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Margery Willoughby: Birth: ABT 1398. Death: BEF 1452
Robert Lord 1st Baron Willoughby: Birth: 1452. Death: 23 AUG 1502
Robert Lord Willoughby: Birth: 1385. Death: 25 JUL 1452
Robert Lord Willoughby: Birth: 1472. Death: 10 NOV 1521
Robert Willoughby: Birth: ABT 1424.
Thomas Willoughby: Birth: ABT 1370 in of Parham, Suffolk, England. Death: 1439
Thomas Willoughby: Birth: 1376.
William Lord Willoughby: Birth: ABT 1340. Death: 4 DEC 1409
William Willoughby: Birth: 1480 in Lincolnshire, England. Death: 19 OCT 1526
Heningham Carrington Wills: Birth: 26 NOV 1801 in Kentucky. Death: 24 JAN 1864 in 'Kenmore', Fredericksburg, Virginia
George H. Willson: Birth: 25 MAY 1810 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 2 APR 1873 in Kent Co., Maryland
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Ann Margaret Wilmer: Birth: 6 OCT 1754. Death: 29 SEP 1801
Anne Fitzhugh Wilmer: Birth: ABT 1847.
Blackiston Wilmer: Birth: 18 SEP 1742 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 31 DEC 1813
Cary Breckenridge Wilmer: Birth: 1859.
Catherine 'Kate' Wilmer: Birth: 1856.
Catherine C. Wilmer: Birth: 1868 in Alabama.
Charles Wilmer: Birth: 14 MAY 1830 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: AFT 1880 in Baltimore, Maryland
Delia Tudor Wilmer: Birth: OCT 1879 in Baltimore , Maryland. Death: 1958
Frances Ann Wilmer: Birth: ABT 1817. Death: AFT 1850 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
George T. Wilmer: Birth: 8 MAY 1819 in Alexandria, Virginia. Death: 1898
George T. Wilmer: Birth: 1857.
Helen Wilmer: Birth: MAY 1852 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Death: 1908 in Petersburg, Virginia
Henry 'Harry' Bond Wilmer: Birth: JUN 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 1913
Henry Bond Wilmer: Birth: ABT 1770.
Isabella Wilmer: Birth: 1868.
John Williamson Wilmer: Birth: 17 DEC 1787 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 15 DEC 1861 in Baltimore, Maryland
Joseph Peregrine Bell Wilmer: Birth: 11 FEB 1812 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 2 DEC 1878
Lambert Wilmer: Birth: 10 APR 1721 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 1755
Lambert Wilmer: Birth: 2 OCT 1682. Death: 25 SEP 1732 in Kent Co., Maryland
Lucy Breckenridge Wilmer: Birth: 1861.
Margaret A. Wilmer: Birth: BET 1813 AND 1822 in Queen Anne's Co., Maryland. Death: AFT 1870 in Baltimore, Maryland
Margaret Wilmer: Birth: 1869.
Mary House Wilmer: Birth: 1849.
Mary Wilmer: Birth: ABT 1746 in Maryland.
Peregrine 'Pere' Wilmer: Birth: 24 FEB 1824 in Queen Anne Co., Maryland. Death: 12 JAN 1886
Peregrine 'Pere' Wilmer: Birth: DEC 1859.
Peregrine 'Pere' Wilmer: Birth: AUG 1786 in Maryland. Death: AFT 1860 in Queen Anne Co., Maryland
Rebecca Wilmer: Birth: 27 JUL 1696 in Maryland. Death: 1749
Rebecca Wilmer: Birth: 4 MAR 1703/04. Death: 1749 in Maryland
Simon Wilmer: Birth: ABT 1656 in of Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 16 SEP 1699 in Will probated Kent Co., Maryland
Simon Wilmer: Birth: 28 SEP 1686 in England. Death: 2 SEP 1737 in Will probated Kent Co., Maryland
Simon Wilmer: Birth: 30 AUG 1749 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 19 OCT 1798
Simon Wilmer: Birth: 25 DEC 1779 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 1840
Skipwith Wilmer: Birth: FEB 1843 in Virginia. Death: 1901 in Baltimore , Maryland
William H. Wilmer: Birth: JUL 1869 in North Carolina.
William Holland Wilmer: Birth: 29 MAR 1782 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 24 JUL 1827 in Williamsburg, Virginia
William Wilmer: Birth: ABT 1708 in Maryland.
William Wilmer: Birth: 3 NOV 1744.
Lucina Augusta Wilmot: Birth: 28 MAY 1851 in Claridon Twp. , Geauga Co., Ohio. Death: 16 JAN 1927 in Charidon Twp., Geauga Co., Ohio
Charles Ridgely Wilmott: Birth: 27 APR 1788 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: 7 AUG 1859 in Cass Co., Illinois
Deborah Wilmott: Birth: ABT 1786 in Maryland. Death: AFT 1860 in Woodford Co., Kentucky
Hannah Wilmott: Birth: 12 MAY 1720. Death: 1792
John Wilmott: Birth: ABT 1655 in England. Death: 5 NOV 1719 in Will probated Baltimore Co., Maryland
John Wilmott: Birth: 1682. Death: 1 FEB 1746/47
John Wilmott: Birth: ABT 1761 in Baltimore Co, Maryland.
Mary Wilmott: Birth: ABT 1752 in Maryland.
