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Marriage: Children:
  1. Annetta Thompson: Birth: 1842 in Ontario.

  2. Christopher (English) Thompson: Birth: 1845 in Ontario. Death: 12 Aug 1913 in Medonte Twp., Simcoe Co., Ont.

  3. Ellen Thompson: Birth: 1846 in Ontario.

  4. William John Thompson: Birth: 1849 in Ontario.

  5. Mary Teresa Thompson: Birth: 1853 in Ontario.

  6. Stephen (English) Thompson: Birth: 1857 in Ontario.

1. Title:   1871 Census of Canada
Page:   C-9963, "I-2" MEDONTE, WARD 2, PG. 47, LINE 08
Publication:   National Archives of Canada
2. Title:   1881 Census of Canada
Page:   C-13251, "L-1" MEDONTE TWP., PG. 62
Publication:   National Archives of Canada

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