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Karl Jones Kay: Birth: 31 JUL 1882 in Hillsboro, Highland Co., Ohio. Death: 2 JUL 1972 in Greenfield, Highland Co., Ohio
Susan Isabelle Kay: Birth: 30 JUN 1853 in Maryland or DC. Death: 23 JAN 1948 in District of Columbia
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Alice Almeta Kearney: Birth: 27 DEC 1869 in Union Twp. Ross County Ohio. Death: 23 MAY 1938 in Columbus, Oh
Mary Keeble: Birth: 3 JUN 1637. Death: 28 JUN 1678 in Gloucester Co., Virginia
Mary L. Keen: Birth: ABT 1841 in Kentucky. Death: AFT 1880
Eleanor Keenan: Birth: 1779. Death: 24 AUG 1824 in Monroe Co., West Virginia
Ann 'Annie' Keene: Birth: ABT 1793 in of Talbot Co., MD. Death: 9 JUN 1824
Benjamin Gaither Keene: Birth: 1800 in Maryland. Death: AUG 1874 in Baltimore , MD
Benjamin Keene: Birth: 2 MAR 1726/27. Death: 5 NOV 1797
Benjamin Keene: Birth: 1694. Death: 1769
Elizabeth Keene: Birth: 2 MAY 1701 in Northcumberland, VA.
Elizabeth Keene: Birth: 26 MAR 1714.
Hannah Keene: Birth: 4 FEB 1666/67 in Northumberland Co., Virginia. Death: 29 MAY 1739 in Will probated Westmoreland Co., Virginia
John Henry Keene: Birth: 12 DEC 1806 in Talbot Co., Maryland. Death: 15 JUN 1894 in Baltimore Co., Maryland
John Henry Keene: Birth: 26 NOV 1835. Death: 6 MAY 1914 in 'Glymalira, the old Carroll estate, near Glencoe, Baltimore, Co., Maryland
Levin Keene: Birth: 7 OCT 1755. Death: 14 NOV 1837
Lucy Keene: Birth: ABT 1722.
Margaret Keene: Birth: ABT 1728 in Prince Georges, Maryland. Death: AFT 1755 in Prince George's Co., Maryland
Maria Lousia Keene: Birth: 27 JUN 1841 in Dorchester, MD. Death: 29 AUG 1913 in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Mary Ann R. Keene: Birth: ABT 1802. Death: AFT 1870 in Carroll Co., Maryland
Mary Gaither Keene: Birth: 22 JAN 1811. Death: 31 MAR 1876 in Baltimore , Maryland
Mary Keene: Birth: 30 APR 1762. Death: 1855
Mary Keene: Birth: 1680 in Calvert Co., MD. Death: 30 MAR 1759 in Prince George's Co., Maryland
Mildred Keene: Birth: 1799 in Virginia. Death: 1889 in Fairfield Twp., Highland Co., Ohio
Richard Tubman Keene: Birth: 1784 in Dorchester Co., Maryland. Death: 1832 in Scott Co., Kentucky
Richard Keene: Birth: 1653 in Patuxent, Calvert, MD. Death: 1700 in Talbot Co.
Richard Keene: Birth: 1689 in Calvert, Maryland. Death: 27 AUG 1754 in Will probated Prince Georges, Maryland
Robert Goldsborough Keene: Birth: 2 JAN 1837 in Baltimore , Maryland. Death: 8 DEC 1900 in Baltimore , Maryland
Robert Wilmott Keene: Birth: 21 NOV 1821 in Scott Co., Kentucky. Death: 1894 in Lexington, Lafayette, Missouri
Samuel Young Keene: Birth: 17 DEC 1755 in Kentucky or Maryland. Death: 1808 in Talbot Co., Maryland
Sarah Keene: Birth: 16 DEC 1789. Death: 26 NOV 1819
Sarah Keene: Birth: ABT 1730.
