779 in Of Ballyreagan, Parish Of Dundonald, Co. Down
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1679. Death: 1713 in Newtownards, Parish of Newtownards, Barony Castlereagh Lower, Co. Down, Ireland
Thomas Jackson: Death: 1694 in Of Abington Abbey, Northampton
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1669 in probably Northampton. Death: 25 Aug 1769 in Of Duddington, Co. Northampton,
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1695. Death: 12 Jul 1771 in Of Duddington, Northamptonshire, England
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1746 in Of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Death: 12 May 1792 in London, England
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 28 Oct 1782. Death: 1857 in Of Fanningstown, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 20 May 1768. Death: 28 Jun 1800 in Stamford, Lincoln, England
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1757 in Probably Ballybay, Co. Monaghan. Death: Aft 1808 in Probably Ballybay, Co. Monaghan
Thomas Jackson: Birth: in Probably Lisnaboe, Co. Meath. Death: Bef 1794 in Probably Lisnaboe, Co. Meath
Thomas Jackson: Death: 6 Mar 1877 in Late Of Lisnaboe Co Meath, Ireland
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Aft 1784 in Probably Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Mar 1724. Death: Mar 1724
Thomas Jackson: Death: Aft 1814 in of Tuincurry, Parish of Whitechurch, Barony of Iffa and Offa, Co. Tipperary
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Aft 1692. Death: Aft 1711
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Aft 1555 in of Edderthorp, Co. York, England. Death: in of Knottingley, Co. York
Thomas Jackson: Birth: Abt 1697. Death: Bef 1698 in probably Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Co. Leicester
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 29 Nov 1600. Death: Sep 1680
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1611 in of Broughton, Derbyshire, England.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1675 in of Broughton, Derbyshire, England.
Thomas Jackson: Death: Bef 1750
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1716 in Derbyshire, England.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1737 in Derbyshire, England.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 26 Dec 1759 in Derbyshire, England. Death: 21 Dec 1818
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1784 in Derbyshire, England. Death: Bet 1784 and 1787
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1787 in Derbyshire, England. Death: 20 Dec 1858 in Derbyshire, England
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1665. Death: 1666
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1680.
Thomas Jackson: Birth: 1781 in near Baltinglass, Co. Carlow. Death: 19 May 1869 in Brough, Parish of Rahill, Co. Carlow, Ireland
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