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 Amesta Agatha /Murphy/
B: 11 MAR 1882
P: Garden City, MN
D: 30 APR 1937
P: Minneapolis, MN

 James Garrett /Murphy/
B: 3 JAN 1850
P: Fulton Co., IL.
M: 12 NOV 1876
P: Nora Springs, Floyd Co., Ia.
D: 1905
P: Pontoria, Cass Co., Mn.

 Elizabeth Ann /Brown/
B: 12 MAY 1859
P: Gratiot, Wi.
D: ABT 1943
P: St. Paul, Ramsey Co., Mn.

 William H. /Morphew/
B: 10 JAN 1829
P: Putnam Co., IL.
M: 18 JUN 1846
P: Fulton Co., In.
D: 5 MAR 1912
P: Garden City, Blue Earth Co., Mn.

 Sarah /Allumbaugh/
B: 1830
P: IL.
D: 1872
P: Fulton Co., IL.

 William Cunningham /Brown/
B: 7 MAR 1820
P: Ohio
M: 12 NOV 1846
P: Vigo County, Indiana
D: 28 FEB 1902
P: Nora Springs, Floyd County, Iowa

 Amelia /Stevens/
B: 21 NOV 1825
P: Terre Haute, IN.
D: 14 MAR 1899

 James /Morphew/
B: 15 DEC 1805
P: Elk Creek, Wilkes Co., Nc.
M: 5 OCT 1825
P: Estill Co., Ky.
D: 24 DEC 1871
P: Bladensburg, Wapello Co., Ia.
 Rebecca /Hogan/
B: 28 NOV 1799
P: Tn.
D: 23 NOV 1873
P: Bladensburg, Wapello Co., Ia.
 Garrett /Allumbaugh/
B: 1 APR 1789
P: Greenbrier Co., Va.
M: 28 APR 1821
P: Estill Co., Ky.
D: 5 JAN 1861
P: Buckhart Twp, Fulton Co., IL.
 Martha /Wilcoxen/
B: 8 SEP 1802
P: Nc.
D: 4 SEP 1851
P: Fulton Co. IL.
 John /Brown/
B: 17 NOV 1791
P: Pennsylvania
M: 16 NOV 1815
P: Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio
D: 20 DEC 1873
P: Iowa
 Margaret /Gormley/
B: 28 OCT 1792
P: Rye Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
D: 1870
P: Iowa
 William /Stevens/
B: 21 SEP 1796
P: Steuben Co., NY.
D: 11 APR 1871
 Cynthia /Benjamin/
B: 28 JAN 1807
P: Terre Haute, IN.
D: 14 JUL 1832
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