Mary Wilmott: Birth: ABT 1766 in Baltimore Co, Maryland.
Priscilla Dorsey Wilmott: Birth: 20 MAR 1798 in Kentucky. Death: 1849 in Kentucky
Rebecca Ridgely Wilmott: Birth: 3 JUN 1785 in Baltimore Co., Maryland or Virginia. Death: 1820 in Kentucky
Richard Wilmott: Birth: 1719 in Baltimore, Maryland.
Robert Wilmott: Birth: 25 DEC 1757 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Death: 1836 in Kentucky
Robert Wilmott: Birth: 18 DEC 1822 in Bourbon Co., Virginia. Death: 1 DEC 1903 in Lafayette Co., Missouri
Robert Wilmott: Birth: 1721 in Baltimore Co , Maryland. Death: 12 OCT 1773 in Baltimore Co , Maryland
Sarah Wilmott: Birth: ABT 1749 in Baltimore , Maryland.
William Ridgely Wilmott: Birth: 2 APR 1783 in Baltimore Co., Maryland. Death: 1834 in Kentucky
Sarah Wilsford: Birth: ABT 1520.
Abigail Wilson: Birth: ABT 1799 in Virginia. Death: 20 SEP 1878 in Greene Co., OH
Adaline 'Addie' Wilson: Birth: 1859 in Greene Co., Ohio. Death: 16 OCT 1886 in New Jasper Twp., Greene Co., Ohio
Alice E. Wilson: Birth: 4 FEB 1922 in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Death: APR 2013 in resided Jeffersonville, Fayette Co., Ohio
Amanda Wilson: Birth: ABT 1841 in Jefferson Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio. Death: BEF 1879 in Jefferson Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio
Ann Wilson: Birth: ABT 1747.
Ann Wilson: Birth: 1788 in Harford Co., Maryland. Death: AFT 1870 in Harford Co., Maryland
Anna 'Annie' Wilson: Birth: 9 JUN 1831 in Sabina, Clinton Co., Ohio. Death: 13 OCT 1906 in Clinton Co., Ohio
Anna Elizabeth Wilson: Birth: 2 APR 1896 in Greene Co., OH. Death: 15 APR 1994 in Greene Co., OH
Anna Stewart Wilson: Birth: 1825 in Maryland. Death: AFT 1870 in Baltimore , Maryland
Anne Magruder Wilson: Birth: 26 SEP 1791. Death: 23 MAR 1863 in Montgomery Co., Maryland
Barbara Ellen Wilson: Birth: 7 NOV 1844 in Ohio. Death: 1 MAR 1920 in Fayette Co. , Ohio
Benjamin Sutton Wilson: Birth: 10 MAY 1810 in Ohio. Death: AFT 1880 in Iowa
Benjmain Wilson: Birth: 18 JUN 1727 in Yorkshire, England. Death: JAN 1798 in Cecil Co., Maryland
Betty Jane Wilson: Birth: 10 MAR 1924 in Fayette Co. , Ohio. Death: 17 DEC 2004 in resided 53 State St. Jeffersonville, Fayette Co., Ohio
Betty Jane Wilson: Birth: 22 NOV 1917 in Fayette Co., Ohio. Death: 24 APR 1997 in Washington Court House, Fayette Co., Ohio
Catherine 'Kate' Wilson: Birth: 12 SEP 1843 in Virginia or South Carolina. Death: 1 JUL 1891 in Portsmouth, Virginia
Catherine Wilson: Birth: ABT 1730 in Anne Arundel, MD.
Catherine Wilson: Birth: 30 SEP 1820 in Ohio. Death: 3 OCT 1889 in Clinton Co., Ohio
Charity Wilson: Birth: 1768. Death: 1827
Charlotte Wilson: Birth: 2 APR 1794 in Maryland. Death: 2 AUG 1863
Christopher Wilson: Birth: 25 FEB 1792 in Harford Co., Maryland. Death: AFT 1860 in Harford Co., Maryland
Christopher Wilson: Birth: 12 DEC 1766 in Harford Co., Maryland.
Churchill Wilson: Birth: 20 SEP 1843 in Fayette Co. , Ohio. Death: 17 JAN 1918 in Concord Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio
Clarinda 'Clara' Wilson: Birth: 11 FEB 1858 in Jasper Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio. Death: 5 DEC 1944 in Jasper Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio
Cleo Marie Wilson: Birth: 27 OCT 1900 in Greene Co., Ohio. Death: 14 DEC 1947 in Burned to death in her home- Jeffersonville
Cyenda A. Wilson: Birth: 21 JUN 1850 in Ohio. Death: AFT 1910 in Delaware County, Indiana
Daniel Carroll Wilson: Birth: 21 OCT 1828 in Kent Co., Maryland. Death: 1876 in Kent Co., Maryland
David Wilson: Birth: 23 AUG 1737 in Somerset Co., Maryland. Death: 5 SEP 1810
David Wilson: Birth: 25 DEC 1704 in Somerset Co., Maryland. Death: 15 NOV 1750 in Somerset Co., Maryland
Elizabeth Wilson: Birth: 16 MAR 1809 in Virginia. Death: 4 MAR 1888 in Union Twp., Fayette Co., Ohio
Elizabeth Wilson: Birth: 18 OCT 1630 in Wiltshire, England. Death: 13 AUG 1734 in Colleton, South Carolina
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