Thomas Keene: Birth: 1737 in Maryland. Death: 1804 in Scott Co., Kentucky
Elizabeth Courts Keets: Birth: ABT 1726 in Charles Co., Maryland. Death: ABT 1792 in Charles Co., Maryland
Estelle N. Keilholtz: Birth: 1871 in Cecil Co. Maryland. Death: 1933 in Cecil Co. Maryland
Ann 'Annie' Keiter: Birth: ABT 1844 in Virginia. Death: ABT 1878 in Ohio
Frederick Keiter: Birth: 10 DEC 1797 in Hampshire Co., Virginia later Hardy Co., West Virginia. Death: 10 AUG 1871 in Caesars Creek, Greene Co., Ohio
George Abram Keiter: Birth: 17 MAR 1838 in Caesars Creek, Greene Co., Ohio. Death: 4 APR 1918 in Xenia, Greene Co., Ohio
Margaret A. Keiter: Birth: 18 MAY 1831 in Hampshire Co., West Virginia. Death: 9 NOV 1923 in Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., Ohio
Mary Elizabeth Keiter: Birth: 26 JUL 1870 in Caesars Creek, Greene Co., Ohio. Death: 7 FEB 1955 in Xenia, Greene Co., Ohio
Sarah Catherine Keiter: Birth: 22 JUN 1844 in Caesars Creek, Greene Co., Ohio. Death: 19 JUL 1929 in Caesars Creek, Greene Co., Ohio
Anna Bathsheba Keith: Birth: 31 DEC 1804 in Rhode Island. Death: 13 APR 1817
Anne Keith: Birth: ABT 1674 in New Kent Co., Virginia.
James Rev. Keith: Birth: 6 NOV 1696 in Scotland. Death: 10 DEC 1752 in Fauquier,Virginia
James Keith: Birth: 1734 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Death: 1809 in Virginia
Margery Keith: Birth: ABT 1692 in Scotland. Death: 1739 in Anne Arundel, Maryland
Mary Randolph Keith: Birth: 28 APR 1737 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Death: 19 SEP 1809 in Mason Co., Kentucky
Robert Keith: Birth: ABT 1670 in Scotland.
Thomas Randolph Keith: Birth: 14 MAR 1735/36 in Fauquier Co., Virginia. Death: 1810 in Georgia
Catherine Kelchner: Birth: 1744 in Pennsylvania. Death: 1823 in Galia, Ohio
Estelle E. Kell: Birth: 4 APR 1865 in Galloway, Franklin Co., Ohio. Death: 25 JAN 1926 in Franklin Co., Ohio
Ann Keller: Birth: ABT 1826. Death: AFT 1850
Bayard Thistle Keller: Birth: 22 FEB 1850 in Renney, W. Va. Death: 6 MAY 1927 in Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., Ohio
Benjamin C. Keller: Birth: 1893. Death: 27 JAN 1963
Charles 'Charley' Edward Keller: Birth: 14 APR 1894 in Madison Mills, Fayette Co., Ohio. Death: 9 JUN 1970 in Washington Court House, Fayette Co., Ohio
Christian Keller: Birth: 16 NOV 1770 in Frederick Co., Maryland. Death: 30 JUL 1848 in Baltimore , Maryland
Corda A. Keller: Birth: 19 JUL 1884 in Fayette Co., Ohio. Death: 8 APR 1991 in Fayette Co., Ohio
Daniel Taylor Keller: Birth: 25 OCT 1819 in Virginia. Death: 8 FEB 1871 in Allegany Co., Maryland
Dollie Clara Keller: Birth: 18 MAR 1867 in Virginia. Death: 7 JUL 1949 in Bloomingburg, Fayette Co., Ohio
Elizabeth 'Betsy' Keller: Birth: 4 JUN 1796 in Ohio. Death: 9 SEP 1858 in Jeffersonville, Jefferson Twp, Fayette Co., Ohio
Elizabeth Keller: Birth: 17 JUL 1762 in Shenandoah Co., Virginia. Death: 19 JUL 1821 in South Salem, Ross Co., Ohio
Hans George Keller: Birth: 11 MAY 1711 in Germany. Death: 30 OCT 1782 in Virginia
James Hunter Keller: Birth: NOV 1853 in Virginia. Death: 22 APR 1931 in Fayette Co., Ohio
John Keller: Birth: 12 JUN 1736 in Pennsylvania. Death: 8 NOV 1800 in Greene Co., Tenn.
Mary M. Keller: Birth: 31 OCT 1818 in Baltimore, Maryland. Death: AFT 1870 in 'Liberty Hall', Nelson Co., Virginia
Christopher Kellet: Birth: ABT 1650. Death: 1686 in Calvert Co., Maryland
Christopher Kellet: Birth: 1686.
