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  1. Timothy Pennington: Birth: ABT 1684.

  2. Ephriam Pennington: Birth: ABT 1689.

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a. Note:   Ephriam PENNINGTON was born about 1720, possibly in NJ or PA. Three of his children were reportedly born in PA between 1745 and 1752; two were born in NC in 1760 and 1763. His wife's name is unknown. Caleb Osborne's tax list of 1761 shows two Ephriam Penningtons living near the Forks of the Yadkin River in Rowan County in an area that is now Davie County, NC. Rowan County records show that the next year on 28 April 1762, the Court approved a recommendation that Ephriam Pennington " exempt from paying Public Taxes and doing Public duties, Granted." Such action was customary for persons of advanced age and suggests that the two Ephriams, who were living on adjacent properties in 1761, were father and son. The list of Taxables returned by William Sharp in 1772 shows only one Ephriam "PENETON" but adds "& sons Richard and Timothy", proving the parent of these two men who have numerous progeny throughout the country today. A logical conclusion from the above information is that the elder Ephriam was the grandfather of Richard and Timothy. It is possible, even probable, that he is the Ephriam Pennington of Morris Co., NJ (b. about 1689) of Family Group 1, but this remains unproven. If it is true that the elder Ephraim's wife, Joanna Davis (about 1693-Nov. 1775), was born and died in Rowan Co., NC, this theory is supported. The fact that only one Ephriam appears with his sons on the 1772 list of Taxables is somewhat mysterious because Richard and Timothy had an older brother Ephriam (b. about 1745). Because he was not an adult, he most likely moved south with his parents before 1761, but may have been working and living on another farm at that time. The list of Penningtons in Enoch Osborne's company of militia from Montgomery and Fincastle Co., VA, 1783, shows Robert (under 16), Joshua, Timothy, Micajah, Elijah and Richard Pennington. Ephriam is listed but crossed out. If this Ephriam was Richard and Timothy's father he may have been excused because he was over 60 by that year. The absence of Richard and Timothy's brother Ephriam from this list supports the conjecture that he was in fact working and living elsewhere. No Ephriam Pennington appears in the Virginia records after 1789. In 1794 an Ephriam is found with Richard entering claims in Wilkes County in an area that became Ashe County in the northwest corner of North Carolina. The Ephriam in Wilkes County seems more likely to be Richard's brother than his father. His father would have been over 70 by that year, and unlikely to strike out for new territory at that age. More likely, he remained in Rowan County. The identity of the siblings of Richard and Timothy has not been proven, but Joshua and Robert were the right age and so closely associated with the family that it seems likely that they were brothers. Records show that Jemima (Pennington) SMITH was a sister of Joshua and, therefore, very likely a daughter of Ephriam Pennington. Ephriam PENNINGTON�s wife's name is unknown. They had the following children: 2. Ephriam PENNINGTON 3. Timothy PENNINGTON 4. Richard PENNINGTON 5. Joshua PENNINGTON 6. Jemimah PENNINGTON 7. Robert PENNINGTON is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.