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Anne (Toner): Birth: 1843 in Ontario.
Mary (Toner): Birth: 1821 in Ireland.
Mary (Torrance): Birth: Bef 1826 in Ireland.
Mary (Torrance): Birth: 1856 in Ontario.
Mary (Torrance): Birth: 1848 in Ontario.
Rosanna (Torrance): Birth: 1830 in Ireland.
Marguerite (Toulin): Birth: Bef 1837.
Anne (Towns): Birth: 1798 in England.
Margaret (Towns): Birth: 28 Oct 1834-1835 in Ontario.
Maria (Towns): Birth: 1842-1843 in Ontario. Death: 25 Aug 1913 in Simcoe Co., Ontario
Mary Anne (Towns): Birth: 1850 in Ontario.
Mary (Towns): Birth: 1863 in Ontario.
Mary (Towns): Birth: 4 Mar 1875 in Ontario.
Jane (Tracy): Birth: 1835 in Ontario.
Mary (Tracy): Birth: 1846 in USA.
Mary (Trasher): Birth: Bef 1825.
Flora Anne (Trask): Birth: Bef 1834.
Catherine (Traynor): Birth: 1829 in Ireland.
Alma (Tremblay): Birth: Jul 1889.
Mary (Tremblay): Birth: 5 Mar 1880.
Harriet (Trevillian): Birth: 1823 in England.
Elizabeth (Trinkwon): Birth: Bef 1833 in England. Death: Bef 1901
Catherine Emma (Tripp): Birth: 1822.
Christiana (Trottier): Birth: 26 Oct 1851.
Clemence Leah (Trottier): Birth: 1858 in P.Q.. Death: 28 Jan 1876 in Tiny Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Marie (Trottier): Birth: 1822 in P.Q..
Mary (Trudgeon): Birth: Bef 1811.
Anne (Truman): Birth: 1791 in Ireland.
Charlotte (Trunkfield): Birth: 1846 in Ontario.
Catherine (Tryon): Birth: Bef 1831.
Anne Mary (Tuck): Birth: 1851 in Ontario.
Elizabeth Ann (Tuck): Birth: 1825-1830 in England.
Harriet (Tuck): Birth: Bef 1832.
Harriet (Tuck): Birth: 1819.
"Nattie" (Tudhope): Birth: 1853 in Ontario.
Bertha (Tudhope): Birth: 17 Mar 1876.
Mary I. (Tudhope): Birth: 1 Apr 1856.
Mary (Tupper): Birth: Bef 1834.
Amelia (Turner): Birth: 8 Nov 1866. Death: 23 Oct 1894 in Simcoe Co., Ontario
Anne (Turner): Birth: Bef 1813 in England.
Eliza (Turner): Birth: 1845 in England.
Elizabeth (Turner): Birth: 1791 in Maryland, USA. Death: 1861-1868
Flora (Turner): Birth: 1844.
Hannah (Turner): Birth: 1843 in England. Death: 1871-1872 in Barrie, Ontario
Jane (Turner): Birth: 1838 in England.
Margaret Arabella (Turner): Birth: Jun 1879 in Medonte Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.. Death: 9 Dec 1901 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont.
Margaret (Turner): Birth: Bef 1840.
Margaret (Turner): Birth: 1851 in Ontario.
Mary Anne (Turner): Birth: Bef 1831.
Mary (Turner): Birth: 1842 in Ontario.
Mrs. C. (Turner): Birth: 1801.
Sarah (Turner): Birth: 1848 in Ontario.
Mary (Tweedy): Birth: 18 Jun 1843.
Sarah (Tyndall): Birth: 1794 in England.
Mary (Tyrell): Birth: 1808.
Amelia (Tyson): Birth: 1848 in Scotland.
Anne (Tyson): Birth: 1816 in Ontario.
Catherine (Tyson): Birth: 1790. Death: Abt 1863 in Simcoe Co., Ontario
Harriet (Tyson): Birth: 1845 in Ontario.
George Reid Taggart: Birth: Abt 1872.
Andrew John Taggerty: Birth: Bef 1827 in Ireland.
Elizabeth Taggerty: Birth: 3 Mar 1835-1842 in Ireland. Death: 29 Oct 1911 in Flos Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Beatrice Tait: Birth: Bef 1843.
Clara Julia Talbot: Birth: 1865 in USA.
George Talbot: Birth: 1829 in England.
Henrietta Talbot: Birth: 1863 in USA.
John Parker Talbot: Birth: 1857 in P.Q.. Death: 1941
Roy Edgar Talbot: Birth: 7 Jan 1886 in P.Q.. Death: 10 Nov 1988 in Ft. Qu'Apelle, Sask.
Ada Tambling: Birth: 1862 in Ontario. Death: Jan 1871 in Barrie, Ontario
Alfred Tambling: Birth: 1869 in Barrie, Ontario.
Elizabeth Tambling: Birth: 1858.
George Tambling: Birth: 1860.
Mary Tambling: Birth: 1854 in Ontario.
Thomas Tambling: Birth: 1828 in England.
Eliza Tan??s: Birth: Bef 1849 in England.
Elija Tanner: Birth: Bef 1855.
Margaret Tanner: Birth: Bef 1833.
Mary A. Tanner: Birth: 1796 in England. Death: 28 Aug 1863 in Simcoe Co., Ontario
Wm. G. Tanner: Birth: 1870 in E. Gwillimbury Twp., York Co., Ont..
(English) Tanton: Birth: Bef 1816 in England.
Alice Jane Tanton: Birth: Jun 1880 in Westminster, Middlesex Co., Ont..
Alice Tanton: Birth: 1860 in England.
Francis Hall Tanton: Birth: 1872 in Ontario.
Helen Elizabeth Tanton: Birth: 1878.
Henry Hall Tanton: Birth: 1876.
Henry Tanton: Birth: 1838 in England.
James Tanton: Birth: 1857 in England.
Margaret Tanton: Birth: 11 Apr 1900 in Edgar, Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.. Death: 15 Apr 1985
Mary Hall Tanton: Birth: 1868 in Ontario.
Thomas Hall Tanton: Birth: 1871 in Ontario. Death: 1939 in Toronto, York Co., Ontario
Thomas Tanton: Birth: 1831 in England.
William Hall Tanton: Birth: 1874.
George Tarflat: Birth: Abt 1836.
(English) Taylor: Birth: Bef 1812 in England.
(Irish) Taylor: Birth: Bef 1825.
(Irish) Taylor: Birth: Bef 1804 in Ireland.
Taylor: Death: Bef 1881
Albert Taylor: Birth: 1870 in <Nottawasaga Twp.>.
Alice Taylor: Birth: 1843 in Ontario.
Alvin Taylor: Birth: 1899 in Simcoe Co., Ontario. Death: 1966

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