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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Craik: Birth: 3 OCT 1761 in Maryland. Death: BEF 1814 in Frederick Co., Maryland

  2. Sarah Craik: Birth: NOV 1764 in Virginia. Death: 17 MAR 1800 in Charles Co, Maryland

  3. Nancy Craik: Birth: ABT 1766 in Prince William Co., Virginia.

  4. Mariamne Craik: Birth: ABT 1767.

  5. George Washington Craik: Birth: 22 AUG 1774 in 'Vancluse', Fairfax Co., Virginia. Death: 1808

  6. Adam Craik: Birth: ABT 1776 in Possibly Charles Co., Maryland.

a. Note:   Called to treat George Washington during his final illness. Probably hastened his death by over-bleeding - the treatment of the day for about any illness. ==== Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 5 ISSUE IV. Marianne, b. 1740; d. 1814; m. 13th November, 1760, Dr. James CRAIK, b. in Scotland, 1730, d. Fairfax County, Virginia, 6th February, 1814. He came to Virginia 1750; commissioned Surgeon in Colonel Fry's Virginia Regiment, 7th March, 1754; served during the French and Indian Wars; was at Braddock's Defeat, and dressed the wounds of that battle; in 1770 accompanied Washington to Ohio and there learned of the Indian prophecy concerning WASHINGTON, told by CUSTIS; settled at Port Tobacco, Maryland, but upon persuasion of Washington, removed to Alexandria, Virginia; in 1776 was appointed Assistant Director General in the Hospital Department of the Continental Army; served through the War and received from Virginia 6000 acres of land for his services 12th March, 1832; was an intimate associate of Washington, especially as his physician in his last moments; was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati of Maryland. ========== Moss Cousins File: William Henry II received 1580 acres as executor of his father's (William Henry Moss, Sr.) will. William Henry III Moss had five children and lived in Loudoun County, Virginia. Mary Jane Craik, his wife's brother is, Dr. James Craik, who was a prominent Doctor and Physician, to President George Washington for many years. He figures prominently in Tobias Lear's letters and recollections, published in the 1920'2 - 1030's, per Mr. Frank Grizzard, Jr., Assistant Editor of the Papers of Geroge Washington, University of Virginia. (contributed by Patricia J Vorenberg) (Note: I'm not positive Mary Jane Craik and Dr. James Craik are brother/sister due to difference in ages and regions born but they are no doubt of the same line and why I am showing them as kinned) ============== Dr. James Craik mentioned in below will: Charles County Maryland Will Book AH-9, 1785-1788; Page 188. Doct Walter H. Jenifer's Will. I, Walter Hanson Jenifer of CC, am of sound and disposing mind, memory, and understanding, and wanting to settle my worldly affairs, make this, my will. First l want my debts and funeral charges paid. To my wife Ann Jenifer - in fee simple, all that undivided moiety of 1000 acres of land lying in Fauquier County, Virginia, deeded by Daniel McCarty and Sinalse McCarty to Peter Waggoner and myself as tenants in common, as may more fully appear by to sd deed. I also give Ann, during her natural life, all that lot of ground lying in Port Tobacco, on which a small dwelling house and my stable now stand, I also give Ann the following Negroes: John and his wife Jonny and their 2 children, Tom and Sal, and a Negro called Spencer and a Negro called Hannah, and also Sam and Betty, children of Monaky, and a Negro man called Tom. I also give Ann my phaeton and my 3 bay horses, and also 1 moiety of my household and kitchen furniture, the plate excepted. also give Ann one moiety of all my debts due me after my debts and charges of administration are paid. To my brother Daniel Jenifer - my store house in Port Tobacco and now in the occupation of Nicholas and Valentine Peers, together with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging. Also, lot #60 in Portobacco, and now in the occupation of Richard Butler. Also, all my lands to the Westward of Fort Cumberland, which I hold as tenant in common with John Swann, Merchant in Baltimore, and George Scott, merchant in Fredrick Town, provided the sd Daniel Jenifer pays the caution money now due on the sd lands and does not bring it as a charge against my estate. I also give Daniel the following Negroes: Phil otherwise called Ophillow, Manoky his wife, and their 3 children, Clarissa, John, and Phil, and a man called Phil whom I lately purchased of Mr, William Hanson. Also, I moiety of my household & kitchen furniture, and also the whole of my Shop and Library, and one moiety of the debts due me after my debts and charges of administration are paid, sd Daniel making the following deduction! s: the balances due me by Colo McCarty, Daniel McCarty, and Peter Waggoner, which sd balances I give to my wife Ann, over and above her moiety of the debts before bequeathed to her. I also give Daniel my shares in the Patowmack Company. Also my 2 breeding mares and their 2 colts. To my brother Warren Dent Jenifer - a pair of good young riding horses and 30 guineas, to be furnished him by my executors when he arrives to the age of 21 years, To my father Daniel Jenifer Sr - all my wearing apparel, all my stock of work horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep, excepting the hogs for the present year's killing. Also all my plantation utensils. I want my father always to act as a tender and kind parent to my wife Ann, To my good friend, Doctor James Craik Sr - all the debts remaining due me on the partnership books of Craik and Jenifer, and all the debts due to me from sd James Craik on any account, whether our partnership or private account. I want my private papers taken out of the hands of James Russell as soon as possible after my death, by my executors, and my accounts settled with him, making him reasonable allowance for his services. Executors: my father and my brother, Daniel Jenifer Jr, Signed Dec 10, 1785 - W.H. Jenifer. Wit - William Craik, Val. Peers, Nich5 Peers. Probated Feb 4, 1786 by Daniel Jenifer Doctr Daniel Jenifer, executors, and by the oaths of witnesses William Craik, Valentine Peers, and Nicholas Peers. ============ Researcher Michael Marshall brought up the possibility that Dr. James Craik was married previously to a Smallwood due to some land transactions in Charles Co., Maryland. I find it doubtful and think that any connection to the Smallwood's comes through their marriage to the Moore's. The Moore's and the Ewell's do intermarry. James Ewell born abt. 1688 married Elizabeth Moore. James Ewell's father is Thomas Ewell born 1660-1665 England (married Mary Bennett) and I think that Thomas Ewell born 1660-1665 England and Dr. Charles Ewell born abt. 1660 England are probably brothers. It's my opinion that any connection to the Charles Co. Smallwood/Moore line comes through the Ewell's and not the Craik's. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.