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  1. Manson Burgher: Birth: DECEMBER 19, 1790 in Albemarle Co., VA. Death: NOVEMBER 1, 1880 in Fabius Township, Davis Co., IA

a. Note:   Nicholas Burgher was the sixth of seven children born to Miss Wheeler and Manus Burger. Nicholas Burgher married first to Mary "Nancy Smith on December 27, 1871 in Albemarle, VA. After Mary Smith died in ABT. 1788; Nicholas married Frances/Fannie Hardin in 1788 in Virginia. Nicholas and Fannie Hardin had six children. Nicholas Burgher, and his brothers served in the American Revolutionalry War. Nicholas served 4 terms and was almost captured by the British when he was on a mission of taking General Lafayette of France to meet with some Americans. Kentucky was a territory of Virginia, and Virginia soldiers were given land grants in Kentucky for their service in the war. Name: NICHOLAS BURGHER Company: RICHMOND COUNTY BATTALION (CONNER'S), NEW YORK MILITIA. Rank - Induction: MAJOR Rank - Discharge: MAJOR Roll Box: 30 Roll Exct: 602 Revolutionary War Records VIRGINIA: Burgher, Nicholas, Soldier, Inf. SECTION II (18) [DOCUMENT No. 44] (18) LIST OF NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS OF THE VIRGINIA LINE ON CONTINENTAL ESTABLISHMENT, WHOSE NAMES APPEAR ON THE ARMY REGISTER AND WHO HAVE NOT RECEIVED BOUNTY LAND, RICHMOND, 1835. Nicholas Burgher Life History 1761 born in Albemarle County, Virginia February 16, 1778 - volunteered and joined a revolutionary war company commaned by Lt. Hudson Martin. According to Estill County Circuit Court records, he served in army in place of "an old man named Metcalf". April, 1778 - His company joined American Army at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Attached to company which had been commanded by Captain Matthew Jouett (he died) of Almarle, nowcommanded by Captain Hill. Attached to 7th Virginia Regiment called "Richardson's" Battalion, commanded by Col. Heath. In Woodford's Brigade. When British abandoned Philadelphia they marched to pursuit of British through New Jersey. In detachment under General LaFayette at the Battle of Monmouth (June 28, 1778). August 17, 1778 - marched over North River to White Plains, New York, then marched to West Point where built or repaired fortifications. August, 1779 - discharged at Middlebrook. Went back to Virginia company with Lt. Robert Jouett. August, 1779 - Went from Albemarle to Amhurst, joined militia company commanded by Captain John Morrison. Marched to Richmond. Marched to Petersburg, attached to regiment commanded by Col. Meade under command of General Lawson. Spring, 1780 - marched home and discharged Summer. 1780 - joined militia raised by Captain Grason/Greshan of Albemarle. Marched with 4 companies commanded byMajor Matt Boyce of Little York. March, 1781 - Volunteered to go on boat (Skipper") commanded by Captain Lilly, who was charged by the Governor of Virginia with dispatches to LaFayette. Went down York River to mouth of Chesapeak, pursued by British into mouth of Patuxent where they met LaFayette. LaFayette landed his troops. Vessels taken to Paxuxent, but couldn't get to Little York because of British. Discharged with other volunteers and went home to Albemarle County. April or May, 1781 - volunteered in militia company commanded by CaptainJames Woods. Went to Richmond, then was attached to Col. Richardson's regiment. When Woods' term expired, he joined Captain Martain's Company. (Richardson's regiment). Then marched to Williamsburg. Marched to siege of York (Yorktown) and remained on duty till surrender of Cornwallace on October 19, 1780. Then he was discharged. December 27, 1781 - Nicholas married Nancy Smith in AlbemarleCounty, Virginia. Some time after 1785 he moved to Clark County, Kentucky. 1788 - Nicholas marries Fannie Harding 1808 - Estill County was formed from part of Clark County. 1810 - Nicholas appears on the Estill County, Kentuckycensus owning 8 slaves September 13, 1814 - he enlisted as a major in Connor's Richmond County Battalion, New York militia, commanded by Lt. Col. Richard Connor 1827/1828 - leaves Estill County 1832 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.