Bennett E. 'B. E.' Kelley: Birth: 22 MAR 1884 in Gallia Co., Ohio. Death: 5 NOV 1978 in Washington C. H., Fayette Co., Ohio
James P. Kelley: Birth: 31 AUG 1845 in Rockingham Co., Virginia. Death: 2 MAR 1920 in Montgomery Co., Ohio
Leah Kelley: Birth: 9 APR 1837 in Clark Co., Ohio. Death: 19 FEB 1911 in South Solon, Stokes Twp., Madison Co., Ohio
Louvisa Kelley: Birth: 1828 in Ohio. Death: 1907 in Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio
Mary W. Kelley: Birth: 22 MAR 1832 in Bainbridge, Ross Co., Ohio. Death: 9 MAR 1893 in Bainbridge, Ross Co., Ohio
Mary Kelley: Birth: 1901 in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio. Death: AFT 1920 in Madison Co., Ohio
Minerva Alice Kelley: Birth: 18 JUN 1837 in West Virginia. Death: 23 DEC 1913 in Fayette Co. , Ohio
Nelson Thomas Kelley: Birth: 22 AUG 1857 in Columbiana Co., Ohio. Death: 19 JAN 1939 in Madison Co., Ohio
Stella Deane Kelley: Birth: 30 APR 1891 in Gallia Co., Ohio. Death: 1 APR 1984 in Washington C. H., Fayette Co., Ohio
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Katherine Christina Kellough: Birth: 20 SEP 1878 in Madison Co., Ohio. Death: 25 FEB 1930 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Emmett C. Kelly: Birth: 1 SEP 1882 in Gallia Co., Ohio. Death: 3 OCT 1965 in Washington C. H., Fayette Co., Ohio
Nora Helen Kelly: Birth: JAN 1896 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio. Death: 28 MAR 1932 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio
Ruth Kelly: Birth: DEC 1893 in Pike Co., Ohio. Death: 30 SEP 1971 in Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio
Thomas Kelly: Birth: 20 DEC 1867 in Ohio. Death: 13 APR 1939 in 216 W. Elm St., Washington Court House, Fayette Co., Ohio
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Amy Kelsey: Birth: 16 FEB 1803 in Warren Co., Ohio. Death: 1875
Amaziah C. Kelso: Birth: 25 MAR 1847 in Buckskin Twp., Ross Co., Ohio. Death: 18 FEB 1927 in Midway, Madison Co., Ohio
Chester Arthur Kelso: Birth: 7 AUG 1899 in Madison Co., Ohio. Death: 21 JAN 1977 in Sedalia, Madison Co., Ohio
Isabella Kelso: Birth: ABT 1779. Death: ABT 1840 in Randolph Co., Indiana
Jane Kelso: Birth: 1758 in Pennsylvania. Death: 17 OCT 1841 in Madison Co., Ohio
Joseph Kelso: Birth: 12 SEP 1814 in Pennsylvania. Death: 26 AUG 1890 in Buckskin Twp., Ross Co., Ohio
Rachel Virginia 'Jennie' Kelso: Birth: 8 OCT 1844 in Buckskin Twp., Ross Co., Ohio. Death: 18 FEB 1875 in Buckskin Twp., Ross Co., Ohio
Raymond P. Kelso: Birth: 21 OCT 1923 in Madison Co., Ohio. Death: 4 APR 1987 in resided Glenn Ave., Washington Court House, Fayette Co., Ohio
Sarah Kelso: Birth: ABT 1766 in Maryland. Death: BET 1851 AND 1860 in Baltimore , MD
Albert E. 'Tom' Kemp: Birth: 3 NOV 1887 in Ohio. Death: 30 AUG 1962 in Fayette Co. , Ohio
Alta Marie Kemp: Birth: 18 DEC 1889 in Urbana, Champaign Co., Ohio. Death: 4 SEP 1947 in Springfield, Clark Co., Ohio
Anne Kemp: Birth: ABT 1700.
Aretia Rebecca Kemp: Birth: 1855. Death: 1858
Buckey M. Kemp: Birth: 9 APR 1865.
Charles Luther Kemp: Birth: 21 MAR 1831. Death: AFT 1880 in Baltimore, Maryland
Charles R. Kemp: Birth: SEP 1881.

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