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Ann DAWERS OR DANVERS OF BAYNTON: Birth: Abt 1575 in Baynton, Edington, Wiltshire, England. Death: 16 Apr 1613 in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England
Emmeline DAWNAY: Birth: 1328 in Ingoldsby, Lincolnshsire, England. Death: 1368
John DAWNAY: Birth: 1302 in Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1347
Nicholas DAWNAY: Birth: 1282 in Ingoldsby, Lincolnshire, England.
Eve (Eva) DAWTRY: Birth: Abt 1297 in Empshott, Petersfield, Hampshire, England. Death: 16 Aug 1354
John DAY: Birth: <1698> in <Dorchester, Norfolk, MA>.
John DAY: Birth: <1657> in <Gloucester, Essex, MA>.
Phoebe E. DAYBELL: Birth: <1881> in <Bountiful, Davis, Utah>.
Richard DAYE: Birth: <1558> in <Chalgrave, Bedfordshire, England>.
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Theodore DAYTON: Birth: <1857> in <Paris, Bear Lake, Idaho>.
Mary DAYUS: Birth: <1763> in <Stoke St. Milborough, Shropshire, England>.
Ralph DE ABENHALL: Birth: <1312> in <, Of Great Dene, Gloucester, England>.
Eva DE APLEBY: Birth: 1222 in Buglawton, Cheshire, Eng..
Elizabeth DE BEAUCHAMP: Birth: 16 Sep 1415 in Hanley Castle, Worcestershire, England. Death: 18 Jun 1448 in Abergavenny, Momouthshire, Wales
William DE BEAUCHAMP: Birth: Aft 1330 in , , , England. Death: 08 May 1411
Joanna DE BEREWICK: Birth: Abt 1304.
Thomas DE BERKELEY: Birth: 05 Jan 1353 in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. Death: 13 Jul 1417
Hanelade DE BIDUM: Birth: Abt 1104 in Of, Holkham, Norfolk, England. Death: Abt 1185
Sara Mrs DE BIDUM: Birth: Abt 1106 in Of Holkham, Norfolk, England. Death: Abt 1160
John DE BIRKENHEAD: Birth: <1391> in <Of Standish, Lancaster, England>.
Adele DE BRETUIL: Birth: Abt 0990 in Of Vexin, France.
Matilda DE BROMHALL: Birth: <1304> in <Mark Eaton, Derbyshire, England>.
Constance DE BRUCE: Birth: Abt 1255 in Lochmaben Castle, Cleveland, Scotland.
Clarissa DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1277 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Hugh DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1265 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Hugh DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1220 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
John DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1300 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Katherine DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1325 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Kenric DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1285 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England. Death: Abt 1355
Lord De Calverley John DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1275 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Michael DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1278 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Peter DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1253 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Richard DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1242 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Robert DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1302 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Roger Scot DE CALVERLEY: Birth: Abt 1223 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Walter DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1273 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
William Scot DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1249 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England. Death: 1317 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England
William Scot DE CALVERLEY: Birth: 1191 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England.
Baron John DE CAMOIS: Birth: Abt 1310 in Trotton, West Sussex, England. Death: Aft 1383
Guglielmo DE CEVA: Birth: <1154> in <, Saluzzo-Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy>.
Guglielmo DE CEVA: Birth: Abt 1180 in <, Saluzzo-Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy>. Death: 1219
Eve DE CLAVERING: Birth: <1306> in <Of, Thurston, Suffolk, England>.
Mrs Hugh DE CROMWELL: Birth: Abt 1158 in Of, , Herefordshire, England.
John DE DAVENPORT: Birth: Abt 1206 in <Of, Chester, Cheshire, England>.
Isabella DE DENE: Birth: 1319 in , Of Great Dene, Gloucester, England.
John DE DENE: Birth: Abt 1288 in , Of St.Briavels, Gloucester, England. Death: Aft 1315
Richard DE DENE: Birth: Abt 1290 in , Of St.Briavels, Gloucester, England.
Elizabeth DE ECHINGHAM: Birth: Abt 1404 in Echingham, Sussex, England.
Joan DE ECHINGHAM: Birth: Abt 1411 in Echingham, Sussex, England.
Thomas DE ECHINGHAM: Birth: Abt 1368 in Echingham, Sussex, England. Death: 15 Oct 1414 in England
William DE ECHINGHAM: Birth: Abt 1376 in Echingham, Sussex, England. Death: 20 Mar 1412 in Echingham, Sussex, England
Beatrice DE FAUQUEMONT: Birth: <1213> in <Winchester, Hampshire, England>. Death: 1277
Eleanore DE FELTON: Birth: 1350 in Litcham, Norfolk, England. Death: Bef 1396
Walchelinde DE FERRERS: Birth: Abt 1010 in Of Tutbury, Stfrd, England. Death: 1089
Erneburgh DE FLAMVILLE: Birth: 1103 in Aston Flamville, Bordwell, Leicestershire, England.
