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Celeste (Thanassie): Birth: 17 Feb 1881. Death: 1957 in Tiny Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Jane of Janice (Thanassie): Birth: 1818 in P.Q..
Marie (Thanassie): Birth: 18 Jan 1875. Death: 1947 in Tiny Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Anne (Theafault): Birth: 10 Jul 1863.
Sarah (Theobald): Birth: 1830 in Ireland.
Hannah (Thibeault): Birth: Bef 1831.
Anne (Thicksen): Birth: 1809 in Ontario.
Catherine (Thomas): Birth: 1805 in Ireland. Death: Bef 1881 in Barrie, Ontario
Elizabeth (Thomas): Birth: 1809 in USA.
Elizabeth (Thomas): Birth: 1817 in USA.
Harriet (Thomas): Birth: 1842 in Simcoe Co., Ontario.
Jane (Thomas): Birth: 1846 in Ontario.
"Polly" (Thompson): Birth: 1801 in Ontario. Death: 1871-1874 in Barrie, Ontario
(Christina) (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1812 in Scotland.
Agnes Richmond (Thompson): Birth: 1850 in Ontario.
Agnes (Thompson): Birth: 1833 in Ontario.
Ann (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1835 in England.
Anne (Thompson): Birth: 1814.
Annetta (Thompson): Birth: 1851 in Ontario.
Arianna (Thompson): Birth: 1839-1842 in Ontario.
Catherine (Thompson): Birth: 1802 in Scotland. Death: Sep 1870 in Oro Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Catherine (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1825 in Ireland.
D. Margaret (Thompson): Birth: 18 Jan 1862.
Dorothy (Thompson): Birth: 1838-1843 in Ontario.
Eliza Isabella (Thompson): Birth: 1802-1805 in Virginia, USA.
Elizabeth B. (Thompson): Birth: 1804 in Scotland.
Elizabeth (Thompson): Birth: 5 Apr 1865.
Elizabeth (Thompson): Birth: 14 May 1858.
Elizabeth (Thompson): Birth: 1824 in England.
Elizabeth (Thompson): Birth: 1842 in Ontario.
Elizabeth (Thompson): Birth: 24 Nov 1839 in Scotland.
Esther (Thompson): Birth: 1852 in Ontario.
Frances (Thompson): Birth: 1830 in Ireland.
Harriet (Thompson): Birth: 13 Feb 1868.
Helen (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1850 in England.
J. Mary (Thompson): Birth: 10 Apr 1863.
Jane (Thompson): Birth: 18 Jan 1847 in England.
Jane (Thompson): Birth: 1852.
Jane (Thompson): Birth: 1816 in Ireland.
Jane (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1784.
Janet W. (Thompson): Birth: 1858. Death: 1915
Jennet (Thompson): Birth: 9 Dec 1837 in Scotland.
Jennet (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1833.
Jessie (Thompson): Birth: 1828 in Scotland. Death: Bef 1901 in Orillia, Simcoe Co., Ont.
Johanna (Thompson): Birth: 1835-1837 in Ontario.
Lucy (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1804.
Lydia (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1821.
Lydia (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1842.
Margaret (Thompson): Birth: 19 Apr 1853 in Ontario.
Maria Elena (Thompson): Birth: 1851 in Ontario.
Marilla (Thompson): Birth: 1833 in Ontario.
Martha (Thompson): Birth: 5 Feb 1878.
Mary A. (Thompson): Birth: 1857 in Ontario.
Mary Anne (Thompson): Birth: 1840 in Ireland.
Mary Anne (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1837.
Mary Anne (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1841.
Mary E. (Thompson): Birth: 1846 in Ontario.
Mary Jane (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1857.
Mary Jane (Thompson): Birth: 16 Feb 1865.
Mary W. (Thompson): Birth: 1835 in Ontario.
Mary (Thompson): Birth: 1841.
Mary (Thompson): Birth: 25 Feb 1838.
Mary (Thompson): Birth: 1853.
Mary (Thompson): Birth: 1835 in Scotland.
Mary (Thompson): Birth: 1816-1818 in England.
Mary (Thompson): Birth: 1830-1832 in Ontario.
Mrs. (Thompson): Birth: 1810.
Rhoda (Thompson): Birth: Bef 1839.
Roma (Thompson): Birth: 1808 in Ontario.
Sarah (Thompson): Birth: 1836 in England.
Sarah (Thompson): Birth: 1847 in Ontario.
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Mary (Thorburn): Birth: 1829 in Scotland.
Elizabeth (Thornton): Birth: Nov 1869 in Germany.
Margaret C. (Thornton): Birth: 1802 in Ireland.
Margaret M. (Thornton): Birth: 1849 in Ireland.
Alice (Thurlow): Birth: 1808 in England. Death: 1899 in Flos Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.
Dinah (Thurlow): Birth: 1852.
Rebecca (Thurlow): Birth: 1845 in Ontario. Death: in Simcoe Co., Ontario
Christina (Tindal): Birth: 1820 in England.
Jane (Tindal): Birth: Bef 1845 in Scotland.
Janna (Tindal): Birth: Bef 1815.
Mary (Tindal): Birth: Bef 1827.
Alice (Tipping): Birth: 8 Feb 1866 in England.
Mary Matilda (Tipping): Birth: Bef 1834.
Sophia (Tipping): Birth: 1854 in England.
Matilda (Tite): Birth: 1807 in England.
Caroline (Todd): Birth: 1849 in P.Q..
Isabella (Todd): Birth: Bef 1834.
Isabella (Todd): Birth: 1825 in Ireland.
Jemima (Todd): Birth: 1842-1844 in Ontario.
Margaret Anne (Todd): Birth: 1860 in Ontario.
Margaret (Todd): Birth: 1853 in Ontario.
Margaret (Todd): Birth: 1833 in Ontario.
Mary (Todd): Birth: 1844 in England.
Elizabeth (Tolin): Birth: 1825.
Charlotte (Tolton): Birth: 18 Nov 1850.
Mary (Tomlinson): Birth: 1804 in England.
Mary (Tomlinson): Birth: Bef 1831.
Anne (Toner): Birth: 1843 in Ontario.

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