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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward Lloyd: Birth: 7 FEB 1669/70 in Talbot Co.. Death: 20 MAR 1718/19 in "Wye House", Talbot County, Maryland

  2. Philemon Lloyd: Birth: 1673. Death: 9 MAR 1731/32 in "Wye House", Talbot County, Maryland

  3. Henrietta Maria Lloyd: Birth: 1675 in Talbot Co., MD. Death: 1748

  4. Anna Maria Lloyd: Birth: 1677. Death: 15 DEC 1748 in Queen Anne's Co., Maryland

  5. Mary Lloyd: Birth: NOV 1678.

  6. James Lloyd: Birth: 7 MAR 1679/80. Death: 27 SEP 1723

  7. Alice Lloyd: Birth: ABT 1680. Death: BEF 1723 in Queen Anne's, MD

a. Note:   Lloyd, Philemon,27th May, 1682; 16th July, 1685. To son Philemon and hrs., all lands upon the Great Island in Wye R.; to pass to son Edward in event of son Philemon's death without issue. To son James and hrs., 2,000 A. at Juccahow. To dau. Henrietta Maria and hrs., 500 A. To dau. Alice and hrs., 600 A., �Lloyd's Forest.� To dau. Anna and hrs., 350 A., �Rosseth.� To dau. Eliza: and hrs., 400 A., �Elizabeth.� To dau. Mary and hrs., 1,000 A., �Lloyd's Town.� To daughter-in-law Susanna Darnall, lately Bennett, land on Sassafras R., and that in which testator held in right of his wife. To wife Henrietta Maria, execx., life interest in home plantation; to pass to son Edward at her death. Child. to be brought up in the Protestant faith. Overseers: Father-in-law Capt. Jas. Neale, Col. Henry Coursey, Jas. Neale, Jr., Henry Coursey, Jr., Wm. Carpenter, Wm. Tilghman. Test: Jas. Clayland, Wm. Hemsley, Thos. Vaughan, Jas. Downes, Jas. Eustis. By codicil dated 28th May, 1685, testator bequeaths 500 A., part of a tract of 1,000 A. bought of Henry Parker to son James, and 800 A., �Niminee� and �Niminee's Addition,� to daus. Mary and Jane; testator also makes void bequest to Susanna Darnall. 4. 186. MARYLAND CALENDAR OF WILLS: Volume 1 OCCUPATION: Indian Commissioner, Justice 1675-1681 Owner of Why Island in Queen Anne's Co., MD is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.