Joan DE FOURNEUX: Birth: Abt 1301 in Of, Ravensworth, Yorkshire, England. Death: 15/21 Sep 1349
Henry DE FULFORD: Birth: Abt 1390 in Fulford, Devonshire, England. Death: 1420
Henry DE FULFORD: Birth: Abt 1340 in Great Fulford, Devonshire, England.
Edith (Ida) DE GREY: Birth: 1374 in Ruthin, Denbigshire, Wales. Death: 01 Jun 1426
William DE HASTINGS: Birth: <1281> in <Combmartin, Devonshire, England>.
Maud DE HAYDOCK: Birth: <1236> in <, Standish, Lancashire, England>.
John DE HEIGHAM: Birth: <1291> in <Of Cransley, Northamptonshire, Eng>.
Sir Edmund Earl Of Kent DE HOLLAND: Birth: 06 Jan 1382 in Brokenhurst, Kent, England. Death: 15 Sep 1408 in Isle DE Brbehat, Cotes-Du-Nord, France
Catherine "Baroness De La Warr" DE HUNGERFORD: Birth: 1433. Death: 12 May 1493
Henry DE INCE: Birth: <1253> in <Standish, Lancashire, England>.
Thomas DE LA HAYE: Birth: Abt 1474 in Yester Castle, Gifford, East Lothian, Scotland.
Agnes DE LA MARE: Birth: <1142> in <Of, Hanslope, Buckinghamshire, England>.
Roger DE LA MARE: Birth: Abt 1052 in , Of Forest/Dene, Gloucester, England.
Catherine DE LA POLE: Birth: Abt 1341 in Of, Hull, Yorkshire, England.
Margaret DE LAMVALLIE: Birth: <1200> in <Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales>.
Henry DE LEE: Birth: <1211> in <Of, Amounderness, Lancashire, England>.
Joan DE LOSTOK: Birth: <1264> in <Shipbrook, Cheshire, Eng.>.
Joan DE LUTTRELL: Birth: Abt 1171 in Gamsten, Nottinghamshire, England.
John DE MOHUN: Birth: <1250> in <Dunster, Somerset, England>.
Robert DE MOLYNEUX: Birth: <1269> in <Of Gascony, Lancaster, England>.
William DE MONTACUTE: Birth: Abt 1210 in <Of, Shepton Montague, Somersetshire, England>.
Edmund III "3Rd Earl Of March" DE MORTIMER: Birth: 11 Apr 1374 in Usk, Monmouthshire, Wales. Death: Bet 15 Jul and 15 Aug 1398 in Kells, County Meath, Ireland
Nele (Nigel) DE MOWBRAY: Birth: <1162> in <, Clare, Suffolk, England>.
Alice DE NEVILLE: Birth: Abt 1358 in Raby @ Keverstone, Durham, England. Death: 20 Jun 1433
Anne DE NEVILLE: Birth: Abt 1404 in Raby Castle, Raby @ Keverstone, Duram, England. Death: 20 Sep 1480 in Plesy, Essex, England
Eleanore DE NEVILLE: Birth: Abt 1360 in Raby @ Keverstone, Durham, England. Death: Aft 1441
Iolande DE NEVILLE: Birth: Abt 1362 in Raby @ Keverstone, Durham, England.
Maud (Matilda) DE NEVILLE: Birth: Abt 1367 in Raby @ Keverstone, Durham, England.
William DE NEVILLE: Birth: Abt 1400 in Raby Castle, Raby @ Keverstone, Durham, England. Death: 09 Jan 1463 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England
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Jean DE NORTHWOOD: Birth: 1363 in Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, England.
Hugh DE NOVE: Birth: <1108> in <Leicester, Leicestershire, England>.
Reginlinde DE NULLENBURG: Birth: Abt 0887 in Of France.
Philip DE OREBY: Birth: Abt 1200 in , , , England.
Alice DE PARMENTER: Birth: Abt 1562 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England. Death: Bef 1612
Edward DE PARMENTER: Birth: 1557 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England. Death: Aft 1612 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England
Katherine DE PARMENTER: Birth: Abt 1552 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England.
Richard DE PARMENTER: Birth: 1558 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England. Death: Aft 1612
Robert DE PARMENTER: Birth: 1545 in Little Yeldham, Essex, England. Death: Aft 1613
Elizabeth DE PERCY: Birth: Abt 1395 in Alwick, Northumberland, England. Death: 26 Oct 1437 in England
Maud DE PERCY: Birth: 17 Oct 1335 in Warkworth Castle, Ainwick, Northumberland, England. Death: 18 Feb 1379
Margaret DE ROCKFORDE: Birth: 1382 in Boston, Lincolnshire, England.
Isabel DE ROOS: Birth: Abt 1256 in <Of, Hamlake, Yorkshire, England>.

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